Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~May God Bless You..~

Dear You..

I am really Happy today!.. Did a wonderful job.. I think we did~ Hehe.. Have taken half day leave to go visit You in the hospital.. We know that You are happy to see us and You are surprise too~ That's the initial plan of ours in fact.. Hehe!.. We have made it!.. And we are really happy to see You laugh and smile so nicely.. We can see that You are feeling much more better today.. Not referring to Your stomach but Your heart.. Eventhough it is still difficult but we know that You understand, we are always here for You..

You told me that You are still wondering why that thing happened on You.. I could not answer You.. I wish I could.. I wish I know the answer.. So that I can let You know and You can get over it.. So that You can move on.. Anyway, Life is always been this way.. Ups and Downs.. We cant control it.. But I always say this.. We Always Have A Choice.. Always.. No matter what happens, there will be ways to get through it better and easier.. Do not choose the hard way as it will only hurts You and Your friends & family..

It's really lovely to see You smiling today.. Your signature laugh once again filled the room and we are really really thrilled.. Excited!.. That's the thing which matters to us.. So, no worries my friend.. Be strong and we will provide You with fullest supports from us!.. I know it's not easy.. But let's face it together..

Wish that Your result of the check up is good..
May God Bless You with Love & His Power..

Jason Siah
1.16am 29th April 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

~Dedicated to my Dearest Friend.. Happy Birthday..~

Picture represents how angry we are towards the "B"..

Dear my Dearest Friend..

I was really shocked to have heard the news.. It's really NOT supposed to happen neither yesterday nor today!! To be frank, this is the first time I have friend who broke up on the birthday.. To be more precisely, birthday's eve.. I am sad.. I am down for what has happened.. And I am really pissed off to know he is such a "B"!.. How could he do this to you? What bad things have you done to him that he has the intention to hurt you so much? Why he chose this day to tell you? Doesn't he has the brain to think and to feel how much love you have to him? Doesn't he has the heart to be at least let you have a great birthday? Doesn't he know that he is not only hurting you so badly but also all of us? Obviously he really doesn't know..

You have asked me these questions.. Why can ppl change so fast? Why can't he give you any chance? Why can he so calm in handling this matter? Are you useless? Can you trust love some more? Questions which I feel so badly for you when I heard it from your mouth.. Ppl change for himself.. Or maybe, he hasn't change at all.. This is the real him that you are seeing and hearing.. You should be grateful of that.. He isn't giving you any chance because he is giving himself chance.. "To be friends and start learning about each other again.." I think is so cool but only for himself.. In your shoes, that's just BULLSHIT~ He is calm because he has prepared for this.. He has thought about this.. Planned about this.. DECIDED about this before telling you.. That is why, he is calm.. Or I should say mean and sucks!.. You are not useless at all.. Ppl who treating you badly are rubbish.. That's called useless.. Yes, you can trust love for sure.. But not trusting someone with rabbit skin but crocodile flesh and heart..

It is definitely not easy to go through this ALONE and of course.. You are NOT alone.. We are here for you.. And always will.. We have tolerate someone like that to bully you BUT we would not let anymore sad or bad things happen on you.. At least, we will try our very best to protect you.. We will stay together to make sure you can get over this soonest possible.. We will be the buddies to make you smile and happy.. We are your friends and families..

Remember my sms.. It's specially for you.. “人总是会面对悲与乐。。 在不同的阶段人是需要学着怎样去接受和了解。。这样你才会长大。。我自问当不了你心里的那把锁匙但我希望我会能陪在你身边。。因为我真的真得很关心你这个朋友。。如果有想要说的话,记得大给Jason Siah。。好押韵哦~哈哈!“

Wish you well and happy always..
And still would like to wish you..
Happy Birthday..

With Love..

Jason Siah

Friday, April 25, 2008

~Mind to Share?..~

This pic is taken during the ride of the "Pirate-Ship" @ Genting, Theme Park.. Can you find me in the pic? Hehe.. Of course you do right? =P

I love this pic very much.. We can see different types of expressions from different ppl~ It's just like in the real-life.. When we face with a situation, different ppl has different point of view and reaction.. How do you react when you are in Angry? Or Sad? Or Happy?

Emotion is playing around me at the moment.. I have to insist to myself.. I am an optimistic guy~ Yes, I am.. However, optimistician would still feel sad and frustrated, wouldn't he? Love it or not.. I am trying my very hard to bear with the complexity of my own emotions..

Anyway, back to the pic.. Take a look at it.. Very carefully.. See what you can see or feel from the pic.. Don't tell me NOTHING ar.. Slap u.. Hahaha! =P

Jason Siah
2.00pm 25th April 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~Life is Like a Joke.. Oh.. I mean LIFT is Like a Joke..~

Just back from Genting last weekend with J's Family.. Ya, right after Melaka trip last 2 week!!! So tiring.. But enjoyable~

Before sharing the enjoyable part of our Genting trip.. Let's share something more interesting first~ =P J's Family always have something to laugh about.. Not sure whether it's affected by our own surname.. Siah~ We always do something 'siah-sui'.. wahaha! I definitely have done numerous 'siah-sui' things that have been shared or not been shared here.. This is about all of us when we just reached to the Theme Park Hotel of Genting..

FYI, this Theme Park Hotel has a very weird design.. They have few blocks of hotels but not under the same building.. Different buildings connected to each other.. So, right after we check-in.. The hotel staff informed us that our hotel room is 5274.. And how to get there.. First, take the lift to 6th Floor.. Then turn left, walked straight all the way.. Passed by the tunnel / bridge.. Then take the lift to level 5th Floor (now we are at 7th Floor.. Weird right? Different building..) and proceed to our hotel room.. We managed to find our hotel room of course..

The thing is, when we wanted to go out..

**Conversation in the lift..**

J: So, what do we eat later for dinner?
Andy: I will bring you all to eat good food la of course..
Karen: Anything as long as it's nice!.. Very hungry..
Sophia: Why the lift takes so long?

**Suddenly, the lift's door opened.. And all of us saw this!.. Refer to picture below..

Andy: We should go to 5th Floor right?

J: Yala.. This is 5th Floor la.. Not correct meh?
Karen: But how come looks so familiar geh?.....
Sophia: We should go 7th Floor la..

Er............ We never press the button just now when we were in the lift!!.. We were still in the same level.. Wahahahahaha! >.<''' This reminds me about another lift incident.. The theory of Uncle Andy about lift!.. There was once we need to take lift to go down to Lower Ground Floor (parking).. We were in the 4th Floor.. Instead of pressing the button "DOWN".. My dad pressed "UP"..

J: I thought we parked our car at B1? Why go UP?
Andy: Ya.. We parked at B1.. We are going DOWN la.. What going UP?
J: Then you pressed wrongly la.. U pressed UP button leh.. Sudah salah..
Andy: Mana ada salah?? Betul lah~~
J: Huh?! Macam mana betul?? U wanna go DOWN.. Of course la press DOWN button rite???????
Andy: Crazy.. We must press the UP button la.. In order to "ASK" the lift to come UP!!!!..


Crazy wor..
Jason Siah

5.50pm 23rd April 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

~Forbidden Kingdom of Double J's..~

Oh Yeah.. For fanatic of KungFu or Action-packed movie like me.. This is really a long-await movie of all!! (Of course, still have Mummy 3 and Babylon A.D. of Michelle Yeoh la!..) Double J.. The Famous Jackie Chan and Jet Li.. Both are the KungFu kings of Chinese entertainment industry and of all the people who involves in Action-Packed movies of HongKong.. I believe they are the only 2 that managed to really bring their skill and stunt over to Hollywood and WOW the world!..

Back to the topic.. Forbidden Kingdom.. Hmm.. It's a very interesting movie.. I shall not say creative as all the main characters in the movie are from Chinese legendaries or myths.. Or even Chinese movies.. However, the way they 'jumbled' up all the characters is kinda interesting.. Hehe.. The adventure of the 4 main characters is exciting too!..

The character that I love the most for sure is Liu-YiFei as the Golden Sparrow!.. She is just sooooo damn cool!!!! And pretty of course~ And she can kick ass!.. The best scene of all.. For sure is the fight scene between Jet Li and Jackie Chan lor!.. Cannot find other fight scene better than this already!.. 2 KungFu Kings fighting with each other~ Jet Li is very good in the sharpness of the action while Jackie Chan is very good in the action stunts! Both are great and fantastic KungFu performers!..

Eventhough at the end of the movie, you would feel a bit 'HUH?!' (*if you are Chinese and know all the legends).. But.. This movie is still worth it to watch!.. Double J leh~~ Don't miss it please.. =P

J's Rate:
out of 5 Stars..

Jason Siah
22nd April 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

~Over Eva's Dead Body!!..~

Cool!! I have just watched Over Her Dead Body yesterday!.. It was really an interesting and funny movie!.. I love the dialogues.. I love the actor.. I love the actress.. I love the scenes.. I love the sarcatiscm.. And of course, I love the most.. Eva Longoria..

She is just sooooo adorable, isn't she? She has this vibe that really attractive!!.. Very comfortable looking at her and of course, her character in this movie is very very interesting!.. A Ghost.. Yes, a nasty one but have no idea what she is pending for moving on after her death~ Why? Cos she missed the orientation of the 1st day she died!.. LoL That's really funny.. =P

This is actually a very simple movie.. But I got the message.. No matter what distraction you are having.. What kind of pressure you are facing.. In fact, we only would like to achieve one little thing.. To be happy.. And want the ppl that we love to be happy as well.. =D

So.. Go watch it!!!!! Must..

J's Rate:
out of 5 Stars..

Jason Siah
18th April 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

~1 Day Trip to Melaka..~


Continued from previous post.. A day in Melaka!.. With J's Family~ Very da tired.. But really enjoyable.. And happy cos can spend time with my family!.. Hehe.. This time.. Also with my sis' bf.. And little cousin sister!.. =D We spent time walking around Melaka.. Cari makan of course.. And also taking pictures.. We had great time together!.. In fact, it's a great day!.. Wonderful.. Secret.. =P

J with Sis..

My little cousin sis..

Mengada punya Couple..

Mengada punya J..

My mum met her fren there.. Old fren.. Fuiyoh.. From so far also can meet fren!.. So, take a pic for them lor.. Just for fun.. Not to say we gonna print it out.. LoL So bad hor? Hahaha! =P We had brunch in Melaka when we reached there about 1pm.. Yes.. So late.. We makan all the nice food.. Asam laksa.. Baba nyonya laksa and nasi lemak.. Cendol.. Sedap!!!.. Then we proceed to the Jonker Street.. In the middle of the day!!.. So fucking hot and nothing much to see!.. Haha.. But we still walked along the street and bought something INTERESTING!.. The MahJong!!!!!

Mummy & Fren..

The Interesting MahJong..

Some nice and interesting parts of the Melaka trip.. We kena "saman".. Hehe!.. We simply parked lor.. Haha.. Padan muka jugaklah.. =P Melaka is still the same.. Damn HOT!.. Sun is burning our skin just like melting us!!!!!..

I love this pic so so much...

BUT!!.. The HOTness did not affect us at all!!.. Action @ A Famosa!!!.. Our next challenge.. My parents challenged it too.. We climbed up to A Famosa.. It's not that difficult la after all.. Haha.. Anyway, take a look at our Actions then!.. =P

Pretty Auntie Karen..

What kind of pose is this ar?.. Spider WEB!?.. =P

All in all.. This is really a great trip for all of us!.. Also, a very very very amazing news we got that night.. It changes our life.. We are just.. Thrilled and Excited!!!.. It's just Feel So Good.. We are going to Genting coming weekend~~ Hehe.. Tight and busy schedule isn't it?..

J with Mummy..

WonderGirl (!?)..

SuperBoi (!?)..

Uncle Andy & Auntie Karen..

Jason Siah
12.23am 15th April 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

~Trip of J's Family to Melaka!~

Yippie! I'm in Melaka wit my family now! Really happy to spend time wit my family here.. Together wit my little cousin sis n my sis' bf!.. We've been wandering around Melaka after brunch.. N now.. Resting in mCd!

Great news! My parents kena loteri!! :-P

Jason Siah
4.15pm 13th April 2008

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

~Hate it but we need it..~

KTM yang membencikan~~ This is not the first time the passengers of KTM hate the service so so much~ Of course, it is led by the poor service itself and also the inconsistency of the schedule..

Yesterday, it happened once again and what's worse was the attitude and services provided by the officers!.. When I just reached "happily" at Kepong Central station.. There was an announcement on the delay of the schedule (as usual).. But this time, with an extra line.. "KITA SEDANG MENGALAMI MASALAH DI STESEN KUANG.." And yada yada yada.. But the train came.. So we all went into the train and well, of course it wouldn't be that smooth.. The train stopped at Sg Buloh station and they actually asked all the passengers in the train to get down from the train! What for? They decided to change this train for Seremban route (KL) and we have to wait for another train there to Rawang!..

We waited and waited.. No train came.. I called my good fren, Juit and asking him for his help.. He has just done with his gym in Uptown so he needs to take shower and then he can fetch me back.. Happy!..

But, I still went into the room with a lot of those Blue-shirt officers to clarify further..

J: "Encik, pukul berapa train akan datang?"
Officer: "5 minit"

After 15 minutes.......

J: "Encik, tak ade pun train.. Kata 5 minit?"
Officer "Tunggu je.. Macam manapun train akan datang juga.."

WHAT????? Are u kidding me? You just told me right in front of my face that the train would be coming in 5 minutes time and now you changed the answer 360 degree!!!!???

J: "Kalau macam tu, lain kali cakap je tak tau.. Jangan lah bagi tau 5 minit.."
Officer: Kita memang tak tau.. U orang nak tanya.. Kita bagi lah jawapan.. Dah.. Sekarang ada jawapan bising bising pulak?.."

Oh.. Now.. Cari pasal with me lah~~

J: "Excuse me?!.. Siapa yang bising bising? Kita tanya baik baik ini dikatakan bising? U orang duduk kat sini tak buat apa-apa mestilah passengers tanya!! Dapat salary tak payah buat kerja ke??"
Officer: "Sorry ya Mr.. Kita bukannya tak nak buat kerja.. Kita betul-betul tak tau pukul berapa train tu datang.. Minta maaf ya.."

J: "You ada walkie-talkie kan? Kenapa tak tanya driver of the train kat mana sekarang? Boleh lah estimate.."
Officer: "Azmi, di mana kamu sekarang?.. Oh.. Kepong? Okok.."

*$(*#$(*_$(()$##*@)(#&$$% Bodoh ke babi? You have the utilities but you never used.. You have the resources but you never used.. You only bantai to give us an answer which is wrong!.. That's so stupid~~

Another drama is coming.. We saw the train is coming..
I called Juit and told him that train is coming and I can take the train back myself.

Announcement made: "Train yang berada di Platform 1 sekarang ini adalah train untuk ke Rawang.."

All the people squeezing into the train like bee striving for honey!!!... TIBA-TIBA..

Announcement made: "Minta maaf.. Train yang berada di Platform 1 sekarang ini adalah train untuk ke Seremban. Minta maaf ke atas kesulitan.........."


I called Juit again.. He is already on the way to Sg Buloh from Uptown..

In another 5 minutes, another train came again.. And this time.. It's really for Rawang train.. So, I quickly call Juit again to inform him that I will take train myself..

Dammit!.. Please la.. It's a BERHAD organization la wei!.. Really complain lagi pun mulut akan busuk!.. =P

And I reached home at 10.45pm!...... Thanks to KTM!..

Jason Siah
2.00pm 8 April 2008

Saturday, April 05, 2008

对不起。。 谢谢。。







Jason Siah