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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Part 4..~

I know I have reallllly slow.. This review of SYTYCD should have been posted since last week but until now.. Tomorrow is another show already.. Only I got the time to update this~ Have been really busy for the whole week~ Hmm.. Ok.. Not too much words ald.. Let's come to review last week SHOW!!!

This week, the competition is getting very HOT as most of them performed really good~ The first couple this week was Orange & Vish performing Malay Contemp!!! The suprise was not the dance BUT the production has chosen an ENGLISH song for this Malay Contemp dance!!! What's wrong with them? It's just so.. Erm.. Not ngam feel lor~ PLUS with the choreography that have separated Orange & Vish so far far away.. It just looked like YOU dance YOURS I dance MINE kinda show~ NO CONNECTION.. No CHEMISTRY.. Hmm.. A bit disappointed.. Vish has not really SHINED this week~ Just normal performance.. As for Orange, I personally like her movements very much~ Her body is very flexible which make her suitable to dance any kind of dancing.. Just like Noor..

I was so so happy when I know that Nikki & Yuz were performing Broadway dance!! It surely be very interesting and exciting.. They performed well~ Especially Yuz! It was a pleasant surprise for me to see that Yuz has actually performing very consistently every week~ Malay contemp.. HipHop.. And even Broadway.. He is so cute and cheeky~ His facial expression and movements.. Very da jeng~ BAGUS! Hehe.. As for Nikki.. Personally, I still think that she is lack of feminine side for this dance.. Abit.. Haha~ I mean.. Some of the movements, she needs to be cute.. Yes, we got it~ But some.. needs to be feminine.. She doesnt portray it~~ Between Orange and Nikki which both being sent for Bottom 4, I really wish to vote for Orange bcos the nite performance.. Orange is better~

Then.. Another most favourable couple, Sue & ISaac's turn to perform~ After almost 1 week now.. Been reading all the comments and reviews from other supporters of the shows.. Almost everyone actually doesn't really like their dance.. but for.. I really like it very much cos it's damn good.. Eventho missed a bit of the timing part but still damn good!! Transition not so good but very great energy as the transition is fully depending on the choreo part~ I actually like the difficulties of the dance itself.. Ya, it has alot of STUNTS liddat which I personally fancy very much on it! hehe..

Last week, I don't really like the performance of Dennis.. Meanwhile Becky was being sent to Bottom 4.. And this week~~ OMG!!! Becky was soooooooo COOL~ I should say SEXY!! hehe.. Eventho I myself do not really like this dance because I still like to see more movements on the legs part for both of them especially Dennis.. He got the look, the expression.. Even the act~ But not the DANCE itself.. Once, I don really like his performance.. As for Becky.. Again.. SEXY and she did great! Oh btw, they were performing Tango!!!! One thing to highlight.. Mr Ramli, one of the judges commented like this for the dance.. "It's like the oven is hot but not enough things to cook in"~ LoL Means not good enough lo.. So BOMBASTIC la the sentence.. AdUI~ =P

Hiphop for Noor & Alam is actually don bring any suprise element to me.. So far, I am very into Noor's dance because I like her flexibility of her movements which I think definitely an advantage to all kind of dances.. In hiphop, eventhough it's out of her comfort zone but she performed well~ As for Alam.. Maybe it's just too easy for him, tat's why he looked like not so ENERGETIC.. Or.. Maybe he did not want to OVERSHINE Noor as he is better in this kind of dance~ Well, I have no idea about that.. Just my own point of view.. Anyhow.. "Bias"-ly, Alam is not my cup of tea.. So far, he is good but not great for me~~

Another sexy performance by Brancy & Firul for their HOT and SPICY Latin Mambo!! I like Brancy very much this week as she performed really well in the dance.. The expression and the movement were all very SHARP and HOT! She really could be a professional dancer for Latin Mambo! As for Firul.. Eventhough I could feel that he is not that comfortable with the dance but he was really shine this week~ The passion for both of them were so so THERE! The chemistry was HOT and u cant resist to see more and more from the dance!

Okie.. Last but not the least.. Jo & Jimmy.. Performing an energetic and 'sunshine' kinda dance called Hop dance.. I don think this is hard for Jimmy as personally, I was in his class before.. He was just so ENERGETIC everytime when comes to dancing! Haha.. So, this dance.. he din disappoint anybody at all.. At least.. For me, I do think that way!! Like his energy so much.. his cheekiness and cuteness in the dance.. Besides, their timing were sooo ngam for all the movements!! Except there was one part that Jimmy needs to hold Jo on top while Jo posed like she is flying.. Hmm.. That one.. Look like a bit GOYANG la.. But still, I like this dance very very much!!!

It's very sad to see Vish & Orange leaving the show.. Especially Orange as I really think that she is better than Nikki in the performance of that nite~ But.. This is the way the show runs.. Someone must leave in order for somone else to WIN~ And I can foresee.. That the competition will be getting even HOTTER and HOTTER coming weeks as they are all strong dancers and improved a lot as well!!! Anyway, hope that Orange and Vish will continue dancing and hope to see them again in other kind of dancing competition in near future!! =D

Our Top 12 Now!!

Jason Siah
10.30pm 30th May 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

~Do you Know J Well??~

Found out about this Friend Test thingy from one of my friends and I feel that it's kinda interesting to give a test too all that know me.. You you and You! Yes!! Come answer the test and tell me how much u noe about me.. I already got one friend trying on test.. Ah Beng ar.. Only 50% ar? Hmm.. Come, we hang out more so that we can know each other better.. wakakakakaka~ =P

I am really boring here in the office.. It's just 10.20am~ Gosh.. So so boring.. Waiting for 1pm only.. Nothing much to do so created this post for all my friends.. haha!! Try.. Must try ya...

Anyway, wish u all can try on the test ya.. Thanks! =D

Who gets 100%, I will give him/her a GIFT for sure.. But must claim from me la wei.. LoL

Create your own Friend Test here
Jason Siah
10.20am 26th May 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~Bali ::Shopping la wei!!::~

Ow~~ I know I have been slow.. But please bare with me ya.. Kinda busy lately~ Hahaha~ And also very obsessed to SYTYCD program which I will update a post regarding the show every week~ Hmm.. Well, now is the time to continue my Bali Trip posting~ Today would like to talk about SHOPPING!! Wow~ I believe many ppl love this part la.. SHOPPING wor~ Especially gals rite? haha.. But too bad, this time we did not actually go to too many places for shopping.. Just as below.. So, it's not going to be a major tips for u all but hopefully still could help u a little bit when u are there in Bali~~

As you can see the pic above.. Yes, the first nite that we reached Bali.. We din unpack our baggage.. We din go for dinner directly.. We went to this shopping Mall at the very first place! hahaha~ Cos they cannot tahan already.. Must SHOPPING they said.. This is Electronic City.. It's a shopping mall combined together with SOGO as well.. So, it's kinda BIG but FYI, nothing much inside ler.. Just like shopping mall in Msia.. And the price is not too cheap compared to Malaysia.. So.. We just did window-shopping.. None of us bought anything here.. We just walked and compared the price of everything~ Hahaha.. Then we ciao.. For our dinner.. =P

Very early the next morning.. We went to 1st tourist spot which is Tanah Lot.. Never thought that we could find a stall here which we could buy so many souvenirs~ hehe.. Those that got the keychain with their names on it from me.. Yeah.. This is the stall where we bought it ok? Salute to the Boss of the stall~ He is very talented in drawing~ Very nice job.. Moreover, the price that he offered at the very first place was very cheap.. Which made us don feel good to ask for a lower price anymore.. Hahaha~ But I really like this keychains very much~ Bcos the design is very good.. The way he "BURNT" the name on it also very good.. And of course, I like it bcos we can put our friends' names on it~ Very special and memorable~ =P I really hope that those friends that received this keychains will like it.. =P

Besides than the keychains stall.. We have found 1 BILLABONG retail shop here which has up to 70% of discount!!! Eventhough not so many cheap shirts or shorts to be bought but still, we had grab something for ourselves.. ALL of us except Bai~ Hehe.. I grabbed a white cap for myself~ It's really nice!! Very da nice and cheap!~ So, next time when u guys come to Tanah Lot.. Please do remember to look at the shops along the road whether got Sales or not ya! =P

The next place I wanna talk about would definitely be the entire ROAD of stalls like what u can see in the pic~ It's just like stalls u can find in KekLokSi, Penang or even Petaling Street, KL~ Almost each and every of the stalls are selling the same thing.. Shirts, shorts.. Shirts, shorts.. And Shirts shorts~ LoL But we did a lot of Shopping here~ Bcos it's around the KUTA town.. Means the entire KUTA town is surrounded by this kind of stalls~~ U can just buy anything u like anywhere anytime.. Just ask for the price and if u are not happy with it.. Proceed.. U will find cheaper price in front.. Never ever need to worry about it! Hahaha..

Frankly speaking.. In fact, that's all the SHOPPING that we did.. Haha~ But what I can say about Bali & this Kuta town.. There are really a lot of shops along the roadside.. Look at above pic.. And look @ Bai's face~ She was in dilenma at tat time bcos too many shops.. We really do not know where to go already!! Wahahaha~ Another reason was bcos we already spent all our cash at that particular time! LoL That's why we were very "wunai".. Dunno where to go and dunno what else we can buy!! Anyway, wish to give a tips regarding a 7-11 style of shop there.. It's called K-Mart or Mini-Mart.. Please be alert with the cash that u pay them~ My friend has confused with the cash when we were buying drinks.. He paid him 2 pieces of IDR100K for only few drinks!!! Which means RM80!!! But the cashier DIAM-DIAM~~ Then I realized.. Somthing was not right! How come few bottles of drinks cost him RM80!!! So, we went back to the shop! And guess what, that cashier was like already preparing that we might be going back.. He quickly led us to the side and gave us the change back!! Ish ish.. So, please beware of this k? =P

This is the last call for Bai & I.. We spent all our cash here..
Look @ the Boss.. She is so cute.. hahaha~ =P

And OMG!! Look at below pic!! Eventhough we din really go to too many places for shopping~ But look at our OUTCOME~ So far, I think Ken & Juit won la~ Hahaha.. They bought quite a lot of things especially Ken.. Over budget somemore~ Hehe.. As for myself.. Just sikit-sikit lor.. Tak boleh jadi bukit~ LoL Anyway, this is the shopping places that we have gone to in Bali~~ So far, nothing much interesting that can be shared.. Except those that I hv shared above.. =P Just to add another tips.. Do BARGAIN when u shop there!!!!!!!

Jason Siah
4.14pm 23rd May 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Part 3..~

Mmm.. Interesting episode.. Top 16 to compete now to squeeze for Top 14 yesterday night!! It was really an interesting episode where almost ALL the contestants this time have performed very very ENERGETIC-ly!! All of them like having FIRE on their heads and this really can show us how much they wanted this.. The WINNER of ::So You Think You Can Dance:: Malaysia version~~

This blog is just my little review for yesterday's performance~ Hmm.. Today, not only going to talk about that few favourite contestants of mine but also others whom I think really worked very very hard for this show.. Salute to them! Hehe.. They are really amazing!! In such a short time.. Learn new dance.. New steps.. New choreography.. Wow.. And perform nationally on TV!! Amazing~

Let's go for the 1st couple.. Alice & Chris kicked off the show with a slightly weak performance this week~ Maybe Malay Contemporary is really not their cup of tea~ They could not actually perform well.. Especially Chris.. I personally do not like they way he performs Malay Contem.. Well.. At last Alice & Chris got eliminated.. It's sad to see someone leaving but this is the way the show runs..

2nd couple was Nikki & Yuz.. This time Nikki got the chance to show her very own hip-hop dance!! And of course she did it very well.. As for Yuz.. Well.. He has transformed quite well man.. Look like a 'hip-hopper' lor.. Wahahaha~~ Hip-hopper.. Got this word meh?? I also dunno.. =P

Sorry, could not find Yuz pic..

There come the "FIRE" Noor & Alam.. This time they got Contemporary but for me.. This dance is really interesting.. I like the choreography so so much.. It's so special.. Very silent but then MELETUP TIBA-TIBA and I really think that's it's not easy to control the emotion but they did it.. Especially Noor.. Her eyes like got FIRE la wei.. Haha.. And personally, I like her movement very much.. Can see she is really Flexible..

This one, I started to hv different point of view from the judges.. Brancy & Firul in their Malay Contemporary performance.. In my opinion.. Brancy was ok~ She did quite well but not Firul~ Really don understand why the judge said that he is good in this dance!! Gosh.. Blind?? =P And I think Firul needs to thank Brancy so so much for helping him really a lot~~

Another definitely-not-agreeing-with-judges example.. Jo & Jimmy.. Their Ballroom dance was simply Lovely and Loving.. Both of them are emotionally engaged.. So so well.. Eventhough undeniably this time, it's hard for both of them as this is definitely out of their comfort zone.. And eventhough this dance for Jimmy definitely not as good as his hip hop or modern dance or even malay contem BUT definitely he does not belong to BOTTOM 4!!... This really what I think.. and I nearly fall from the chair when his name being announced as BOTTOM 4! Hahaha... Of course, I shocked my parents la.. hehehe.. Luckily din really fall down..

Becky & Dennis.. I guess maybe I am really NOT PROFESSIONAL and that is why I have totally different opinions and comments from the judge especially Mr Pat.. I personally like Dennis very much.. I really can see his talent and I think he is cute.. haha.. But this dance.. FUNK.. He did not shine at all.. Instead Becky overshined him~~ He even MISSED the timing of the movement! BUT.. The judges said he was GOOD.. And Becky was OUT.. Grrr... Alrite.. I am the BLIND one ok??? =P Btw, Adik Syl.. I still like Dennis.. But yesterday dance.. He really tak baik sangat la.. haha!

After few disappointments.. We have another SPICY SAMBAL BELACAN performance from Isaac & Sue!!! Wow wow wow! Compared to last 2 weeks.. They have improved really alot especially on the connection between them! They are so damn connected and they danced so so well in Samba~ Especially the way they are turning their butt.. hahaha.. really SEXY and Nice.. =P I rated them as No.1 myself this week.. Of course, my own RATING la.. wahahaha...

The last couple but not the least.. Orange & Vish!! Performing Dancehall~~ Wow.. They NAILED it again this week!! Orange is really a cute gal and in this dance.. He is so INTO it~~ Really like they way she dances.. As for Vish!! He improves a lot and a lot~~ He is no longer just and Indian Culture Dance dancer.. =D And yesterday.. Can see he is more confident on stage.. That's a good thing..

Alright.. That's our Top 16!!! Hehe.. I really like the show very much.. Hoping to go to Ruums one day.. Really hope to get the chance la.. haha~ And now they are having Roadshow.. Starting tomorrow @ TimeSquare!! Grrr... TimeSquare.. Ok.. I guess, I cant join also la.. =P

All in all.. The show was great~ Looking forward to next Thursday show.. And will update with video clips soon when it's uploaded to YouTube.. hehe.. =D

Jason Siah
18th May 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

~Bali ::All You Can Eat::~

::All You Can Eat::

Okie.. it's about Makan-makan this time! Hehe.. In Bali, u can really find all sorts of good food.. Especially Seafood.. Very nice.. Eventho expensive.. haha~ And in this trip.. We really had a lot of nice food.. In between, we also tasted some BAD food~ LoL But still, most of them are nice la~ Hahaha.. Let me update about where and wat we have eaten.. See whether can be your good recommendation or not if somehow you are going to Bali soon or in the future.. =D But pls do bare in mind ya.. This is not a food review.. I don do tat in my blog de.. This update.. Just simply talk about the food that we have eaten and tasted in Bali..

Ok.. First of all.. Must must write about this very very good restaurant.. Very famous in Bali.. In the place we stayed.. Kuta.. And the restaurant's name is Made's Warung.. Made is not pronounced like in english MADE ya.. Made is MA.. DE.. Hahahhaa! Funny funny.. Ok.. Talk about this place.. It's very well-known for good food and reasonable price.. And it's the only one restaurant that opens after 10pm here.. Until 12am midnite! Tat's why u can see it's always CROWDED with ppl!! As for us, we went there for two dinners.. Bcos it's just simply too good and the price is ok.. We went on the 1st nite as well as the last nite.. Hehe~ Opening and Closing!! Food that we ordered.. U can look at the pic.. MAGIC! Hahaha.. We sapu all the food sooooo CLEAN! Hehe.. Besides, their drinks! COOL~ NICE! Damn Good! Hahaha.. Each and everyone of the drinks.. Really FRESH & the FRUIT Juice.. Very da FRUIT! LoL One thing to highlight when you spend money in Bali.. Everything looks so EXPENSIVE bcos the money is so small but always, the figure is BIG.. haha~ So, we look like BIG BOSS when we paid.. Cos we are MILLIONAIRE in Bali! Hahaha.. So funny!!

Another place that MUST introduce de is JIMBARAN~ I believe everyone knows this plce in Bali.. So if u somehow going to Bali.. Do not worry.. Everyone will tell you to go Jimbaran for Seafood!!! We have tasted the Seafood in Jimbaran.. There, you can find more than 10 Seafood Restaurants.. All located along the beachside!!!!! And of course we sit just on the beach la.. So Romantic! We do not know whether the restaurant that we hv chosen is the best or not but the Seafood is really damn nice! VEry delicious~ Yes, it's very very EXPENSIVE! Ouch.. but stil.. We enjoyed ourselves with all the good Seafood in front of us! Hehe.. And the environment is just so romantic.. Got ppl singing somemore.. But u need to give tips to them de la.. Cos they wil sing in front of each and every of the tables there.. Hehe! Be prepared.. The place is nice.. The food is great.. Don forget to come here ya.. But not a good place to take pic.. Cos all sure comes out dark dark de la.. Believe me.. hehe!

There is this restaurant which I really do not know the name.. It's located above the hill.. Where u can enjoy the food while enjoying spectaculars view as well.. The place is really really wonderful for a great lunch~ Not sure whether the name is Pacung Indah but it's in between the path to Bedugul.. Another tourist spot.. So.. I think many ppl know about this restaurant as well.. We can see alot of foreigners enjoying their lunch there.. Besides than good food.. We did enjoy taking pic~ =D

In fact, that's the places that we have visited for food in Bali.. Breakfast.. We had in hotel.. So, nothing special to talk about.. Normal American style buffet but not much choices.. hahaha! Just to highlight a very important note to all of u.. Do not taste the Finger Licking Good chicken there in Bali~~ Look @ Below pic.. Our faces show it all~ It's really really SUX!! Very da FAILED.. I just cant believe it~ It's not good at all.. My fren din even eat for the 2nd bite cos it's really too bad.. Wasted our money.. We shouldn't hv chosen for FastFood in Bali huh? But we have running out of cash the last day.. So, we thought just hv a simple lunch but never thought that the Finger Licking Good becomes Faces Stinking Bad.. Haih.. Don eat ya!! Hehe~~ =P

So, tat's all about FOOD in Bali so far.. Hope you guys did get some tips from this update and find good food in Bali~ hehehe.. Enjoy the pic and more about Bali to come!!!

Jason Siah

1.22am 13th May 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Part 2..~

Here come the 2nd episode of ::So You Think You Can Dance:: Malaysia version~~ Really really happy and excited about this show.. This week.. Almost all of them performed very well! Mastered very good in their performance! And of course.. I wanted to choose my own-opinion Best performance! Haha..

Last week, I din manage to choose Best Performance but I really like Jimmy as well as Nikki's performance very well out of 20 dancers.. They really performed well and showed the audiences that they could actually dance out of their comfort zone as they mastered in different kind of dances individually but need to perform another different kind of dances on the stage.. That's hard but they did well.. =D Nikki performed more gently this week.. Hehe.. According to herself.. She is more feminine and I think everyone can see that she did really well.. As for Jimmy.. This week Best Performance la.. Last week, his partner, Azzy has been eliminated so he has a new partner, Jo..




This week I can choose Best Performance already bcos both of them did very well!! They are Jimmy & Jo.. For me, they are the best this week in terms of Performance wise because it's not 1 side good but both of them are WONDERFUL~ They are CONNECTED with each other.. That's really cool~ Make u wanna see more and more from them.. So, enjoy the below clips.. I hv watched more than 6 times.. Haha.. In the same clip, you can see Noor & Alam's performance.. Noor got the emotion and dance very well.. Alam is just okie but I think lack of the fierce-ness.. And their closing.. Gosh.. Compliment to Noor!! Haha.. Damn nice!!

Jo ^ Jimmy

Of course, besides than Jo & Jimmy.. You can take a look @ Becky & Dennis.. Their Jive performance was great too.. Very notti-kinda-look & interested.. Can see that they really enjoying the dance much.. Well enough to win a lot of votes I guess.. =D

Becky ^ Dennis

Nikki ^ Yuz

Jason Siah
6.18pm 11th May 2007