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Thursday, September 27, 2007

~I hate sick!..~

Last few days I was bad luck enough to eat something not too clean and caused me diarrhoea.. After bombing Tokyo, Osama and even Mongolia.. At last, I feel better yesterday.. I taken 2 days MC this week.. Have to rest @ home and avoid to eat anything oily, fried, milky or cheesy.. Thus, yesterday I was so happy that mummy actually bought chicken for my dinner!.. Haha!..

After few days of "outage process", I found out that I am damn weak today~ Feel like dehydrate!.. I feel so so sick!.. Dizzy.. Haih~~ Really "chi cham".. But I dun think I am going to take any MC again soon since I hv just taken 2 days this week!.. But it's just so so frustrated to work in such a condition!.. Okiela.. Suddenly no mood to write already.. That's all..

I just Hate Sick!..

Jason Siah
2.11pm 27th September 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

~SoLoBies KL Branch Outings..~

Kanna Curry Rice..
Must Use Hand oo!..

One Sunday afternoon.. Being called by AhNui, Joce to meet up for a yamcha @ PJ area.. Were quite shocked as I din noe that she has come back to KL from Singkapoh.. She mentioned that she was not too happy and wanted us to accompany her~ So, I got my car and met them up at this Kanna Curry House located @ SS2.. They were eating happily already.. And the 1st thing that caught my attention was.. They were using their Hands.. Er........................

Actually she was not really SAD la.. Just main-main jek.. Hahaha! But somehow, I was really excited and happy to see her for sure~ At first, I really did not want to use my hand to take the meal but since they already started with the hands.. I have to continue as well~ So, I joined their way.. SoLoBies way.. This time.. The SoLoBies that turned up were only Joce, Bai, Juit & I myself.. Joce's bf, Julian joined us after we finished all our food and drinks!.. Haha~ We had a great time chatting together!.. As well as updating Joce with the stories that we brought back from Bali.. Ya, sudah berbulan but she still wanted to know~ And we still wanted to tell.. That's great rite?! LoL We sat there for almost 3 hours, we had more than 10 drinks!.. Really crazy~ Hahaha.. But well, it was really a pleasant meet up..

Crab ar Crab..
I don't really Fancy..

2nd outing was initially to celebrate Bai's birthday but due to some circumstances, we just treated it as a normal and simple dinner together.. We wanted to have the Kepong Crab very long time ago since the last time we had it together.. For me, I am not a fans of Crab but the way that they cooked it here are really a lot~ More than 30 ways to cook those crabs~ U can choose all you want.. But of course, the price is a bit.. Expensive..

Zham fetched me from One U and we went there first.. Zham has the fullest confident to go there by our own without any extra guidance.. Hehe~ Really impressed me a lot.. As she is quite the same like me.. A bit stupid and blur when comes to recognizing the roads~ But well, she managed to bring me there safely and punctually.. With just a few extra turns to right and U-turns.. LoL We reached really early where by others were still in the office la.. Jam la.. This and that.. So, we decided to cool ourselves with the CoCoNut!.. Wahahaha~ This, they dont get it ok? Just for 2 of us.. LoL

Then Juit, Ken, Wee and Bai joined us.. Bai also brought along SohAi, her colleagues to join the SoLoBies dinner~ We had a very rapid and fruitful dinner together.. I was really FULL with all the crabs, mee, prawns, sotongs, fish.. Wait wait.. No fish.. Sorry~ Hahaha!.. Then we started again with our chatting session.. We talked about our Annual Trip which now, I have no idea when is the real date already~ Too much postpone I guess but I agree that the most ppl can go is the best~ No cake was prepared since Bai doesnt want to celebrate her birthday.. After a few photo-takings.. We decided to ciao.. & That's the 2 outings for SoLoBies KL Branch lately.. Looking for more.. and more of course...

Anyhow, still must wish Bai.. Happy 25th Birthday~ Mid of 20's already.. Wish everything goes fine for u.. Wish you have the strength and power to go through this period of difficulty time.. Wish happinese will always be with you.. =D

With Love,
Jason Siah
3.23pm 25th September 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Do You Love Dancing?..
Yes I do..

I really love this movie so so much.. Of course the main reason is.. A lot of dancing scenes in the movie which definitely leads my legs and body to start moving in the cinema.. Ya, sound like a crazy kia.. I noe that.. Haha! But I just like the music and their dancing so much~ That's why make me love dancing more and more.. Hehe..

Okie.. Back to the movie.. It's really a not bad movie.. Just some parts are quite draggy.. With the full song each and every characters have to sing~ Er.. Maybe next time, the director can cut short the song to half~ Well, it's still a good one.. The costumes of 60's are so damn cool~ The dance itself was so well choreographed.. U will really want to follow their steps when u are watching the movie.. All the characters have their very own shining part.. And I think it's good that each and everyone of them has a very strong characteristic..

Tracy, the gal with BIG heart and passion to dancing.. She is the main role in the movie.. She can dance very well eventhough she is fat.. I really admire that.. And cannot forget John Travolta for god sake!! She becomes the fat mama.. Erm.. Well, if u dun think the face behind the makeup is John, then u would definitely feel better.. Hahaha.. Such a macho and cool man.. Turn into Fat mama??.. Yew... =P Christopher Walken is really really good looking.. So da handsome!.. =P

Personally, I like the part of Michelle Pfeiffer singing with other dancers to "shooo" Tracy away.. Hahaha.. Not sure why, but found that part is really really really like those scene in cartoon when they show the audience the bad guy is having the power to get rid of the good ones..

Okie.. All in all.. It's a good movie.. Worth to watch.. 4 stars out of 5.. Yay~~~

Btw, I really Love dancing ooi~~ hehe!

Jason Siah

19th September 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

~Once in a Blue Moon..~

Yeah.. Thanks God It's Friday!.. I always thanks God for every lovely weekend that I had and will be having!.. As weekend is always the sweetest moment for all of us.. Especially for those who are working for sure.. =P Last 2 weeks, suddenly felt like meeting this gang of friends.. Thus, sms been sent to all of them to gather on the next day which was Friday.. Ya, very short notice.. Wahahaha~ But the attendees percentage was kinda satisfying.. We have 6 of us + I brought Dennis together.. So, altogether.. 7.. Hehe!

We had a pleasant and nice-long dinner~ We chatted watever things that we can chat about.. From movie ie Secret, Black Sheep, Rogue Assassins to trip.. Genting.. Pd.. Yada yada yada~ haha! It was nice.. We had really great time kepoh-ing together.. Hehe! And to our surprise.. Dennis is very knowledgable eventhough he is much more younger than anyone of us.. =P

I like this last picture very much as all of us look great.. Can see from our smiles and faces, we were really happy with this dinner eventhough it was a short-notice one! Unlike our normal gathering.. We normally will send email like 1 month earlier! Gosh.. 1 month earlier for a dinner.. This time, I successfully changed the way we worked! =P So, do expect more sudden sms from me asking for meet up! wahahaha~

The next day, initially, my plan was to sing Karaoke with my lovely colleagues @ The Curve.. The time should start from 11am till 2pm.. I reached there before 11am as I was the one who booked the room.. Who knows?.. Si AhYeong was realllllly late to CK's house which made both of them late for the Sing K session.. They reached The Curve @ 12pm!.. Yes, I have waited for them for 1 hour~ Not good.. LoL MeiLin then joined us.. As well late!..

We then decided to watch movie.. After considerations been made, we decided to go for Secret.. Jay Chou~ As too many good comments have been heard these few weeks.. =P Before the movie, we went to this German Restaurant called Bavarian Bierhaus.. Highly recommended by CK as he has tried once.. His favourite.. "Kaki Babi".. LoL You can see above for the food.. Hmm.. Frankly speaking, I dont really fancy the "Kaki Babi".. Yes, undeniably it tastes different and more delicious from those that we always eat here in Msia but the FAT is still very significantly seen!!.. BUT, we are definitely enlighten by the Sausage Combo!!!.. OMG~ With just few Sausage.. It fully satisfied 4 of us.. It was really NICE!.. Well, the price is kinda "bite-tongue".. Haha! Very expensive.. Each of us has to pay RM44+ for this luxury lunch~ Ya, 2 dishes.. 4 drinks.. RM180.. >.<'''

After all, it was nice spending time with colleagues actually.. Once in a blue moon spending that much of cash for a lunch.. Hmm.. Still okie la~ But maybe this blue moon gonna be realllllll long for the next one to be blue.. Hahaha.. Btw, Secret is really really nice oo!! I just like it~ Will blog about the movie later on... =D

Weekend is always precious for me.. I appreciate each and every moment.. We only have 2 days to enjoy our life in 1 week.. After 5 working days which we have to face with all the pressure, tension, customers, sales, workloads, nagging from boss, politics in office, ups and downs with no-good colleauges etc etc.. These 2 days for me.. It's really really the golden moment!.. =P I enjoy it to the max sometimes.. Also, hv some time to just relax at home onlining and watching tv without doing anything else.. Spending quality time with family and friends.. Yeah.. Not bad huh? Hehe.. Lately, I always say this.. "Work hard.. Enjoy hard.." What do you think? =P

P/s: It's just Monday now.. Oh God.. When is the next weekend coming?!?!?!?!... hahahaha!

Jason Siah
11.24am 17th September 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

~J's New Look..~

Already a week I cut my hair.. The crox is getting lighter.. Hardly seen already.. Haha! This new hairstyle.. Hmm.. Personally, I like it as it's new to me.. Kinda fresh for myself.. As for others.. I got good comments as well as bad ones of course.. Haha! Those good ones, not sure they are sincere or just simply say say to make me happy.. But I take it as real one! Lol Perasan gila~ Those bad ones.. Basically only 1 comment.. The same which is this kind of so-called funky yanky hairstyle does not suit me.. I am more suitable with normal-nerdy-student look.. OMG~ I dun want that!... Haha!

Thus, I will still go to the hairstylist and ask her to cut the hair a little more again to let the crox been seen clearly~ =P And why I wanna hv this kind of hairstyle then? Frankly speaking, I really dunno.. Last week, I saw 2 friends having the same kind of hairstyle at the very same time.. And it just triggered me to cut it as well.. Just that simple.. Ya, u can say.. I am Kiasu!.. Wahaha! So what?

Nothing special.. Just to share this out.. =P

Jason Siah

6.14pm 15th September 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

~Happy Birthday to J.. Part 3..~

Okai.. This is the last part.. Yes, LAST part!!.. I am boring blogging about birthday celebrations already as well.. Erm.. Am I? Wahahahaha! Hmm.. This celebration is quite special and I like it very much as I can celebrate my birthday with another 2 lovely friends together.. Sammie & Adrian.. Sammie's birthday was on 27th August & Adrian was 30th!!!.. Yeah.. Same as mine lor.. But not sure whether he was born on the same year as mine.. Anyway, this is a 3-some birthday celebrations!.. Thank you to all who has presented themselves for the dinner.. Jo.. Thanks for ur lovely gift.. Kakak Stacy.. Adik Syl.. AhBeng aka Clement.. Tony.. Andrew.. New friend, Steph.. & I brought Ocean along as well..

We had our dinner this time at Manhattan Fish Market @ CentrePoint, Bandar Utama.. Initially, our plan was to SS2 but after some ding-dong, we decided to go for Manhattan.. This is my 1st time here.. The food is not bad.. The portion is BIG.. The price is reasonable.. But according to others who have tasted the food here before, it is not as good as previously.. I am not sure as this is my very 1st time.. And I guess, I will be going again.. =P

After the dinner, of course, we need to go through the very normal yet exciting process of all.. Blow cake & cut candles.. Oops!.. I mean blow candles and cut the cakes!! We have more than 1 cake this time.. Haha! See those small lovely cutie cakes? It's made by Steph!!!!.. Thank you so so so much dear.. So sweet of you.. We all love the cakes very much.. Delicious and pretty.. Hehe!

Some of us.. Really long time no see.. So, we grabbed the chance and moment to camwhore together lor!!!.. What else?! Haha~ After the dinner, after the chatting.. After the cakes & candles sessions.. We take pictures like nobody business.. I think even those waiters and waitress beh tahan with us already.. But they cant say anything.. Heart sure think.. "Ish.. This bunch of budak kecik.. Nothing to do to take pic here like mad ppl.." Wahahaha! I like the "budak kecik" part~ =P Below are some to share with all of u..

Sammie & I was always thinking to have our birthday parties together since our birthdays are so near.. This time, we got it! Hehe.. Thanks to our lovely friends~ We had really great time together.. Bubbling around.. Joking around.. Taking picture is just a MUST~ Of course, we also grabbed the time to update each other our latest life.. Work.. Craps too.. =P I wish that we could have this kind of celebration bash again.. Because somehow, I feel happier to celebrate together with other friends as well.. =D

I love our group pictures.. All are nice~ The best part was.. The waitress who actually volunteered herself to be our cameragal.. I guess she never expected that we wanted her to take our group picture with all the cameras that we have!!!.. Yes.. All the cameras.. Erm.. Frankly speaking, I really do not know how many we have there.. But surely ALOT!!.. She didn't mind about it and still keep on asking us to change position and pose in order to take nicer pictures with different cameras.. Haha! Funny.. Thanks to the waitress for those nice pictures!..

And below is the gift from Jo.. Wahaha.. It's damn cute right? Yeah.. And it's RED.. Devil.. =P Thanks again Jo..

Jason Siah
1.52pm 11th September 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

~Happy Birthday to J.. Part 2..~

Let's blog about Part 2 now!! Being called up for a dinner with my ex-colleagues by Dai Ga Jie, Sandy.. Din know that actually they were planning for a surprise for me.. Who knows, one of them, C called me up and said sorry that she could not attend the dinner~ I was so blur.. Why said sorry to me while I was not the one who organized the dinner?? She continued.. "Happy birthday in advance to you ya.. Sorry that I can't join you guys to celebrate your birthday tonite.." Wahahahaha! So da pecah tembelang~ LoL But still, I am very happy la.. They have bought me an Oreo Cake.. Kinda special.. But we were just too full to take the cake~ We went to The Chillis at One U.. Now you know why we were too full! Haha.. Thanks to Dai Ga Jie, Sandy.. DaiLou, CheeSeng.. Professor Kuan.. Danny Zhai.. & of course C = Cammie Jie Jie for the call la.. Hehe! =D

This pic courtesy from Sandy's Blog..

Coming is the celebration with my beloved SoLoBies of course.. Cant less them de la for sure.. I just love them too much already.. I really hope that every year, we can also celebrate each other birthdays.. It's really nice and happy.. At least, it's for us to gather and solobi together~ Initially, we planned to go to The Apartment @ The Curve.. A new restaurant in town but after looking at the menu.. We found out that the food and the price aren't really suitable for SoLoBies' style, so we changed place to Dragon.. Wahahaha! We ordered some food and we eaten happily.. Very rapid as well.. Then we proceed to 2nd station.. Coffee Bean~ Tonite, SoLoBies were a bit quiet at the first.. But after warming up, we SoLoBi again~ I also feel weird that we need to warm up! Wahahaha!

SoLoBies KL Branch is getting lesser as some of us have been transfered to Singkapoh Branch~ Haha! Well, our activities are getting lesser too.. But, I am really glad and excited that this time, managed to gather all the KL Branch SoLoBies.. Thanks to Juit.. Ken.. Bai.. Nick.. Zham & Wee.. I am really happy and glad to celebrate my birthday with all of you.. Appreciate it very much! This time, Wee bought the cake.. And it's a very special cake.. 1/2-1/2 cake.. Haha! Half Tiramitsu and another half coffee.. Both sides also very delicious! Good cake~ We finished the cake right after the birthday song sang by SoLoBies.. And this time, they sang it with a very soft and low voice @ CoffeeBean.. Cos there were other customers.. It was kinda funny and I love it very much.. After that, we chatted and updated each other with our status now especially in our working environment.. Camwhore a while.. And then, we proceed to balik rumah tido as the next day.. All of us still need to work lor.. hehe!

That night I got few gifts.. Haha.. Actually onli 1 meant for my birthday but well, still happy to receive gifts ma rite? I am really surprised and SHOCKING PINK to receive the Sammi's CD from Wee~ So touching~ Really happy.. Thank you so much Wee!!!!... Thanks to AhNui for the lovely Croxx necklace~ I love it too.. And not forgetting to thank Bai for the postcards from Cambodia.. Nice!! hehe.. Thanks to SoLoBies for the dinner and FeeBean~ Thanks.. Thousand thanks.. Muaks! =D

Jason Siah
10.34am 7th September 2007