Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Saturday, April 28, 2007

~Surprise for Gary.. Hapi Bday!~

Gary's lovely gf.. Our Kakak Stacy has planned for this surprise birthday dinner since few weeks ago.. Of course, without knowledge of Gary la~ If not, no more surprise lor~ We have discussed quite a number of places and at last, we decided to come here.. Yuan's Steamboat! Eat all you can!! First of all, I need to thank Mav Mak for his kindness to wait for me and fetch me from work to the restaurant~ Before that, we fetched Jo @ Puchong too.. Then we proceed to the Yuan's.. When we reached there, most of them already reached.. The Hero still doesn't realize that this is a birthday celebration for him.. Until our Jo jie jie, very very the "rapid" wish him Happy Birthday and gave him smth.. I supposed it's a gift~ There, I believe, he knew it lor~~ Jo.. @_@'''

We started to "collect" food without waiting all.. We just grab as much as we could and more joining us right after that.. Let me count count.. We have the Birthday Boi, Gary.. Stacy.. Adik Syl.. Jo.. Mav Mak.. Sammie.. Andrew.. Adrian.. Tony.. Mikel.. AhBeng & Shaz.. We grabbed (food), eat.. Drink.. Chat.. Camwhore.. And of course.. Laugh!! Not sure why.. I have made Sammie laughed like crazy that nite.. Even Jo cried bcos of my joke~ Mmm.. Am I being too Hilarious? Or really that I have sense of humour?? Confuse pulak~ Hahaha.. We enjoyed ourselves damn much~ We ate alot.. We chatted alot.. We took pic alot (OF COURSE!).. We lalala alot..

Suddenly, Kakak Stacy dissappeared~~ And re-appreared.. Following her, a handsome waiter holding the birthday cake.. The best part was.. Gary was too concentrating on looking @ her gf and suddenly when he looked in front, the cake was there!!! Wow~ Surprise!~~ And we started to sing lor.. What else? Then.. what happened?? Everyone said byebye and go back lor... OF COURSE NOT!!! What else if not blowing candle, cutting the cake.. Eating the cake.. Camwhore again.. Hahahahaha~ Just like routine work.. The cake is damn nice.. Again, compliment to Adrian's brother for the super delicious chocolate cake! I like it~ In fact, I believe everyone loves it!

This nite.. I enjoyed alot.. From making ppl around me laugh.. That's a great deed! I mean.. What is happier than making ppl around us to be happy leh?? Hehe.. Moreover, I have taken a lot of nice pic this nite.. And a lot of candid pictures~ Hehehe.. Sorry guys and gals.. Yes, I purposely one.. Hehehe.. =P

Last but not the least.. Of course must dedicate this to the cute Gary~~ Hapi Birthday Gary Mak! May your Wishes Come True.. And I really really wish You & Stacy to BHappy Always.. Bhealthy.. And stay cool~ =D May God Bless You & Your Family..

Have recorded 2 video clips this time.. 1st.. Birthday time.. Specially for our Birthday Boi.. Gary.. 2nd.. Wahahahahahhaa~ This one is dedicated to our lovely Sammie.. Look how crazy I made her be! LoL Sorry dear.. It's kinda cute actually, no worries! Haha.. Enjoy the video clips and pic then! =D

I like this candid pic of Mav.. Oops! =P

So cute the expression la!!

We both same birthday de oo!!

Almost forget.. Wanna specially thank AhBeng for sending me back home to Rawang.. really really really appreciate it very much! And thanks for sharing your story with me too.. We must gambateh together ok!? =D Do take care! And wish u bhappy always..

Jason Siah
28th April 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

~"Sweating" Trip to Melaka.. Cari Makan oo!~

Had a 1-day trip with a gang of friends to Melaka.. Never thought this would be a 1-day trip which I really don wish to have the 2nd time as it was really damn exhausted and tiring!! The nite before I stayed overnite at Ocean's house.. We chatted since then till early in the morning @ 4.40am!!! And we need to wake up @ 5am! Yes, we only slept for 20min!! Tired but we did enjoy ourselves.. We went to Stacy's house and park my car there.. Syl joined us and 5 of us with the presence of Gary as well departed from Cheras to Melaka.. We stopped @ Petronas in Sempadan Melaka.. Jo's car with Mav, Sammie & Andrew.. And Shaz's car with Jack & Paul joining us right after that.. We continued our journey to Melaka and found a place to have our breakfast.. Lousy place with Lousy food.. So, I do not want to include this into our stations of the day.. Hehe!

There, Shaz's friends, May & Orange joined us and nicely, they be our 1-day tourist guides.. They brought us to the 1st station.. To eat Chicken Rice.. Bola-bola version.. Hehe! This place is famous.. Even the Astro's program came here before.. Look @ the pic.. =P We tried out the so-called popular Nasi Ayam.. It was good to me but actually not to say VERY GOOD.. but we enjoyed our 2nd breakfast of course.. We eat and started to camwhore.. Ocean suggested to go for the nice Chendol but most of us could not take in already so we decided to take a walk first before we consume anymore food.. Just to highlight.. Before reaching this Nasi Ayam stall, we parked our car just next to OCBC Melaka Branch! Hehe.. So happy to see OCBC here in Melaka~ =P

It was about Noon time when they decided to take a walk to the famous RedHouse area and the Museum!! The sun was so damn BIG and HOT!! Burning almost everyone of us.. We walked so much somemore.. Really killing me! We decided to visit the Museum and there, we got discount price of RM2 for each of us~ Do we really look like students?? Cos that's the student's price! Haha~ In the museum, apa lagi? Camwhore lor!! If not, nothing much to do wor.. We drama in the museum.. We take pic like nobody business.. Until everyone was sweating so much~ Suddenly we got to one room.. Which has a BIG aircond.. Wow~ So cooling.. We were all so relieved and happy.. Haha~ We took few pic outside the museum especially our Group pic too and then we proceed to the next station lor..

After this damn hot and tiring walk in the Museum.. We decided to get into a COOLer place!! Which is the shopping complex just opposite the Museum.. We spent our time there walking around.. But my legs are NUMB and I could not walk anymore!! At last, we sit on the bench and waited for others to come.. After that.. We stopped by this "tong-sui" stall and we had our cooling session with all those cooling "tong-sui"..

It's Chendol Time!! Which Oscar was so desperate to eat.. Hehe~ We all went to this quite tiny place with a "home-cooked" style food.. We ordered Mee Siam, Mee Kari.. and of course Chendol!!! Very satisfiying to say.. All food are nice!! Really really impressive especially the Chendol!! Maybe because of the weather as well.. Too hot which really suitable for a bowl of cool and yummy Chendol.. Din really take pic here cos everyone was too busy to eat.. Concentrate on the good food.. Right after that, some of us did not have enough.. We went to another Chendol's place!! I din order this time cos I was really full~ But there are quite a lot of flavors as well.. Ocean ordered DURIAN flavor somemore!!!!!! Ouch~ So the "different".. Hehe

This 2nd Chendol place is located @ The Jonker Street.. So, we took the opportunity to walk along the Jonker Street doing some minor shopping.. All of us separated into few groups after the Chendol session.. Oscar and I was walking along this street "window" shopping.. We walked back & forth looking around.. Oscar get himself 2 woodoo.. And there~ I started to feel a bit dizzy but still okie.. We joined Andrew & Sammie in a restaurant to cool down.. When I sat on the chair. my head started to "PUSING" really seriously!! I felt so damn dizzy even I could not stand up!!! Luckily, I have Andrew, Sammie & Oscar to chat with me.. Making me laugh and forgetting about my dizziness~ They told me several ways to cool down.. Andrew asked me to keep on drinking water.. I drank.. Oscar put the cold bottle on my neck.. Sammie's role? Make me laugh and laugh and laugh lor.. Hehe! Anyway, thanks friends.. At last~ I managed to stand up on my own and walked to shishi in the toilet! Wahahaha!

So drama la both of us! =P

Before we proceed to our last station of the day, our dinner, we went to a place which sell a lot of local food.. We do our shopping there again.. I just bought few things.. There, rain came.. I think God knows we were really too hot and that's why giving us a cooler environment.. We followed our tour guides to a place for dinner but the environment is a bit erm.. WET.. And a lot of mosquitoes so we decided to change the place.. A place well known with SeaFood.. There are around 10 stalls in that particular area.. But heard that only 1 sells the best SeaFood.. Too bad, it's just too crowded and we could not wait longer.. We went to stall number 8 and we ordered.. Before that, we celebrated Jack's birthday! Hapi Bday Jack!! Thanks May & Orange for the superb Mango Cake! Taste so nice~ After that, we enjoyed our dinner happily and went back home respectively..

This is really a great trip.. Eventhough it was damn tiring and exhausting.. Eventhough I almost fainted~ Eventhough we sweat damn much~ But we did enjoy ourselves very much as well~ We ate a lot of good food.. Compared to our previous Penang Trip~ Hehe.. We enjoyed chatting with each other.. Taking pic like nobody business.. It was superb! Really thank you for everyone to make this successful! Thanks again to Ocean, Sammie & Andrew for the wonderful jokes when I almost fainted.. Thanks all!! May we look forward to the upcoming activity!!

Wahaha! Funny funny..

Look @ the Handsome Model.. Ocean Tan..

Jason Siah
23rd April 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

~2nd Dedication to AhBeng..~

It was really a packed day for me on that Sunday.. I have to fetch my sister from SS2 early morning.. Dropped her and my mum in One U for shopping and I went to the NikeRock Star Dance.. Last Lesson in The Curve~~ Then joined my mum and sis in One U.. I bought a new hp~ SoNy Ericson K550i!! YooHoo.. Then sent them back home.. Taken a shower.. And again.. Went to SS2.. Yes.. again.. Gosh~~ =P

This is the 2nd celebration of AhBeng's birthday~ Organized by Adik Syl.. We had this celebration in Swensen @ SS2.. I din really try the food there as I was quite full and I was late.. Really sorry guys! Cos I was really late.. haha! Paiseh.. But I still managed to taste the Float.. Quite ok but not to say very good~ This round celebration, we had a cake baked by Adrian's Brother.. Gosh.. It's a damn nice and good Chocolate cake!! Look at the pic~ How BIG is it?!?! Adik Syl prepared some special fireworks candles and a Mask for AhBeng.. So, what else? We forced him to wear that Mask lor!! Hahaha.. I think he really is worried about all these pic being EXPOSED.. Look at him.. So so cute after wearing that Black Mask.. Look like the Chinese-drama famous "Nui sat shou" or "Hak Mui Guai"?! Haha.. Of course, thanks to AhBeng for his cooperation.. He wear the mask till the entire session of singing Birthday song ended~ Hehe!

We camwhore as usual.. Sing Songs.. AhBeng blow candle, cut cake and we all enjoyed the Rich Chocolate Cake together gether~ Damn nice! Compliment to Adrian's Brother!! And then Jo and I had a "drama" chasing each other but actually Jo's objective was to Put the cake on AhBeng's face.. So, was she successful?? Of course la~~ We are not "long dek hui ming" de wor!! Surely will make sure we succeed de~ Hahaha.. Poor BengBeng suddenly being pasted with Cake on his face~ =P We did not stay for too long as everybody was rushing back home.. Everyone has to work the next day.. But for few of us.. We still think that the day was still young.. So we continued with a drink @ Shall We Meet.. (**Someone said Shall We Talk.. Dui..) 2nd round participants are.. Sammie, Sylvia, Joan, Maverick.. Adrian and myself~ We had a nice chat and then.. Byebye lor~

After 2 celebrations for AhBeng.. I can forsee that.......... He will have his REVENGE on us for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ooo....... Haha.. AhBeng.. Don luan lai ar! I WARN u.. =P


Jason Siah

12.07am 15th April 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~FATHER is a FreeMan..~

I still have 3 pending posts to be updated.. 2 birthday celebrations and 1 tagged by Joan.. But I am just too thrilled and excited to blog about this first.. The greatest and happiest news of all in these 2 & half years!

I started to face this problem since I was just out to work.. I still remember, that time I was in SoNy.. The problem was about my dad.. He has been involved in some not-too-good activities which being charged by the PIHAK BERKUASA~ =P There and then, the case has been dragged till now! After all these years.. At last, we have got the RESULT~ And we got the BEST result of all!

SMS from sister: Ko, dad is discharged so no need to worry k? Hehe..

SMS from Dad: Case aquitted. FATHER now a freeman!..

I am really really happy and hv much appreciation to God.. For giving my dad a chance.. Giving us a change to really continue with our happy life together in ONE family.. Thanks Lord..

Of course.. I am relieved enough to thank all my friends that have been supporting me all these while.. Lend their very hands and ears when I needed them~ My brothers, WaiHoong & WaiBoon.. My best friends.. Kenway, MunKeet.. Those who helped me before.. Joel bro, Lester.. Yarching, Geok.. As well as my good fren cum colleague.. Puteri Intan.. All of u.. Whoever's names that I have forgotten to put in.. Really really sorry.. I am just too excited now which I could not think of anything at the very moment.. =D

May God Bless My Family and All Of Yours too..

Jason Siah

5.03pm 11th April 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007




Jason Siah
5.54pm 7th April 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

~Dedicated to AhBeng Didi..~

Received a sudden call from Kakak Stacy on last Saturday for a sudden dinner in MidValley.. Shhh.. It was supposed to be a Surprise Dinner for Ah Beng la~~ Cos his birthday is at the corner.. Wait! It's actually today!! 4th April!! Haha~ We decided to throw him the cake at his face and SURPRISE!!! Too bad.. Our plan failed.. Cos no one gonna throw the cake to him OBVIOUSLY.. I only dare to throw him with CARROT.. Wahahahaha~

Kakak Stacy & Kakak Jo.. 2 DaiGaJies reached there kinda early to buy the cake and dunno what else they did there.. Hehe~ I joined them later but nobody was there yet except 3 of us.. Waiting and zhi zhi zham-ing among us.. And there we saw Kopi!! But.. He just wanted to tell us that he had to Help his Friend and will join us back LATER.. After 1 & half hours.. So, 3 of us decided to proceed with our dinner first as we were really hungry! Both of them were so eager to taste the Asam Laksa in Jaya Jusco but too bad.. All SoLd OuT.. So, we proceed to Little Penang.. Still they ordered Asam Laksa while I ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang.. Yummy.. We had our wonderful dinner while waiting for the Birthday Boy, Ah Beng to join us..

At that time, we still thought that we could give him a surprise by throwing him the CAKE but then.. His old friends arrived at MidValley and we needed to change place to KimGary.. That period of time, I guess was the time that he knew we had bought him a cake for birthday celebration.. Haha~ Chit! Tak syiok langsung! Ish ish.. Meantime.. Adrian and Gary joined us too.. Adrian, a new friend.. I am happy to know him because he is the first person that I know with the same birthday as me.. 30th August! Hehe~ Nice meeting you! So, we proceed to KimGary and we just ordered some drink and zhi zhi zham there..

Of course la.. Besides than zhi zhi zham.. We definitely enjoyed the moment of celebrating AhBeng's birthday la.. Hehe.. Sing song.. Blow candles.. Cut cake.. Eat cake.. Cannot lack any one of the steps geh.. =P AhBeng seems very happy and excited that nite.. We are happy to see that too.. Hehe~ Eventhough he din really say it out at that moment.. But I think we all can feel that la.. Betul tak AhBeng Didi? LoL

Last but not the least.. Surely wanna dedicate this post to AhBeng Didi.. Hehe~ This is really a good timing as today is his BiRtHdaY.. Yeah.. Wish you Bhappy Always.. This is the most important.. Wish you dreams come true.. Especially your couple wishes.. =D Of course, hope that you could get an ideal job with a good salary and boss very soon!! And.. Wish that you will have a great birthday nite today! HaPpY BiRtHdaY!!!!

Below are some cute pictures that I like very much.. Enjoy..

1st.. Spot the Difference.. Look at Kakak Stacy's expression.. So CUTE! Hehe..

See this cute Jo.. Tweety bird's mouth.. Hehe..

Yeah.. We are actually connected and talking through eyes wave.. =P

Jason Siah
4th April 2007