Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Sunday, December 30, 2007

~J's Goodies of 2007..~

~The Best of J's in 2007..~

I do not like to think about bad things~ Only would like to keep all the good things in mind for memories, for experience, for lessons.. Thus, only would like to share the good things of mine in 2007..

1. Dad's Case Settled

This is really the BEST of the year!.. My dad's case has been "pending" for so long.. Few years time and at last.. This year, 2007.. It is settled~ Free from the burden which definitely makes us more comfortable and happier!.. Thanks to GOD for helping my dad and helping us to go through all these years..

2. I fall in Love with Bodyjam

Well, all these while, I LOVE dancing very much and after joining FF.. I have the chance to learn all sorts of dancing.. Eventhough it's all kind of dances jumble together in 1-hour class yet it's really fun!.. That's the Body Jam!.. For the whole year I have been really fancy about Body Jam and hardly miss a class~ It will make me sick!.. haha~ =P

3. Training in Singapore

What so special about Training in Singapore.. Well, maybe it's nothing special to others.. But for me.. It's definitely extra-ordinary.. Firstly, I got the chance to go Singapore for training of being Customer Service which this kind of training can be done anywhere in the office.. Yet, our boss is nice enough to send us to Singapore by FLIGHT and staying in a cool hotel!.. =P

4. 1st time Bonus

Yes, after so many years of working.. I got my 1st Bonus this year!.. Couldn't even describe my happiness and excitement when I received the letter from my Big Boss.. It's just so so wonderful that your hardwork is being acknowledged!.. By CASH!.. Haha!..

5. Bali Trip

Bali Trip with SoLoBies is one of the greatest things for J in 2007.. It's more like backpacked trip~ We explored the places ourselves and we enjoyed really really much there.. From shopping to eating to spa and camwhore.. Not forgetting the moment we spent together IN the pool swimming, chatting and drinking beer!.. Nice~

6. Sammi Concert

Sammi's Concert!!! This is the best of her concerts for so many years!.. I missed the HongKong one where few SoLoBies were actually flying to HongKong just for her concert.. Luckily, I din miss the Genting one.. Hahaha! Ya, kinda BIG difference but well.. We have to accept what we can afford~ So.. Genting is good enough lor!.. Go Sammi Go Sammi Go!!..

7. 1st SoLoBies' Wedding & Baby.. Olivia

1st SoLoBi who get married.. 1st to have Baby.. 1st SoLoBi Baby is Olivia Gan.. Welcome to the world~ =D And congratulations to SoLoBi Ai.. Goldfish.. Thanks as well for bringing us a lovely KaiNui.. Cant wait to see her myself!!..

8. Early Promotion to Manager

Hehe.. This one have to clarify again.. I am NOT the Manager of my department ya.. I am in Manager RANK only!.. Faham tak? Tak faham then forget about it.. 2008 is coming!.. Haha~ Well, I am happy about this cos I was being promoted before the actual date!.. That's cool ok? =P

9. Secret *

Not the Jay Chou's movie, Secret ok?.. Secret in terms of SECRET!.. Haha~ So, when it's a Secret.. Then.. Nothing to reveal.. LoL

10. Won SE K530i from Lucky Draw!

Yeah.. I have to be happy for this la wei~ I never won any BIG prize from any of the Lucky Draw in these 25 years! And this is the 1st time I got the 2nd Grand Prize from a Lucky Draw!.. Oh yeah~ A SE hp model K530i!!! How about my K550i.. Sophia Siah, my sis is really happy as well cos she gets that from me as the Christmas Gift!.. LoL

11. Transfered to Offline Team

This is another excited news!.. After almost 2 years of answering calls every day.. I have the chance to transfer to the 2nd level of my job function.. Investigation Team which we called it as Offline Team!!.. Hehe.. So, what I do now? Handle cases that CSOs could not solve at the 1st call.. Handle complaints.. Handle difficult and demanding customers.. LoL It's more stressful but and more challenging but I love it!..

12. Christmas Trip of SoLoBies @ Singapore

Singapore again? This time is more special.. SoLoBies trip of Christmas to Singapore!!.. This time really happy cos all SoLoBies in Singapore branch supported my expenses!!! OMG! I am just so touched to have them as my friends.. Love them much!!! =D

So, that's my Goodies.. What about yours? Hopefully, you have as much goodies as possible too in 2007.. And what's next? Wish you all Happy New Year 2008!!! More good things coming and bad things ciao-ing!!!! Yeah~~

Jason Siah
2.27pm 31st December 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~Christmas with J'sFamily..~

It was a great nite with my family.. LiFu wanted to treat us a dinner as he has just got his 1st salary from his new job~ So, we went to The Curve and we had a nice and pleasant dinner @ Kim Gary.. Haha!.. Eventhough it's not what expensive or high-standard dinner but yet, it's very much enjoyable to spend time together with family..

Right after the dinner.. We take a walk at The Curve.. The environment is so so nice.. And I just have to grab this opportunity to take more pic with my family.. We seldom take pic together.. So, tonite.. It's considered a lot especially for my parents.. Cos they dun really fancy in camwhoring like their son!.. Wahahaha!..

The environment in The Curve is really nice.. The Christmas tree.. Snowman.. And decorations of Christmas is just too fun and excited!.. Really happy to be there.. Well, I have not visited other shopping malls in KL except One U.. So, I definitely think The Curve is the best!.. Haha~ =P

Merry Christmas from J's Family..

Jason Siah
11.53pm 27th December 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

~Peaceful Merry Christmas..~

What a Christmas Eve?! Initially, my plan for this year Christmas eve was as well just stay at home and have a peaceful night.. So, not thinking to go anywhere.. Rest at home.. And by the time of almost 5pm, I went to fetch my mum.. Suddenly, it was so dark!.. And started to rain!.. When I reached my mum's workplace.. It rained like cats and dogs!!!!... Very scary..

In just 15 min, I could see flood everywhere~ Then, it was so jam to the way back home.. 1 hour gone.. When reached home, no electricity!!!!.. After taking my dinner, I went to my aunt's house with my mum.. And started to plan to go out! But.. Rawang was having a very bad traffic everywhere.. Due to the rain.. The flood and as well a serious accident where one BIG tree has TUMBANG!.. I could not even get out from Rawang!.. So, I can onli go back home..

Ya... Stil no electricity but what to do? I could not go out.. So I slept @ 11.30pm and the electricity was UP only this morning at 7am!!!!.. Dammit!.. So, this is my Christmas eve.. And today.. Christmas Day.. I just stay at home whole day.. Resting well.. Tomolo is another working day.. This year Christmas.. Just too peaceful.. How about yours?

Merry Christmas!..

Jason Siah
10.22pm 25th December 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

~Singkapoh Trip with SoLoBies..~

of 2007 is around the corner.. Supposingly, SoLoBies have Christmas Trip every year.. And this year, the plan is to Singkapoh.. Too bad.. Most of the KL Branch SoLoBies could not make it this time.. Left me and Bai from KL branch to visit SoLoBies in Singkapoh..

Sorry that I really have no spare time to update my blog just like previously.. But I will come back with more stories, feelings and experiences to share~ =D And now.. Just to share.. I will be going to Singkapoh tonite!!!!.. By what? Not flight.. Not bus.. BUT Train!.. And.. I will take the train directly from Rawang to Singkapoh!.. Time of departure is at 9.30pm tonite and guess what time I shall reach Singkapoh? Tomolo @ 8am!.. Hmm.. Yes, almost 11hours! Haha~ I have no idea what kind of NIGHT that I would go through tonite!.. Hopefully, I can manage it well with my itchy skin.. Why itchy skin? This story will be shared after I come back from Singkapoh~ Very teruk!.. =(

Anyway, I am very happy now as I am already counting down to Singkapoh and I will be on leave until after Christmas!.. Eventhough now my feeling is excited mixed up with not excited (due to my skin) but still.. I am so so looking forward to this trip as I will be seeing SoLoBies @ Singkapoh whom I miss realllllly a lot!..

Till then~ See you guys next week.. Happy Holiday to everyone!.. Love you all.. Muaks!

Jason Siah
6.07pm 21st December 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

~Busy = Sibuk..~

Last week was my 1st week in Offline Team.. And I have started to feel the pressure + challenge of the exciting job~ It is definitely not an easy task at all!.. But I am still happy to be transfered as this is challenge for me to learn more new things in the organization..

But.. I am also 200% busier than previous time!.. Haha.. Real hard to explain but really busy.. Just this word.. BUSY.. =P Anyway, I am enjoying it!..

Just back from Melaka.. Department trip.. Damn tired.. Hope to get more time to blog.. As for now.. Just these craps!.. =D

Jason Siah
8.50pm 16th December 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

~10th December 2007..~

After 1 year and 10 months of working as Customer Service Officer in Online Team.. Tomorrow is the day of my transfer to Offline Team!!.. So, what is Online and what is Offline? Okie.. For almost 2 years, my daily job is.. Answering calls from 9am to 6pm.. Giving one-stop solutions or information to Business Banking Customers' inquiries.. If I could not solve it at that particular time or I have insufficient information to provide to customer, I have to pass the case to the Offline Team which is.. Investigation Team.. So, tomorrow onwards I will be in this team!.. Doing new job.. Handling cases.. More exciting and interesting.. More challenging for sure!..

Am I scared? Of course! But after 1 year plus of the same job.. It's time for me to take a new challenge and new change!.. I am hoping for better career!!.. Hope I can deal with the job and enjoy it~

My New Team Leader..

My New TeamMate..

Jason Siah
12.20am 10th December 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

~TeamBuilding @ Cameron Part 3..~

Yeah~ It's the Lucky Nite of Jason Siah!.. That's me!.. This is the Pyjammas Nite~ All of us are required to wear Pyjammas to the Dinner.. But kinda disappointed cos a lot of ppl did not wear Pyjammas!.. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves very much as almost all of us wearing Py!.. Only Kartek & Calvin (I still don't take tat as Py ya bro!) not wearing one!.. Why I was lucky that nite? As you all noe.. I won a SonyEricson Handphone from the Lucky Draw of the nite lor! It was the 2nd Grand Prize.. Ya, not that cool for 2nd Grand Prize but for me.. More than enough!.. =D Appreciate it very much!

Both Jasons are excited!..

AhYeong & Jay..

What can we do with Pyjammas then? Nothing much than taking pic lor!.. Haha.. We were happy with our IMAGE of the nite as we look decent and cute in Pyjammas.. Besides than taking pic.. Makan is the most important thing lor.. Lucky draw was one of the activities of the nite.. Well, some of us drink beer too!.. Jay & AhYeong were so "natural" high after drinking!.. U can see from their pic.. Haha!..

Top10 Winners!!.. J & J..

All act cute lor.. Can get towels somemore..

Most of us got something to bring home~ Poor Naz & Jay.. =P This round the Lucky Draw prizes are soooooo much Interesting.. We have Fan.. Not big one.. TorchLight.. Small one as well.. RM10 Voucher!.. Yes, only RM10!.. Tupperware & Bottle.. Plastic punya ya.. Towels!.. Hmm.. Interesting huh? Haha.. Well, I am lucky enough to get the Top 10 prize.. Same goes to JyaHui.. She got a Mp3 Player.. Not bad la tat one! 2G somemore!.. Hehe~

Yamseng with water/tea also can!!!!!!

We really enjoyed much that nite.. AhYeong & Najwa were nominated to rebut The Most Colorful & The Sexiest Pyjammas.. So that have to "catwalk" on the stage.. We were all so excited about that.. Eventhough they din win but yet, I believe that they enjoy themselves too!.. The food is not bad.. The most important thing is this time, we do not need to take the food ourselves but being served one by one.. That's cool!.. And not forgetting camwhore!!!!! Especially with Pyjammas on!... Hehe~ Overall, it was a great nite!.. **Blink blink~

13 of us were in Cameron!..

Look at our TeamLeader.. Soooo Highhhh.... =P

Jason Siah
10.45am 7th December 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

~TeamBuilding @ Cameron Part 2..~

BOH Ada Umphh!!.. Is that what you have in mind when talk about BOH!.. Teambuilding @ Cameron of course we would have Teambuilding activities lo.. But this year, the activities are kinda soft.. Just simple activities with nice view.. 1st station, as u can see.. BOH tea farm~ Hmm.. When we got here, the 1st thing was to get our free drinks!.. And I can tell you.. BOH is really sedap la wei.. Especially drinking in early morning on the hill~~ Cooling yet warm.. Wow!.. =P

The place is nice as it's up hill.. We need to check out the boards and information along the way to answer few questions provided to us.. So, our 1st activity was just too nice and comfortable.. After the drink, we walked around reading and looking for information.. The history.. The type of tea.. The process.. Yada yada yada.. =P

We definitely have fun in this 1st station.. It's just too comfortable and easy I guess.. Haha!.. Moreover, met with few of BBCSC colleagues here so we walked together eventhough we are not from the same group though!.. Taking pictures and chit chat along the way..

Left: Man behind the successful woman..
Right: Woman behind the successful man.. (Mana da woman?!)

We met and we grab pic..

After the comfortable looking-for-answer station.. We continue to proceed.. 2nd station where it involves ACTION!.. Pipe Blowing~~ It's located right below the BOH tea farm so we need to walk from the BOH.. Along the way, we could as well enjoy the nice and picturesque view.. Not to waste it.. We taken some pic along the way.. Talk about Pipe Blowing.. 1st time trying this game.. It looks damn easy.. But actually it's damn hard.. This proves.. Not all the ppl can blow well~ >.< Wahahahaha! =P

U must be careful when blowing the pipe..

The models are not important anymore as the grenery is greater!..

Look like smoking pulak!.. Haha..

That's the 2 stations in the morning session.. Then we makan lunch and continue with another stations.. I only managed to take pic in the 3rd station which is in the Cactus Farm.. We need to create landscape using the cactus and some colorful small stones.. But I did not capture the pic of our landscape here cos it's not nice!.. So honest hor? hahaha.. Another 2 stations were the Vege Farm and Strawberries Farm.. We harvested Lettuce & Lobak.. And grow baby strawberries.. Ya, no pysical strawberries involved in the whole process.. So no pic can be shown.. But can see alot of cactus lor~~~~ =P

This is obviously not cactus ba!..

Well, not to elaborate more on the activities.. Frankly speaking, I din really have fun IF we refer to the Teambuilding activities.. Except the 1st Station!.. Memang BOH ada Umphh!!.. Yang lain.. So disappointing.. Anyway, we did enjoy among ourselves.. Hahaha~ Syiok sendiri!.. Jay & I were in the same batch all the way.. So, we have companion lor.. Double J's~ Haha!

So fast Christmas oo!..

The Tall vs The Short..
Anonymous vs AhYeong..)

Stay tune for the most exciting activity of all~~ Our Pyjammas Nite!.. =P The nite I won a SonyEricson handphone lo!.. Haha~~ Exciting and interesting!..

P/s: Kinda busy lately.. Hard to visit blogs.. Sorry guys!.. Will catch up soon!..

Jason Siah
10.14am 6th December 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007

~TeamBuilding @ Cameron Part 1..~

Last year, we went to Melaka and came back like an Indian guy.. Cos I became darker!.. LoL This year, they found a better place.. With cooling weather and nice environment~ The Famous Cameron Highlands!.. This year TeamBuilding is really a worth-while trip for us!.. Well, we have half of our department (BBCSC) going up the hill and we all enjoyed ourselves real much in the whole process including the time going up by the Mercedez Van.. TeamBuilding activities which provided us the chance to see the beautiful scene in Cameron, the history and process of BOH Tea, pipeblowing skill, planting Cactus, harvesting as well as growing baby Strawberries.. Not forgetting about the Pyjammas Dinner and the exciting Lucky Draw Session!.. As well as the time and moment that we, ourselves enjoyed together.. Hmm.. Interesting? Stay tune.. Hehe!..

Just now I did mention about Mercedez Van right? Yes, we got the priority.. Because we were the only ppl who working during that Friday while other Business Banking Division staffs were happily going up hill early morning!.. We still have to work till 6pm as usual and then we took the Mercedez Van provided by the Committee to directly depart from Cyberjaya office to Cameron Highlands..

If you ask me anything special with this Mercedez Van? I would tell you.. NO.. NOT AT ALL.. Just that it is a Van that could squeeze more than 10 ppl in it.. That's it!.. Nothing much more special about this.. We still felt the dizziness and starry-starry moment during the way turning up hills with the Initial D driving skill of the Mr Driver!.. Dammit~ Luckily we did have fun in the Van itself.. I was joking around to make everyone laughed and laughed.. Hehe! I like to be the joker somehow~ And we picnic in the Van as well~ Junk food and drinks were not lacking at all!.. =P

Before departing, David and Meilin (Not going) sent us to downstairs~ Haha!.. Real funny!.. Just like sending us off to somewhere very FAR.. In fact, for them, it was just like any ordinary weekend.. Not seeing us for 2 days and will be seeing us again on next Monday~~ =P

Upon reaching, we were being informed to proceed to the 3rd level of the hotel and meet the Committee there for registration.. There, we found a board with all the names on it.. They have already divided us into few groups.. All of us was being separated into different groups of course.. And where was I? Harrods Gang wor!..

The names of the groups this year were being set as Brand of Costumes such as Prada.. Disney.. Gucci.. GAP and others~ We got our tags and shirts.. Then we proceed to check-in to the hotel.. They have prepared supper for us.. So, we proceed to the Cafeteria of the hotel to enjoy or food.. The food was okie and we finished it fast as we were all so tired..

Tomorrow.. Another day awaiting us.. With all the activities ahead.. Sleeping is important.. Stay tune..

Jason Siah
9.20pm 2nd December 2007