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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~Still Remember Templer's Park?..~

Really long time never go to this place already.. Still remember the last time I went to Templer's Park was during Form 3.. If I am not mistaken.. With G Triple.. Hahahaha!.. Really nice to come back.. The place is still the same.. Just more crowd now.. Cleanliness.. I think still the same.. The water still cooling.. Mosquitoes.. Still BABI!.. Hahaha~ This time, being invited by Colin and Simon.. 1st time I could be the reference point for direction to some where!.. Never been though~ Normally I am the 1 who lost!.. Wahahahaha~

We started with a long way of climbing!.. I called it climbing as it's really tiring for me!.. Haha~ We have to choose a higher point as there was so much crowd tat day.. We must find a spot which has nobody at all and we can enjoyed ourselves much much!.. Pic above refers.. We started there with calm and cool condition.. Chatting in the poo-poo.. Then we started to get SPLASH with everyone!!!.. And of course.. Last but not the least.. We got CRAZY lor!.. It's definitely FUN though!.. =D

At last.. Just 1 word to describe lor.. WET!.. What else leh? Hehe~ But we really enjoyed ourselves very much.. It's called picnic.. So, we brought some food.. We have Nasi Lemak.. Currypuff.. Indomee.. Kuih-muih.. Drinks and even Roti Canai!.. Yeah~ We enjoyed the food and played games inside the water.. Wat games? No need to elaborate la.. Then we take some time for picture sessions.. I feel really happy to have the chance to enjoy the time with them.. The laughters.. Enjoyment.. Fun.. All there!.. =D

Brian (Left): Apa mau buat?

Brian: Masih tak tau apa mau buat!..

At first, we really did not take much pictures.. I thought they are not camwhore~ So, I din dare to really ask for everyone to take pic as I usually do.. Mana tau~ After picnic activities, we started to get short-short.. Just look at the pic.. Body Balance la.. Body Jam la.. All came out~ Hmm.. Luckily they din say wanna do Body Combat~ Sei bei hui dei tei!.. Hahaha~ But well, we really enjoying ourselves la.. Being sampat~ hehe!.. Really Jam-maniacs!..

Of course, not forgetting all the group pic lor.. Thanks for those who hold the camera and snapped the pic for others.. And thanks to ANONYMOUS for taking pic for us as well.. I bet they sure ask 1 question.. Hmm.. 1st time see so many guys picnic together hor?!.. LoL Well, my 1st time as well.. =P

A fun, enjoyable, happy, excited, relax and thrilled day!.. Thanks all..

Jason Siah
11.25am 3rd February 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

~Welcome to Olivia & Hapi Bday JJ..~

A very exciting nite for all of the SoLoBies and of course for Mummy JingYee la!.. Hehe~ Bcos it was the nite of her baby, Olivia's full moon party!.. Yeah.. I am so happy to at last could see our KaiNui, Olivia Gan.. She is just so adorable and cute!.. Hehe~ But too bad, I dare not to carry her cos she is still so soft and looks fragile.. So, with the help from Bai carrying her, I still managed to grab the chance to take a picture with her!.. =D

The nite was of course happening.. Crowded with JingYee Mummy's friends and family.. Met some old frens as well~ And it was actually Joel's birthday!!!.. So, JingYee Mummy bought a cake for her non-KamLan JiMui~ Hehe!.. We celebrated Joel's birthday in the kitchen!.. All of us squeezed into it and sing the song for her~ Still, we enjoyed it very much though! Hope the birthday gal has enjoyed herself as well!..

SoLoBies the proceeded to WongKok, SS2 for our 2nd round where we fetched Joce from MidValley to join us as well!.. We had our great nite chatting and SoLoBi-ing as usual.. We ordered some food to crunch and a BIG TEH BING for sharing!~ How BIG!??? Look at it yourself!.. hehe.. It only be ordered if you have anyone birthday on that particular day.. So, courtesy from Joel lor.. hehe.. Besides, we as well celebrated birthday for Joce.. Joel, of course IN as well lor!..

Ya.. This is the 1st activitiy of 2008!.. And we are looking forward to many many more of course!.. SoLoBies are still the same.. Busy.. But always crazy!.. So, look out for more entries about SoLoBies gatherings and events!.. =D

I just love to say this..

Jason Siah
10.24pm 26th January 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

~Last Gathering of 2007.. G Triple..~

OMG! This is so late and so slow!.. Hahaha~ It's supposed to be last year's post!.. Now only I managed to squeeze some time to update my blog.. But still, not too free for longggggg story. Thus, make it short!.. haha~ Okie, this is the last activity of 2007 for me!.. It's a gathering with my secondary schoolmates, G Triple!..

In conjunction with Evelyn's birthday.. We bought a cake for her and of course we celebrated with her lor.. She has this Red Wine (fruit juice la!..) for herself to POP!.. Haha~ Happy Birthday Gal!..

I feel so paiseh myself to share about this.. Exchanging gifts!.. Ya, this is actually our Christmas Gathering too!.. Haha~ I noe Thaipusam is already coming but I am still updating about Christmas.. Sorry lor.. =P As the conclusion, all the gifts are good and we all like it!.. =D

I got a PIGGIE tabung and I just love it so much!.. Hehe~ More money to be saved ma! LoL Anyway, we are actually happier that we can still attend to this gathering and we still have each other in our hearts.. This is most precious thing.. =D

Not forgetting to congratulate Joe aka Wong Lai for her good news!.. Getting married lu!.. And that's our bride!.. =D Match ma?

Yeah.. This is G Triple!.. How do we get this names? Once upon the time.. Haha~ During our secondary school in fact.. We are just crazy like hell~ So, we called ourselves GILA~ And we are just too GILA until we must times 3! So.. It becomes G TRIPLE!.. LoL Ya ya.. We cant come out with a better name ok? We were just Form 3 la... =P

Jason Siah
4.26pm 21st January 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008

~I Love SoLoBies..~

Look at us.. Very Cold like tat.. Well, we were actually damn hot at that time BUT we still SoLoBi.. We wear like we were in UK or somewhere which realllly COLD!.. Wahahaha~ SoLoBi rite? Ya, that's us!!!.. This is actually how we celebrated Christmas this year.. I went to Singkapoh to celebrate with them!!!!! I am really really happy and excited about this trip!.. Cos, it has been planned, talked, discussed, chatted for so so long.. At last, we made it for Christmas!..

As you can see.. This update has a lot of pic!.. Yeah, I just love those pictures! Haha.. I already tried my very best to squeeze all these into 20 pic.. Lol Okie, my journey in fact started @ Rawang.. Hehe.. I took train to Singkapoh from Rawang directly! Yes!.. It took me 10 hours to reach there ok? Haha.. But only spent RM32~ =P No hassle no queueing no jam!.. However, 10 hours.. Erm.. really not everyone can bear with it though! I reached Singkapoh Tanjong Pagar station at about 7.30am.. Beloved Joel came to fetch me and brought me back to her house.. Then we proceeded to have our breakfast @ Katong Mee!.. It's a very special mee there in Singkapoh.. This is according to Joel la.. Haha!.. But it was really not bad~ Very nice indeed!.. Then, we met with Abu at Joel's house again and we proceeded to have a drink in McD.. Before that, we walked by the beachside and chitchatted.. Then we hv a Mocha in McD.. Before we going to Bugis for our next station!!!!

We have done and seen alot in Bugis!.. We walked by all the stalls to look out for some nice and economy souvenirs.. Hehe~ We as well bought some angpaos.. We touched touched the "FattChoy God".. We went into the Chinese Temple and taken pic outside the Indian Temple.. LoL Abu even taken off her few "tahi lalat"!.. Haha!.. Actually, we were waiting for Bai.. We met up there and after those shoppings and camwhore.. We proceeded to next station again for our lunch and to meet up with our beloved Jocelyn whom actually off from work at 2pm!!!..

We had our nice lunch at.. I dunno where~ Haha.. Then Joce joined us.. We window shopped a while in the shopping complex.. We walked quite a lot that day.. And it was actually raining!.. But never affected our good mood!.. We walked and walked and walked.. I also dunno why we walked so much.. Then.. Oo~~ It's Singkapoh Culture to walk so much okai??.. Wahahhaa! Just kidding.. We went to Orchard Road for our next station.. We wanna sing K!.. And meet with another Beloved SoLoBi.. Mimi, YarChing of course!!.. But before that, we really had fun along the way.. Even in the MRT.. Along the road.. And in the shopping complex!.. haha~ I like the most was when we were on the way to the K-Box.. Along the road.. My Gosh.. Too many things to be seen.. We hv taken pic with the nice and christmas-style roadstyle design.. And of course.. We bought ice-cream!!!.. It was really nice~

Then, we went to K-Box!!!.. And met with YarChing!.. We had a damn long and nice K-session!.. 4 hours + I guess~ We sang alot.. Eat alot.. Fat tin alot.. Take a lot of pic.. Haha.. Just so so nice!.. YarChing and Bai even Danced a lot!.. More than everyone else.. Of course.. This is the first time we see Abu dancing as well.. So da jeng la Abu~~ Hehe!.. We had a crazy time together and enjoyable too!.. It was just too too nice.. Thrilled and excited to be with SoLoBies.. We just could enjoy ourselves anywhere anytime!.. Hehe~ After the long and exhausted hours of singing K.. We would like to continue our night with the happiest moment!.. Exchanging gifts!.. We decided to gather at YarChing's place.. So, we went back home respectively and taken shower, packed our things and we gathered again at her place..

It was DongZhi that nite.. So, they have made TongYuen themselves to eat.. Really jeng.. Feel so warmth!.. Hehe.. And then, of course, our main session!!! Exchanging Gifts!!!.. Not going to elaborate more on the process.. As the conclusion, we were all very happy and we had a fun night!.. After exchanging gifts, they of course have a drink!.. Wine I mean.. I din drink la.. Not ngam me.. Hehe.. After drinking.. They started to get crazy.. Talking Rubbish.. Doing nonsense things~~ I am not going to elaborate as well.. If not, will be killed by them! Haha.. Anyway anyhow.. We enjoyed the nite so so much!!!!!!

This is really a wonderful trip for me in 2007.. Eventhough it was just a 1-day trip.. Short yet enjoyable! Very nice to spend time with SoLoBies.. Especially this time, we were in Singkapoh.. I would like to take this chance to thank all of them especially to those that in Singkapoh branch.. Joel.. Abu.. Joce.. YarChing.. and last but not least, Julian.. For their hospitality and warmth.. Thanks for supporting all my expenses.. I feel so so touched!.. Until now, I still feel so touched about that!.. Special thanks to Joel as she was the one who fetched me from the station and entertained me since beginning till the end of the trip!.. Thanks Not forgetting to thank Joel~~Bai.. For the companion.. Love you all so much!.. Hehe..

And now.. 2007 has gone.. 2008 is here.. I wish all of us will be as good as possible!.. We will do fine in all the areas of our life!.. Career.. Love.. Friendships.. Family.. Financial.. Everything.. May God Be With You All Always..

Happy New Year 2008!!..

Jason Siah
10.34pm 6th January 2008