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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

~Practice with Challenges!.. Yes, We are Busy!..~

Another thing about this Miracle RUSH competition is that each team needs to prepare a 5-minute performance for our finale!.. And of course, with our very professional choreographer, Mr Simon as 1 of The Thorns.. We definitely gonna have the chance to learn a new dance!!!.. Oh yeah baby! I guess, I would be the most excited and enthusiastic members of the team!! Why?? I just LOVE dancing sooooooo much and it has really been a while since the last time I got the chance to involve in a stage performance!!.. The last one was during my Uni time and it's Chinese Cultural Dance.. Yes, I am serious!.. Don't ask me why and how I managed to do that!.. =P

Mari mari.. Ambik gambar sambil Menari!..

Kk: Apa nie?!?!? U salah ke I salah?.. Ish..

Kk: Macam inilah betul!!.. =P

So, we started the practice quite early in the beginning of the whole competition.. We practiced really hard as only me and Simon are involved in stage performance before.. The other 3.. Yes.. But not dancing performance.. So, the very first concern of our Mr Choreo is the CHOREO itself!!!.. Well, after long consideration and 'design' from Simon.. We have got to this very HipHop dance!.. And frankly speaking, I just LOVE it from deep inside my heart.. Damn Good Simon!!.. Damn good..

Combat with Sweeeeeee~~

We still have Challenges to go for!.. This round Body Combat~ Well, Simon is very excited as he likes Swee's class and we got hers of course!.. It is fun and tiring!.. And for sure, we managed to accomplish the task!!!.. Well.. A very interesting phenomenon which is happening in our team is that.. We are busy with our practices and Challenges for this Miracle event.. However, we never forget to enjoy ourselves too!!.. We did manage to catch up with our friends (The RATTs' Supporters) for movie!.. After movie, we definitely need some time to sit down and have a great chat with each other!.. =D McD is our choice this time!.. Some pictures to visualise.. =D

Brian has a new Haircut!
Patrick still smiles without showing teeth!!

Cute ke?.. =P

In this post, would like to share another Challenge with you guys.. This is definitely NOT my cup of tea!.. RPM Challenge!!! Haha~ So scary!.. But still, we have to go for it right?? Too bad.. That day was the day our very "beloved" PM announcing on the increment of petrol's price and it caused the entire country to fall into a f**king-jam place!!!.. Everywhere was jam that day and it was really quite a "memorable" day for me!.. I was stuck in the bus towards Kelana Jaya LRT station as I need to take LRT to proceed to Asia Jaya for the Challenge!.. Unfortunately, as soon as the bus got out from Puchong exit (toll), the jam was sooooo bad until u could not even possibly imagine!.. AND I wanted to PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (**Okie.. I skip this part)

The Handsome Thorns in White..

By the time I reached!.. The Challenge has started and yes, it means that I have missed another Challenge!.. Anyway, all other 4 managed to participate in the RPM Challenge and I feel so proud of you guys!!!.. Salute!.. =D In this Challenge, we have to face our very 1st Road Block and it is Sudoku!.. Well, we do have ppl who indeed very good in Sudoku.. Thus, we managed to finish it within 15minutes and get the next clue!!.. Well, anyhow.. It was quite an experience for me.. Even tho I did not manage to join the Challenge but at least, I was there for morale support!!! Hahahahaha~~ (Ya Right.. So much of J's Morale Support huh?..) =P

The RATTs with Teoh!..

That's it for this time.. Again.. Wait for the next update.. I have another 2 very very very INTERESTING and FUN Challenges to share!.. =D Stay Tune..

Last but not the least, share 1 short video clip with you guys!.. This video clip was taken when we went to this Game Park @ Summit after our practice!.. I really love this video very very much!.. The Heroes, Colin & Kk showed how excited they could be in a simple but nice video game!.. Enjoy..~~~

Jason Siah

11.00pm 9th July 2008


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