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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~Fitness First Miracle 2008 RUSH Challenge..~

Well guys, please take a look at this post and also the blog I am going to introduce here. It is about the Fitness First Miracle 2008 RUSH Challenge.. What is this RUSH all about?

This is a competition organised by Fitness First to raise funds to benefit the residents of the KIRTARSH Handicapped and Disabled Childrens' Home at Rawang.

We have created a blog:

For the first part of the Rush '08 Challenge, teams need to complete a series of 9 Checkpoint Tasks which will take place across all FF Clubs in the Klang Valley. At each of the Checkpoint, a task needs to be completed, and in the case of the first two clues, the task is actually attending a group exercise class!

Upon completion of each class, for each member's attendance, a team will be given 10 points. If all 5 members turn up for the challenge, the team will receive a bonus of 10 points (overall 60 points) for the checkpoint.

Besides that, teams are also required to sell coupon books for the usage during the Grand Finale event. The coupons, in books of RM50 denominations each, can be used to redeem for New Release Launch Class Passes as well as a host of other goods such as foods and drinks during the final day. Teams will collect points for each booklet sold (50 points for each booklet) and the top 2/3/4 teams with the highest points at the end of the Rush '08 Challenge will qualify for the Grand Finals on the event finale.


At the Grand Finale, all qualified teams will put up a 5-minutes performance to boost up donations and collections from the general public. So don't miss this chance to see us performing, having fun, having some laughs while doing your part for charity! :)

Please Support Us!!!...

Jason Siah


  • At 12:24 AM, Blogger Danny said…

    proud of u..u will go to

  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger The J said…

    GJ.. Hehe~ Don say liddat~ Just have fun and at the same time.. Do my part of charity!.. Please support me!.. U can come join our Body Jam class! Buy 1 tix from me k? =D You will go to heaven too.. LoL



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