Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

~Singapore.. Here I come..~

It's kinda weird to tell ppl I get training in Singapore for my job.. What do I do? Basically, just answer calls.. I am working as Customer Service Officer.. Hehe~ But this time, it's really excited for myself to get the chance of going to Singapore for a training!! 3 nites 2 days.. Eventhough we have to attend the training from 9am - 6.30pm on both days, but still I am excited and thrilled to hv this chance.. At least, we can go out from Malaysia to have a training~ Inilah dipanggil Training yang betul betul~ Wahahaha!!

The training is only on Friday and Saturday.. But we will be going there tomorrow nite after working.. So, extra 1 nite to hang out there.. We will be flying there by MAS and back by SIA!! Gosh.. How rich is OCBC?! Haha.. We got SGD90 per day for allowance.. We got to stay in hotel.. I stay in 1 single room myself as I am the only guy for this batch.. Basically only 3 of us going la for the 1st batch~ Haha.. Since everything is being supported by the company.. Why not?? Just treat it as a short trip lor.. =P

Co-incidentally, KenZhu is there for business trip until Sunday as well.. So, gonna meet him there~ Abu, Shehway will be there too.. Jocelyn has started to work there.. Wow~ It seems like SoLoBies are really getting a GATHERING in Singapore itself! Haha.. That's a good sign.. We run out from Rawang.. Serdang.. Even Malaysia~

Will update about this Singapore Training-trip when I got back.. Then only will update about my best friend Goldfish & Kelvin's Wedding! Fly lu~~~~

Jason Siah

11.23pm 28th February 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

~Piggie New Year..~

This is always the time that I enjoy the most~ For all the festive seasons in Malaysia.. This would be the best for me since I was still a kiddo! Haha.. Chinese New Year.. Gong Xi Fa Cai.. Gong Hey Fat Choi.. Kiong Hi Kiong Hi.. LoL This year is the Piggie year.. As all knows.. Piggie is my favourite erm.. I don wanna call it animal.. Haha~ My favourite "cartoon".. So, in conjunction with the Piggie Year.. My house is being decorated by quite alot of Piggie things~ Haha.. So "PIG"..

I got a total of 10 days of holiday!! Will resume work on next Tuesday~ The 10th day of Chinese New Year! Almost end of the month.. It is great to know that! Haha~ And.. This update is mainly for the 1st day of the CNY.. As usual.. As previous years (we have practiced this for almost 8 years).. I will visit my secondary schoolmates for the whole day.. My house is always the 1st station.. Then we will go "bai nian" 1 by 1 to each other houses.. Wonderful.. Tiring.. Yet enjoyable~ Haha.. Eventhough this year, only Jit & Evelyn came to my house but still we enjoyed our day so much with others joining us after that.. **So good for my mum which she can save up some angpaus.. haha!

2nd station would be Cy's house.. Just right behind my house.. Easily reach there.. KYK and Suki joined us there.. With KenZhu as well.. We proceed to Ken's house after that.. Did not stop by Cherlyn's house again this year because of her non-hospitality.. Whatever.. Not in the mood to explain about this.. But for G-Triple, surely we would understand~ Vyan joined us here.. After a short stay in Ken's house.. We went to Evelyn's house.. Nice location.. Her house is so damn cooling.. Not HOT at all I mean.. Haha~ We had nice time there chatting and eating our "Lunch".. Taking pictures and then we proceed to last station.. Kundang.. Here, we have Vyan's, KYK's, Suki's and Jit's houses to be visited.. 1 by 1 as usual.. Haha~ After that, we decided to go for a movie in The Curve..

After taking dinner in KYK's house.. Thanks to auntie for the great and tasty vege food.. We went to The Curve.. Cy joined us here.. Really cannot miss this part.. The environment in The Curve is so damn nice! Cool man.. With all the great pinkie flowers decoration along the road and inside The Curve.. We took quite a number of pictures there! Enjoyed our time before we go for the movie.. Norbit~ What a funny and interesting movie it was!! And so suitable to be watched during CNY!! Cos.. It's just too funny and it brings a lot of laughters! =P A very nice end up for our 1st day of CNY.. We planned to yamcha after the movie.. But all of us were just too tired so everyone went back home right after that respectively............ Gong hey gong hey...

And what happened on 2nd day of CNY onwards?? Today is the 5th day.. For me.. It's still the same.. normal routine.. Bainian = Visiting friends or relatives' houses.. Getting angpaus.. Eating.. Gambling.. Day by day.. Do I gain weight? OF COURSE I DO!! Dammit! Wahahahahhaa!~~~

GoldFish's Wedding is at the corner.. The next update surely will be her Wedding!! Yeah..

~Gong Hey Fat Choi~

Jason Siah

12.25am 22nd February 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

~Farewell for SoLoBi Eh, Jocelyn..~

Dearest Jocelyn Ahnui..

Yesterday was a great nite spent together with you and other SoLoBies.. Eventhough we don have all the SoLoBies to make this Farewell more happening but I believe we still enjoyed our time and moments together very much.. It has been such a long time since the last 1 SoLoBies had a Singing K session together~ If I am not mistaken, the last 1 would be Juit's Last Year's Birthday celebration!!! Back to April 2006 man~ Almost a year!!! No wonder yesterday we were so HIGH la.. Haha! The songs that we sang, most of them are your favourites~ It was your DAY~ On YOUR CALL for sure~ Cos you are the G Gok ma~ Hehe.. Hoi sam mou? I think we were very mixed up yesterday.. Excited but sad.. Happy but mm seh dek~ Ngam mou? Especially when we sang the song of "Seh bet dek nei".. Really gam dong~ All suddenly "seong fung" tim~~~~

Met up with that 2 feilous after that.. The yamcha session eventhough is a bit slow and dull but still, I enjoyed the time we just sat there and talked nonsense~ Haha.. It was like last time when we were still in UNITEN.. Always yamcha till "sam gang bun yeah".. Very da shuang~ Haha! Just that now we cant drink till early morning and continue to BakKutTeh in Klang la.. Die oo!! =P

1st time staying overnite @ ur place there in Bukit Jalil~ Initially plan to have pillow talk with you but we all FAILED~ Haha.. Really cannot tahan already.. After a long working day + our Sing K and Yamcha Session.. We must give some rest to our eyes, mouth, heart, mind and brain! So, we slept~~~ Haha.. Till this morning.. We wake up so early to have breakfast together.. I am very happy actually cos 1st time could have such DimSum as breakfast with SoLoBies before going to work~ A lot of 1st time.. But I guess also the last time.. Aih.. Since you are leaving to Singapore lu.. Also FLYAWAY.. Just like YarChing previously.. We all "seh bet dek nei" ar~~~

Pic take outside Joce's apartment..

I really would like to wish you "Yat lou shun fung".. Be heatlhy and happy always in Singapore~ I wish that your new job is a great 1 for you and you will hve a Wonderful time there earning SGD and spending double when you are back in Malaysia! Wahahaha~ Wishing you All The Biest from Deep inside my heart.. Wish everything goes fine for you and do miss us all the time as our wishes will always be with you all the time~ Do remember to email us or call us or even sms us when u are free to keep us update about ur condition there.. Wish all your colleagues will love you as much as we love you.. Wish that your "gam cheng" with "xiao ke ai" will improve day by day and LOVE is always in the air~ =D May God Bless You, My Dearest AhNui..

~Love you Forever de LouDou..~
Jason Siah
2.34am 17th February 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

~Thanks Intan..~

I was so happy yesterday (Monday) because at last, I got the chance to taste on the Famous Baskin Robin ice-cream!!! Thanks to my Dearest Puteri Intan~ Yeah.. Princess is my dearest friend whom I know since last 2 years when we were joining the same group of MDC Training Program~ We went to classes in MDC together.. And we enjoyed our time together in Cameron Highlands with LTP47!! And because of her, I got my current job~ =D So, she is my colleague now.. Hehe~ She is a very good friend and colleague of mine~ She is very kind-hearted, helpful and cute gal~ Eventhough sometimes a bit sensitive but I can see she is improving on that as well~ haha!

Now, I joined Fitness First, I will need to follow her car to FF whenever we want to go for releasing tension session~ Then she will treat me makan McD la.. KFC la.. Yaya, I noe, it's forbidden for ppl like us who go for Fitness First to KEEP FIT.. Kononnya la~ Haha~ but still, we will enjoy our time together eating, gossiping and dancing for sure! And yesterday, after the Body Combat session.. She said she wanna belanja me Baskin Robin!! Oh gosh~ So nice of hers! haha~ And this is first time got fren belanja me makan ice-cream la~ LoL So happy...

Ya, you can say that the Baskin Robin actually triggered me to blog about her .. But actually, without the Baskin Robin, she is already good and cute enough~ A very worthy friend to be known! =P But sorry.. She is not available anymore.. Hahaha~

Jason Siah
1.13am 14th February 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

~Tiring Weekend..~

I am so damn tired now!!! Haha.. Just finished cleaning my house as 1 of the steps for CNY preparation~ =P Eventhough my house is small.. But still.. Damn tiring to really work out on the cleaning job from this morning till just now!! And it's almost 5pm!! Just taken bath~ Feel so comfortable now.. Can online and update my blog as it has been really long time I never had a "real" update~ Wahahaha! I think I need to share out my emotion and feelings for this weekend~ Ya, undeniably, today is a damn tired day~ And thinking that tomorrow need to work again.. Triggered my Monday Blue feeling! No idea how to get rid of this.. Just born with it~ Haha! Never like Monday! =P Anyway, it's fun to have such a chance working together with my family.. Looking at my parents quarrelling with each other due to the air-cond is not working makes me feel so funny.. Ya, they are my Daddy and Mummy.. Always quarrel due to something so little.. Just that the remote control has run out of battery.. Liddat oso can quarrel.. LoL After cleaning.. Everyone is cleaning themselves.. Including me of course.. And now waiting for dinner time.. Wanna go makan KFC later!! =D Yeah...

Talking about tiring weekend~ Yesterday was a Bad Day for me~ I need to work half day.. Drove to Cyberjaya of course since Saturday not that bad.. I mean the jam.. Nothing to do there.. Just boring for 4 hours.. By right, every Saturday will go to Fitness First for Body Jam but really have no idea why yesterday's class had been cancelled.. So, I din go~ Received Juit's call asking me to meet him and Ken @ The Curve.. Since nothing to do.. So I promised to go.. But~~~ The farking jam is making me so freaking angry and frustrated!!! I was just too emotional to handle the JAM!! Haha.. I just could not bare with it! At last.. I decided not to go and just come back home~ Rawang is having the same problem.. Jam~ Especially the way to go back my house.. Really need to be patience.. The thing that I could not stand anymore is.. My own stupidity!! When I reached home~ I realized that I forgotten to bring my house keys!!!!! So, I have nothing to do but to drive out and look for my mum~~ In her working place.. There I just waited for her for another 2 hours.. And back home together..

Actually, it's nothing to be angry about~ Just some stupid jam and my own careless-ness.. But I just felt so damn angry and down! Of course, there was another "hidden" reason which I don really want to talk about over here~ Just feel that.. It's so so scary when everything comes to you together at the same time and you could not even control 1 of them! Including your own emotion!!! That was the most tiring thing!! I am not sure why I could be so damn down.. Maybe really because of my own-self~ Which could not control my own emotion well.. And make myself feel frustrated for everything that happened yesterday~ Anyway, it's over now and I am very ok now.. Just feel really tired physically and mentally.. BUT.. After this week.. Gonna have a week holiday for CNY!! Yeah...

Gong hei gong hei!! Wan lou kam? Wan angpao? Come visit me! Wahahahhaa! =P

Jason Siah
5.03pm 11th February 2007

Sunday, February 04, 2007

~Michelle Yeoh Rox!!!~

Oh My God!! I am so farking happy to find these 2 advertisements~ So the farking LOVE Michelle Yeoh!! Haha.. She is my idol since I was a kid.. Till now!! I am still loving her~ Hehe.. So looking forward to her new movies.. Eventhough I am more into her fighting action-packed movies but still, I am her true fan~ Will love all her movies.. =D

I guess I need to dedicate an update about her.. Hmm.. Think about it.. Hehe! As for now.. Enjoy the advertisements! Damn cool!!! Michelle Rox!!

Jason Siah

11.55pm 4th February 2007

~Congratulations GoldFish..~

Just feel like updating this 1st part of my fren's wedding video.. Babies and Kids part.. Dunno how is it? But it's really not easy to get to this output.. haha~ Still have many PARTS to go oo!!! So rush!!! =P

Anyway, just to share this with u guy... =D

Jason Siah

4th February 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Don think will update my blog for these few weeks.. As I am now have to rush for my good friend, JingYee's wedding video.. As for right now, I only managed to finish the 1st part~ Aiya.. Still have several to go~ But I have no more idea on how to do it lor~ Deng~

My company connection really driving me nuts lately.. Blocked everything and lately, I cant even view my own blog!! Dammit~ Yesterday found out that I could use FireFox to online.. Who knows.. Only for few hours.. Then cannot ald.. Haih~ Really need to be that tight meh??? Deng~

Today is Thaipusam.. Supposed to sleep @ home now.. But I hv to come to work~ Cos there are several stupid kecit miao branches still open!!! Oh gosh~ I miss my BED now.. Deng~~

Haha~ Too many DENGs already.. But cant do much~ Have to go on.. Just feel damn boring now cos couldn't browse my own blog! So weird~~ =P

Okie then.. So, boring now.. Nothing to write already.. Tat's all.. Tata~ =P

Jason Siah

9.58am 1st February 2007