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Monday, March 26, 2007

~3 Most..~

This tag is very interesting.. 3 most.. What is 3 most..? Basically, we are being asked to nominate or choose 3 friends which under one particular criteria~ I have taken some time to look for pictures and edit them.. kinda interesting to make all those pic.. Hehe~ So now, do enjoy and let's see my 3 most FRIENDS.. =P

3 Prettiest Friends..

I choose 1 of my "OLDEST" friend.. Joe Wong.. Know her since Form 1.. Another 2 are my UNITEN friends.. LooYee & Yarching.. The reason of choosing 3 of them is because they are NOT ONLY pretty outside but also inside.. =D What do you think? Cantik ke tak? Hehe~

3 Most Handsome Friends..

As what you can see from the pic, ya, they are damn handsome.. How can ppl be handsome like them?? Haha.. My new friend Ocean Tan.. My good Brother.. WaiBoon & another blogger, Dan~ Look at that~~ Yish.. So handsome.. So jealous.. Haha~

3 Craziest Friends..

Crazy.. How to define crazy wor? For me.. I will define it as SoLoBi lor.. Hehe~ In our gang, SoLoBies.. The 3 most SoLoBies' SoLoBi for me would be SoLoBi Bai, Kaiwei.. SoLoBi Hai, Claire.. & SoLoBi Eh, Jocelyn.. Haha~ How SoLoBies they can be ar? This one u must EXPERIENCE yourself lo~ =P Buzz me if u wanna know them.. I intro.. Haha!
3 Best Friends..

Wow wow wow~ I only can choose 3?? Haha~ I think I have more than that for sure.. But if really need to choose.. Definitely must be them! Just now ald been nominated as the 3 Most Handsome Friends.. My God Brother.. Wai Boon.. Eventhough we know each other just for few years.. But he is really a good friend.. Like brother.. Very caring and nice person indeed.. Another 2.. Of course that 2 FeiLous that I have known for more than 11 years lor~ Haha.. We sama-sama gone thru PMR, SPM.. Sama-sama gone to UNITEN.. Stay sama-sama for that 4 years.. =D If not best friends.. Sudah BUNUH each other lor.. Hehe~

Actually still have some 3 Most.. But I think these 4 are enough as I am damn lazy to edit so many pic.. Hahaha! =P

Jason Siah

10.54pm 26th March 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

~Mama's Bday..~

Haiya.. SoLobies are getting Older lor.. Hehe.. This round, our Mama Nick has reached his mid-20s! Hehe.. We celebrated his birthday in a Steamboat restaurant located @ Sunway.. I've forgotten the name of the restaurant.. It is not too bad but not too good as well.. Not much choices of food.. Dont even have the most basic MO GU for steamboat!! Adui~~ Pengsan.. But the chicken wing there is good! The funny thing is.. When is being served.. Everyone will be like the lalat.. Wuengwuengwueng.. Just a few SECONDs.. All Chicken wings GONE!!! Unbelievable~ Wahahahaha..~ And of course.. I must say very Thank you to Juit.. Bcos of him only we could have tasted the chicken wings for good.. haha...

Anyway, we did have a full DINNER together .. That night we have The Birthday Boy, Nick.. We have 2 HG guys, Juit & Kenzhu.. We have El-jie with Geok.. And of course Me lo.. Hehe~ We had great chat as usual.. Updating each other about what is happening around us.. Ken is going to Hongkong.. Oops.. He is in HONGKONG now! Cool.. Juit still the same.. Busy busy and busy.. El-jie is going to Spore for a new job soon~ Congratulations.. Geok is waiting to change a new job as well.. As for our Birthday Boy.. He is still the same.. According to him la.. hahaha.. Anyway, wish everyone has a good change and will pursue a good career~ =D

After having the dinner.. We head on to nearby McD for cut cake session.. hehe.. We thought that we would have a quick one but who knows.. After the session, we still continue chatting.. haha~ We really could not stop la I guess.. LoL Until all of us are so damn full after eating the cakes.. then only we realized, hei.. We still need to work next day and it's damn late already! hahaha~ So, we went back home respectively.. Hehehe...

Lastly, of course would like to wish Mama, Nick again.. Happy Birthday.. May all ur Dreams Come True.. Wish tat you could get the Life that you desire~ Bhappy Always! =D

Jason Siah
10.06pm 21st March 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

~Selamat Harijadi Tony!!~

Happy Birthday Tony!!! Another year older lo.. Wish you shang shang seng seng.. Always happy and healthy~ Wish you could find your lover as soon as possible la.. Get flying color result for your studies.. Also, hope all your WISHES come true.. May God Bless You..

Yeah.. It's the celebration for Tony~ This time we went for buffet @ Zipangu in Shangrila Hotel.. Erm.. Talking about the buffet.. The food there is nice.. Eventhough I am not a fan of Japanese food at all but still, I give point 4 out of 5 for it.. =D We had sushi.. All sorts of Japanese food.. Chocolate cakes.. Cheese Cakes.. Fruits.. Ice Cream.. Whoa~ It's a fruitful lunch, isn't it? But I din really eat too much~ This time I eat wisely.. Haha.. Just eat a little bit of this and little bit of that.. Cos don really wanna make myself too full this round.. I have been really FULL for the whole week~ Almost everyday got to eat so much! Haha.. This time buffet cost us RM50.60 per person.. Normally is almost RM100 but we have Jo's friend who really nice to sign the bill for us as she has 50% discount~ Yeah.. Tat is why.. The POWER of friends.. Haha.. =D

It has been such a long time since the last one I met with them~ Penang Trip till now!!! Gosh.. Really long time ago.. Haha~ That's why kinda happy and excited to see them~ Very nice to hang out with all of them.. And this round, I got to know our Kakak Stacy's bf!! Mr Gary.. A cute yet kinda quiet guy.. Maybe has not really get close ba.. =P Anyway, nice meeting another new friend.. We enjoyed the food very much.. Especially Shaz & Jack.. U noe what I mean.. Wahahhaa~ And chatting around.. Of course, not forgetting to camwhore la.. This is what we always do ma.. To CONCLUDE a gathering.. hehe.. I think everyone will agree with me..

We had the lunch till 3pm.. Taking pic for another hour.. I left them at about 4pm.. Need to rush back home to fetch my mum... Good son hor? Wahahhaa.. Perasan pulak.. As for them.. They continue the Saturday Fever to LowYat.. Er.. I am not sure actually but they went to meet with the Model, Christopher who having a photoshooting session somewhere arnd there as well.. Now.. Looking forward to meeting them soon.. We have plans already actually.. So, hopefully not to wait for long.. =P

Lastly, again.. Wish Tony.. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

P/s: How come I update this blog so fast?? I have promised to our XiaoMeiMei, Sylvia.. That is why I update this fast? Hehe..

Jason Siah
17th March 2007

~Specially Dedicated to Stevano..~

Nothing so special actually to be dedicated to our "Pioneer" in our dept, Mr Steve Soon Miaw Li aka Stevano.. Haha.. Just that it was kinda "mm seh dak" = Berat Hati to see him leaving us.. Or I should say FINALLY.. Haha~ He has been in this bank for more than 6 years for God sake! I believe it's really the time for him to move on to another environment and get more experiences for himself.. Do you agree, Mr Stevano? Why Stevano? He sendiri perasan he is damn Macho so he given himself that Name.. Yucks! =P

We had discussed for such a long time since the day he announced to us that he would leave us soon for this farewell dinner.. Until last Friday, we decided to make it in Italianies @ The Curve.. None of us tried before the food there.. So kinda looking forward to it.. But quite disappointing in terms of the food.. Only the dessert is good..

Not forgetting to mention, before going to the dinner, me and Intan followed Kak Kulin back to her mum's house to visit her son.. Fawwaz Danish.. Our God Son! Wahahhaa.. So da cute! We were damn happy and excited to see Danish.. He is just too cute and chubby~ Hehe.. Like mum like son.. So cute and really wish to hug him but I still dare not to do so.. Cos he is still small and not that strong yet.. Wait for another few months la.. Then I can hug and play with him ald.. Can look at the pic.. We are like a family.. Really treat her mum TAK ADE ke?? Hahahhaa.. Just kidding.. He is just too cute so we both could not bare with it to take pic with him.. LoL

Back to the dinner.. The night was full with GOSSIP~ Haha.. After all, what can a bunch of colleagues do when gather in such an environment? Gossip la besides that eating~ LoL We had a nice time Chatting and eating.. Of course, not forgetting taking pic with my presence! Haha~ I just cant get rid of the camera~ Camwhore! =P

Very happy can see our ex-colleague, Christine too.. With her hubby.. She looks so much prettier now than during the time she was with us.. I really mean it.. In fact, all of us agree on that.. She looks happier and more cheerful~ Hehe.. Maybe the FengShui of our office really not too ngam her la.. Now she is pregnant for.. erm.. If I am not mistaken 5 months.. Wish her and baby healthy safely.. =D

Lastly but not the least.. Of course need to dedicate some words to our HERO today.. Mr Stevano~ The Macho Guy~ These words are specially for you since you are leaving us very soon.. Leaving Malaysia somemore.. Still remember the 1st day I joined the company.. I have been arranged to sit beside you.. Eventhough I buddy with Kak Kulin but I did being affected by you a lot.. Haha~ Thank you so much for teaching these much of things to me! Thank you so much for being patience for my stubborness and everything.. Thank you so much for being a good colleague and good friend.. =D I really wish you to have a Bright and Great future in your coming job~ Wish that you will really like the job and you will have wonderful career advancement there! Of course.. Wish you could find ur lover in ShenZhen.. LoL Do miss us lots and lots.. We will miss you for sure.. The days without u.. I guess, it gonna be hard.. =P Take good care of yourself and May God Bless You.. Finally.. Do miss your Wife and Girlfriend too.. Who?? You know who la.. wahahhahahahaha~~

Jason Siah

1.16am 17th March 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

~Singapore Branch??~

As I said earlier.. Very surprisingly we can get the chance to be sent to Singapore for training~ The bank has bare all the fare for us to fly from Malaysia to Singapore.. 2 hotel rooms for 2 nites.. The trip was very ok actually.. Everything went smoothly.. The training.. The meet-up with SoLoBies.. Hehe.. The hotel is very luxury too.. Got OSIM massage chair somemore! Haha.. Cool~ The training provided food as well and the food was damn good!! Morning, 10am break, lunch, tea time.. Gosh~ All good food.. All you can eat! =P

The happiest thing for this trip of course is having the chance to meet SoLoBies in Singapore! We officially have a Branch of SoLoBies in Singapore now.. Hehe.. I din get the chance to meet Abu & her sister but still managed to meet up with Ken, Jocelyn & Julian.. The 1st night we did not go anywhere.. They came to Phoenix hotel to look for me.. They tried on the OSIM massage chair.. And then taken a few pic.. Ciao.. Left me alone in the BIG and luxury hotel.. I enjoyed myself with a good shower.. Good massage.. And then a sweet dream~~ =P The training is a full day training for both Friday & Saturday.. We only allowed to leave earliest @ 5.30pm..

2nd day, as planned, after the training.. I took the MRT to BUGIS and meet up with them.. Really shiok la to take MRT myself 1st time in Singapore.. Haha.. Eventhough it's damn convenient and easy but still a bit worried ma.. Since it's not my own place.. Hehe.. But luckily, I still managed to meet up with them in this shopping mall called SeiYu.. In cantonese, it sounds like Ikan Mati.. Wahahahaha.. We have a shop there.. Just a short while.. Ken bought some shirst while I bought 2 watches.. Hehe.. Not bad.. I mean the design and price are not bad~ Din buy anything else since was out of cash.. In fact, ald planned to come again soonest possible.. Haha~

We went to have dinner in dunno-wat-place.. A fast one.. Then we walked to MRT station.. But along the way, we had to go through a lot of places.. Haha.. The CNY Bazaar.. The place tat have delayed us.. We took pictures there.. A lot of pictures.. And bought some souvenirs too.. Very tiring but enjoyable.. We had great time there walking along the street and taking pictures.. Meanwhile chatting like crazy.. As usual.. SoLobies.. Haha! We taken pic with a GOLDEN TREE.. BIG Choi Shen.. Dragon Chair.. Ken even being Showered by Golden Paper.. Pengsan~~ After a long and sweaty walk, at last, we reached @ MRT station and went back respectively..

The entire trip is a bit rush and packed but still I did enjoy myself.. The only thing that bothers me the most is calling out or answering call~ So reluctant to do so man~ haha.. 1 min costs me RM1.50.. Call out or call in.. Gosh.. And when reached Malaysia, my both hp numbers have run out of credit lo~~ Really gek sim! Besides, this trip.. We are FULL all the time.. Due to the food provided by the Golf Club (Our training held in Legend Gold Club).. Good food.. Just couldn't resist! Wahahaha.. Another thing.. Very "xiasui"ly.. I did not know that in Singapore, there are no EXACT toll like in Malaysia.. Haha~ Really memperxiasuikan!!!! =P

Overall, it's a great trip.. Since it is free! Haha.. Cannot ask for more.. Hopefully, the next time I be there.. I can do a lot of shopping and walk around~ I believe it would be great!

Jason Siah
11.20pm 8th March 2007