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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~Life is Like a Joke.. Oh.. I mean LIFT is Like a Joke..~

Just back from Genting last weekend with J's Family.. Ya, right after Melaka trip last 2 week!!! So tiring.. But enjoyable~

Before sharing the enjoyable part of our Genting trip.. Let's share something more interesting first~ =P J's Family always have something to laugh about.. Not sure whether it's affected by our own surname.. Siah~ We always do something 'siah-sui'.. wahaha! I definitely have done numerous 'siah-sui' things that have been shared or not been shared here.. This is about all of us when we just reached to the Theme Park Hotel of Genting..

FYI, this Theme Park Hotel has a very weird design.. They have few blocks of hotels but not under the same building.. Different buildings connected to each other.. So, right after we check-in.. The hotel staff informed us that our hotel room is 5274.. And how to get there.. First, take the lift to 6th Floor.. Then turn left, walked straight all the way.. Passed by the tunnel / bridge.. Then take the lift to level 5th Floor (now we are at 7th Floor.. Weird right? Different building..) and proceed to our hotel room.. We managed to find our hotel room of course..

The thing is, when we wanted to go out..

**Conversation in the lift..**

J: So, what do we eat later for dinner?
Andy: I will bring you all to eat good food la of course..
Karen: Anything as long as it's nice!.. Very hungry..
Sophia: Why the lift takes so long?

**Suddenly, the lift's door opened.. And all of us saw this!.. Refer to picture below..

Andy: We should go to 5th Floor right?

J: Yala.. This is 5th Floor la.. Not correct meh?
Karen: But how come looks so familiar geh?.....
Sophia: We should go 7th Floor la..

Er............ We never press the button just now when we were in the lift!!.. We were still in the same level.. Wahahahahaha! >.<''' This reminds me about another lift incident.. The theory of Uncle Andy about lift!.. There was once we need to take lift to go down to Lower Ground Floor (parking).. We were in the 4th Floor.. Instead of pressing the button "DOWN".. My dad pressed "UP"..

J: I thought we parked our car at B1? Why go UP?
Andy: Ya.. We parked at B1.. We are going DOWN la.. What going UP?
J: Then you pressed wrongly la.. U pressed UP button leh.. Sudah salah..
Andy: Mana ada salah?? Betul lah~~
J: Huh?! Macam mana betul?? U wanna go DOWN.. Of course la press DOWN button rite???????
Andy: Crazy.. We must press the UP button la.. In order to "ASK" the lift to come UP!!!!..


Crazy wor..
Jason Siah

5.50pm 23rd April 2008


  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Uncle Andy, you are so d funny leh... wakaka...

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    pantun 2 kerat :

    cili kering cili padi,
    masuk lift, INGAT! kena tekan sendiri...;p

  • At 9:45 AM, Blogger The J said…

    Uncle Andy is DEGIL not FuNNY actually.. Hahaha! Auntie Karen is funny for sure!.. LoL

    Btw, bagi tau nama la.. =P

    pantun 2 kerat:
    Cili Kering Cili Padi,
    Tak tau teori naik lift, JANGAN tanya UNCLE ANDY!....




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