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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~May God Bless You..~

Dear You..

I am really Happy today!.. Did a wonderful job.. I think we did~ Hehe.. Have taken half day leave to go visit You in the hospital.. We know that You are happy to see us and You are surprise too~ That's the initial plan of ours in fact.. Hehe!.. We have made it!.. And we are really happy to see You laugh and smile so nicely.. We can see that You are feeling much more better today.. Not referring to Your stomach but Your heart.. Eventhough it is still difficult but we know that You understand, we are always here for You..

You told me that You are still wondering why that thing happened on You.. I could not answer You.. I wish I could.. I wish I know the answer.. So that I can let You know and You can get over it.. So that You can move on.. Anyway, Life is always been this way.. Ups and Downs.. We cant control it.. But I always say this.. We Always Have A Choice.. Always.. No matter what happens, there will be ways to get through it better and easier.. Do not choose the hard way as it will only hurts You and Your friends & family..

It's really lovely to see You smiling today.. Your signature laugh once again filled the room and we are really really thrilled.. Excited!.. That's the thing which matters to us.. So, no worries my friend.. Be strong and we will provide You with fullest supports from us!.. I know it's not easy.. But let's face it together..

Wish that Your result of the check up is good..
May God Bless You with Love & His Power..

Jason Siah
1.16am 29th April 2008


  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger yw[2k] said…

    I guess we both did a great job thus far... Two pat's on our back!

  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger The J said…

    Totally agreed!!! With both LEGS UP! Haha.. Hope he is fine and he is happy!..



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