Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

~Show Mi Concert @ Genting..~

This is really a great and wonderful short trip to Genting.. The main reason we went to Genting this time is for our beloved Sammi's Show Mi Concert~~ It was really a great one.. All of us were so excited for the concert.. At least I was.. Haha~ This time, SoLoBies we have Kaiwei (Bai), YarChing (Mi), ShehWay (Ai), Wee (Gao) and me myself (Chi).. I brought 2 new friends to introduce to SoLoBies which are Ocean & Alex.. They are Sammi's fans as well~

Very happy that we could enjoy the concert.. Eventhough I believe that there is no comparison could be made with HongKong's Concert but still, I have to give credit to Sammi for her amazing performance.. The dance.. Her singing skill.. Her on-stage performance.. Everything was so so great! Love her so much~ But too bad.. We watched 1st nite show.. Everyone seemed not that HOT yet.. Nobody even stood up to dance together.. Wee was the 1st one among us who couldn't bare with the heat.. He walked to the corridor and danced but being halau to corridor on top seats.. So that he wouldn't affect other ppl.. Then, Kaiwei, Yarching and me.. Joined him dancing crazily and singing so loud~ Left 3 Kayu Balaks, Shehway, Ocean & Alex sitting there without moving.. =P

Of course, we never forgotten about taking pic la.. This is a MUST~ We have taken some pictures before the show.. During the show and for sure after the show as well! Hehe~ It was raining when the show ended.. We got out from Arena Genting and just chatted in the entrance hoping that Sammi will use the entrance since it's raining.. =P But nothing happened of course.. So, we just taken some funny pic.. One of them is the Peel Fresh adv.. Haha~ It's bcos Sammi doesn't know what is Peel Fresh when she thanked all the sponsorship company.. After that, someone told her it's juice.. So she said.. OH.. JUICE la.. I know ar.. Wahahaha~ She is just so funny~ =P

We cannot let it end just like that la~ We actually have planned earlier on to celebrate my Abu, Shehway's birthday~ Surprise celebration cos she seemed like really doesn't even know that we have prepared a cake~ We planned to sing K~ But too bad.. All rooms were fully booked~ And have to wait till 2am only can sing!! What? 2am? Gila babi~ So, we changed our plan to Clubbing @ Safari Club in 1st World! Wow~ It was sooooo happening that nite~ Maybe it's Friday nite.. So, it's kinda crowded and I like the music they play in Safari.. Very nice to dance~ We danced like crazy ppl.. Imitating Sammi kononnya.. For almost 2 hours.. We are really energetic huh? Hehe.. We are still "YOUNG" ppl ma~ Of course la energetic! There was one small "accident" happened during our clubbing session.. Someone stepped on Alex's leg till he could not even STAND up!! Pity him.. Can see and feel his pain thru his expression.. We all think that the person purposely stepped on his leg~ Cos Alex too high ald that nite~ He danced like nobody business so, sometimes, this will make ppl feel uncomfortable cos they just jealous~ BODOH~ Anyway, we have very very nice time dancing together.. Really long time never go clubbing lo~ CUN la wei~

We managed to execute our suprise plan for Shehway's birthday celebration very well~ Hehe! After dancing in the club for almost 2 hours, Kaiwei felt hungry and went out to look for food.. It's just located outside of Safari Club.. And our beloved Shehway joined her for supper time~ So.. We decided to prepare the cake outside the restaurant and bring in with Birthday Song~ Executed it very well.. What a SHOCKING PINK for Shehway.. Can see she is really surprised and happy about it~ Hehe.. Well done once again SoLoBies!! =D

We had a very great sleep.. Haha.. We slept until 10smth~ Then only we prepared to go out for our breaklunch.. We checked out and then we went to Kenny Rogers.. Dunno why, that's the only choice we have in mind~ We had nice time there having our meal and of course not forgetting to gossip.. Gossip about what?? Shhhh.. Tak boleh beritahu~~ =P After that, we take a walk around Timesquare.. Take pic~ Jumping around --> Only me la~ haha! Eating ice-cream as well..

Before we really depart to go downhill.. We decided to FLY uphill first! Yes~ This FLYING COASTER!!!! I have been looking forward to ride this game since the 1st time Juit told me about it~ Abu said it's not that nice.. No feel wor.. But then, she still joined us become Superwoman~ Another 2 Superwomen are Kaiwei and Yarching la of course.. The game was really excited~ But it's just too FAST and RAPID! I cant even see anything when we were flying!! Just screamed screamed and screamed!! Wahahaha.. so funny.. Look @ some pic we took below.. Very nice lor~ Hehehe..

It was really a great trip~ Eventhough it's SHORT but very Free & Easy.. No pressure at all.. We enjoyed each and every moment together.. We enjoyed the Concert of course.. Damn HIGH~ We enjoyed the time dance in Safari club.. It's exciting.. We enjoyed the moment eating and chatting together.. It's warm and happy.. We enjoyed the moment of the SHOCKING PINK birthday celebration for Shehway.. It's memorable~ Conclusion.. It's definitely a worth-while trip to Genting this time.. Thank you very much to Sammi for bringing us along~ At least, it's the reason we gathered together in Genting.. Thanks to Wee for arranging everything.. He is the one who bought the tix.. Booked the hotel.. Communicated with everyone.. Hehe.. =D Thanks to Abu for joining.. From JB.. Giving us a chance to give u a surprise! Thanks to Kaiwei for loving Sammi due to "man sui".. hehe~ Keep loving her.. Thanks to Yarching for joining us again eventhough she has gone to Hongkong one and might being going to LasVegas' concert~ Crazy rite? I noe.. Hahaha! Thanks to Alex & Ocean for joining SoLoBies and having nice time together~ =D

Jason Siah
27th June 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

~Lately with Colleagues..~

Very happily we planned for a birthday party for Kak Kulin's birthday! Hehe~ Actually, we have planned to do a 'masak-masak' gathering @ her house earlier on.. But then, her birthday is at "nearby", so we combined it together lor! Hehe~ It was a very pleasant one.. I like it so much~ But of course, have to thank our Main Chef Intan for cooking us such a delicious dinner~ She is the PIC of the nite~ I was the co-cook~ Why co? Cos I only help a little bit of this and a little bit of that! LoL But better than Mr CK la.. Help to eat only.. haha~ Just kidding.. He is our new colleague.. Cute "old-man"~ Oops! Did I just say that??? LoL He taken all of our pic but he din take himself.. Gosh.. =P

We have nice time cooking together.. And then of course makan together la~~ The food was nice! THanks to Intan again~ Not forgetting to thank Kak Kulin for letting us to cook in her kitchen~ Hehe.. Thanks to CK for taking pic.. Thanks for UJ (Kak Kulin's husband..) for eating! Wahahahaha~ And the last but not the least.. Thanks to our God-Son, Dannish Fawwaz for Spicing up our Life.. Yeah.. We planned to do this maybe like Once in 2 months time.. At least, gather for dinner~

Besides, just last week.. We had a birthday celebration in the office for June & July's Babies.. They are Kak Kulin, Puteri Intan, Lilian (Our Head of Dept) & the cute cute MeiLin.. Yeah.. All Roses and no Torn.. Wahahaha! We din really get too much of celebrations in fact in the office during working hour.. As you all know, we are a Call Centre and my job is Customer Service officer.. So, we hv to be ONLINE (ready to answer call) from 9am to 6pm.. So, it's kinda excited to hv such nice birthday celebration together.. Hehe~ The most important thing is of course, we get to eat Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe la!!! This time, to avoid any "tak-cukup" scenario, we bought TWO!! YooHoo.. Hahahaha~ Ada extra lagi..

Still, we have a lot of fun together.. That day was being set as Blue or Pink shirt day.. So we all wear Blue or Pink color costume.. Hehe~ It was so so nice to see so many of us wearing PINKIE to come to work~ So refreshing! Hehe.. And look @ Intan.. Playing with the Secret Recipe Bag.. Turning it to be a mask, tudung and graduation cap! LoL Funny funny~ Below are some pictures taken during the celebration.. And yes, they are all my lovely colleagues~ =D

Below is a picture taken when we waiting for others to go out for our daily lunchie.. It's taken with Abby~ I like this picture bcos of the sunshine from 0utside.. It's so so bright~ Love it so much.. And of course...... LOOK @ OUR EXPRESSION la.. wahahaha! =P

Jason Siah
11.27am 18th June 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Top 10..~

I hv been looking forward to Episode 10 of ::So You Think You Can Dance:: since last week~ And after watching the show on Thursday + online.. I actually feel a bit disappointed.. Just a bit la ha.. Not too much~ Haha.. Well, I can feel that most of them are not that energetic anymore.. They looked tired and low in power.. From the 2 sets of dances of all the contestants.. Frankly speaking.. I LOVE Sue the most! She is the only 1 that I personally think did well and wonderful in both dances! As for others.. Either 1 of the dance they din perform well or even worse.. Both sets of dances were not too good..

Sue & Firul kicked off the show very very well~ Their Street Jazz dance was so so exciting and great! For this dance, I really like Sue very much with her great movements.. As for Firul~ I think he was good too in this dance! And I did agree with what Pat said.. Sue was really strong~ Even just walking also like dancing!! 300% is really deserve to be Crowned for her..

Then we go to a sexy performance from Brancy & Dennis.. Mambo~ This is really great to be seen!! After few weeks of disappointment towards Dennis' performance.. This week, I really have to say that he is BACK! Haha.. Personally, I like his performance more than Brancy.. I just feel that Brancy has not much FIRE in this dance compared to previous.. Anyway, it's still a great performance which BURNS the Floor.. ;)

After knowing that Noor & Yuz are the new partner for each other.. I am kinda looking forward towards their performance as both of them are strong dancers! But for this 1st dance.. Rock & Roll~ It was just a fair performance.. Good but not VERY good.. Well execution of the choreo but really.. There were no Rock & Roll feelings at all~ Anyhow.. I still like their cheekiness in the dance and the way they executed the amazing steps!!

Nikki & Alam~ Both were being said and expected to deliver wonderful dance especially for this 1st dance! BUT.. both of them did not perform well~ I am not sure how's the feeling watching @ Ruums Live but through the monitor of TV & laptop.. I could not even feel their energy~ The worst part was Nikki's timing~ Was OUT from the very beginning of the dance!! As for alam.. He did not achieve his previous POWeR and it SHOWED very clearly in their performance..

Another looking-forward-new-couple.. Becky & Jimmy~ I think both of them are STRONG dancers as well~ Moreover, I really think that they are very MATCHing!! Not sure why.. Just feel that their chemistry could be really Great~ But somehow for this 1st dance.. Becky was a bit off track.. Especially her movements.. As for Jimmy.. It was a bit look like he was dancing alone.. Lack of connections between him and Becky..

2nd set of dance~ Sue & Firul WOW us again!!! In this Contemporary dance.. I like their timing very very much~ Much more CONNECTED compared to 1st dance! Great synchronization~ I JUST LOVE IT~ Especially Sue! Again.. She Rocks~ It was so good and I believe that almost everyone would agree with Judi.. 300% from Sue and for Sue!!

Noor & Yuz grabbed back my confident and attention with the 2nd Dance.. I am not sure the genre of this dance.. My fren told me is more to JAWA dance? ??? I really not sure but they both were sooooooo charming!! Their gesture and body language were so great! Good control and they performed very brightly!! I just like it.. **eventhough my fren hated it.. :P

A bit disappointed with the 2nd performance from Dennis & Brancy.. This time.. Both of them looked NO-ENERGY.. I wished they could bring it on but unfortunately, they didn't.. There was even timing problem from Brancy.. I guess tonite was not Brancy's best nite.. After all, she has given very consistent performance so far~ Hope to see more from both of them next week!

Personally, I really think that Nikki is quite sexy + cute to wear the Salsa costume.. As well as Alam, 1st time seeing him wearing such a FLOWERY shirt.. Looked cute! Hehe.. But, I have to say that I don really get their performance.. I really cant feel any chemistry and connection from them~Nikki, not enough feminine side again.. This dance.. Salsa.. But.. Not enough to FIRE everyone..

The last but not the least.. Becky & Jimmy with Dancehall~~ I was so happy to see this performance as both of them were so energetic and I just like their emotions so so much~ They NAILED it.. Becky was better in this dance compared to the 1st one.. I really like their energy.. It has concluded the nite's show very nicely..

For this week Bottom 6.. I expected it.. But never expected Becky would be sent out.. Compared.. I personally think that Nikki is not that great~ Anway, for the solo performance.. I personally like Dennis, Alam & Becky's so so much~~ Just feel that they were really talented dancers! And next week!! Top 8!! OMG.. Really fast~~

Jason Siah
11th June 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

~Pirates of Shoes?~

~Pirates of Shoes?~, originally uploaded by J's The Siah...

When the 1st time I saw this shoes.. I LOVE it so much~ Not sure why.. It's just captured my attention so so much.. The salesperson told me this is Limited Edition of JAZZ STAR and the theme is Pirates of Carribean.. hahaha.. Sound a bit funny to buy a pair of shoes with a movie theme BUT the design is so cool and it costs onli RM70!!!! Ouch.. Nice fashionable cool~ I just like it! Moreover, there isn't any Pirates image on the design.. No CHOW YUN FATT or JOHNY DEPP on it.. Hahaha.. Just blue + pink.. This is the greatest colors combination that I love the most! Hehe.. So, here I present to u.. The Pirates of Shoes~~ LoL

Btw, today had nice time in office.. Chatting with other colleagues for few hours bcos there was no call!! And then went to The Curve and had a short drink with Sammie & Andrew! Short but still enjoyable chatting with them~ Right after that, I rushed to my Body jam class~ Very very nice! Satisfying.. Fetched mummy then got back home and ONLINE till now!! Gosh.. So many hours.. Need to sleep ald.. Just to share this little thing about my Saturday with u all.. Have a nice weekend!!! =D

Jason Siah
1.44am 10th June 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Top 12..~

Frankly speaking, last week ::So You Think You Can Dance:: Malaysia version was really quite "dramatic" for me.. And I am still trying hard to convince myself that Isaac has been eliminated and not successfully to get a place in Top 10~~ Well.. I am not a HARD CORE fans of Isaac but personally, I always judge by the performance of that nite itself.. And I don think he is the one who deserves to leave.. Especially with his great and wonderful performance with the beautiful Sue.. Anyway, I like the beginning of the show especially their special performance.. Very nice indeed!..

Understand that the judges were having difficulties to choose the Bottom 4 and ended up~ Bottom 6.. At first, I was thinking.. Is that a way to actually TRICK the audiences and supporters to vote more? Like myself, I hv to vote for more than 2 ppl~ Is that a way to earn more money from the sms?? But then, look back @ the comments of the judges.. They were not really at the same side yesterday.. And I believe that is why they have come out with such a decision.. Bottom 6~ Okie.. It did SPICE up even more for the show~ But.. Still "drama" for me..

Here comes my own review .. JS' piece of opinions.. Haha~ Definitely might be different from other ppl.. Everyone has their own point of view after all.. ;) For me, I would choose Brancy & Firul for the Best Couple yesterday nite.. Their dance was super good~ Apart from the great and wonderful choreo, both of them were so engaged and I can feel that they really put their soul into the dance.. They are connecting not only with each other but also the judges, audiences as well as the supporters at home~~ 2 eagles soaring in the sky.. Well.. That's how Judi, one of the judges commented on their performance.. I just LIKE IT!

Then comes to 2nd best performance.. I would stil like to vote for Sue and ISaac~ Yes, Isaac has been sent to Bottom 6 and being eliminated at last.. (It was a surprise for me tho) BuT still, I really think that his performance with Sue yesterday was so captivating~ I can feel their emotions.. I can understand the story that they are trying to tell us.. And that's the most important thing in a dance performance like that rite? Story-telling.. Choreo was sooooooooo good just like Brancy & Firul's~ Well, Isaac still being commented as no sincerity in his dance and movements.. Sue was flawless.. I agree with Sue's comment but for Isaac.. I still think he did wonderful and great job.. Good but not good enough for the judges..

Mmm.. I like the silat dance from Becky & Dennis so so much~ But somehow, my opinions are a bit different from the judges.. I like Becky's performance~ Her energy was so "terserlah".. Her movements were so sharp.. She was so attractive with the silat-kungfu style of dancing~ On the other hand.. I really don see the connection from Dennis.. Once again, I still like Dennis.. Cos he is so so much with his personality and I think he could make it even further than Top 10 but now.. The competition is really HOT.. I Can see that he could convince the judges.. And maybe alot more fans out there.. but personally, i don feel it that way..

Nikki & Yuz.. Yuz, again has proven to us that he is a very strong dancer with good attitude with skills that could take all sorts of dances well~ As for Nikki this week.. I could feel her feminine side and emotion so so much this time~ Really.. I really could feel it.. Credit for her but this week.. Technique-wise, she has lost it.. Again, I hv to compare her with Becky.. Both of them.. I would choose Becky to be in Top 6.. But Nikki, she kinda nailed it for the emotion and feminine feelings this week~ Hope she can keep that up + the techniques part.. She gonna rock then..

The Chinese cultural dance for Noor and Alam.. Alot of ppl giving comments saying that the choreo was too bad.. Too simple.. Like kindergarten or small kids kinda dance.. But.. Not sure why.. I personally like that dance well enough.. Maybe bcos I learnt chinese cultural dance before.. I don see that the choreo is easy to be executed.. Yes, the posing part has its flaw but still, i like the dance itself.. I found out that Noor is reallllly cute and Alam is so different this week.. Ya, connection is a bit weak but somehow.. I like it.. haha!

Jo and Jimmy.. This one.. I just have nothing much to say but to agree with the judges~~ Hmmm... How nice would it be if this dance has the same style or feel like Isaac & Sue's.. Mmm.. Just watch it yourself below.. And judge it.. Ngor dou mou yeh gong ar...

Result show..

All after all.. Bottom 6.. Are in my expectation as well EXCEPT Becky & Isaac.. But I really dun wish to see Isaac or Jo leaving.. Well.. Again, the show runs like this.. We have to bare with it.. Top 10 is here now~~ I wish that next week would not have another BOTTOM 6 la.. HATI pun nak jatuh keluar~~~ :P

Isaac & Jo.. Gambateh! :)

Jason Siah

11.12pm 6th June 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

~Bali ::Jalan-jalan Time::~

::Jalan-jalan Time::

Frankly speaking, in this Bali trip, we din really visit too much of tourist spots.. Hehe~ It's more to FREE & EASY trip for us.. We only went to few of the famous places on 2nd Day.. 3rd Day we chose to shopping nearby our hotel and stayed in hotel.. Beaching + Relaxing.. 4th Day was the last day.. We relax as well for just few hours before we departed to the airport~

So, 2nd Day, after our breakfast in hotel.. We went out to see where could we visit.. Then, we decided to rent for a van and the driver can send us where we want to go.. So, the 1st place we went is Tanah Lot.. This is a great place to take pic.. In fact, it's really spectacular~ U can see a temple across the bay.. I wish I could go there but too bad.. We all couldn't cross over due to AIR PASANG.. If AIR SURUT, then no problem wor.. hehe! We taken a lot of pic here.. Of course, we also shopped quite a lot here.. Those keychains were bought here.. hehe! And those BillaBong Caps, shirts, shorts.. All bought here geh~ Nice place lor.. can take pic and can shop as well!

After this place.. We went up hill.. We stopped half way for our lunch then we reached this place called Bedugul~ We paid for the entrance fee but when we got into the place only we found out that the place has nobody visited!!! Really nobody was there except us and those local ppl whom keep asking us to "MANCING MANCING" and ride the boat or sampan~ hehe! Of course, we never done any one of the activities la.. So boring~ We just taken.. Erm.. Not more than 10 pic then we CIAO~ Yes! We just ciao~ Wahahahahhaa... Cos really nothing much~ But the view of the lake is very wonderful!

3rd place I really forgotten the name but it's a temple and historical place.. Same, also need to pay for the entrance fee.. Then we went inside and started to take pic.. It's kinda nice to visit historical places like this in Bali~ But too bad.. We only can take pic around the temple area and not IN the temple itself!!! WTF?!?! So, nothing much we could WALK and take pic as well cos that place is not that BIG after all~~ But, we taken quite a lot of pic here la.. Haha~ we have the temple.. We have the green grass and the nice walls~ =D

Last place of the visit day of Bali is the famous ULUWATU~ This is really the BeSt place! It's also very special.. It has been told as a sacred place so all of us must wear the Sarung thingy with the yellow string on it before we can go in~ We need to be extra careful to walk all along the way of this place where there are a lot of aggressive monkeys all over the place.. Yes, very AGGRESSIVE! The monkeys will steal ur cap and ur spectacles if you are close enough to them and if you are not paying any attention! We witnessed that the monkey actually SNATCHED the spec from one CHINA man! Haha.. So terror! But the view here is really picturesque! Very amazing! I just LIKE IT so much~ With the SunSet that we could hv viewed here~ Really really wonderful~

That's all about our Jalan-jalan time in Bali~ Hahaha.. I have told you, we really din go to much places~ In fact, there are stil a lot of nice places to be visited but we really wanted to make this a FREE & EASY trip so we din go~ Moreover, with tight budget~ We rather go for Spa & Massage~ Yoohoo.. Nice experience!! The post about it will be updated after this.. =D

Jason Siah
11.02pm 4th June 2007