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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~Fitness First Miracle 2008 RUSH Challenge..~

Well guys, please take a look at this post and also the blog I am going to introduce here. It is about the Fitness First Miracle 2008 RUSH Challenge.. What is this RUSH all about?

This is a competition organised by Fitness First to raise funds to benefit the residents of the KIRTARSH Handicapped and Disabled Childrens' Home at Rawang.

We have created a blog:

For the first part of the Rush '08 Challenge, teams need to complete a series of 9 Checkpoint Tasks which will take place across all FF Clubs in the Klang Valley. At each of the Checkpoint, a task needs to be completed, and in the case of the first two clues, the task is actually attending a group exercise class!

Upon completion of each class, for each member's attendance, a team will be given 10 points. If all 5 members turn up for the challenge, the team will receive a bonus of 10 points (overall 60 points) for the checkpoint.

Besides that, teams are also required to sell coupon books for the usage during the Grand Finale event. The coupons, in books of RM50 denominations each, can be used to redeem for New Release Launch Class Passes as well as a host of other goods such as foods and drinks during the final day. Teams will collect points for each booklet sold (50 points for each booklet) and the top 2/3/4 teams with the highest points at the end of the Rush '08 Challenge will qualify for the Grand Finals on the event finale.


At the Grand Finale, all qualified teams will put up a 5-minutes performance to boost up donations and collections from the general public. So don't miss this chance to see us performing, having fun, having some laughs while doing your part for charity! :)

Please Support Us!!!...

Jason Siah

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Really happy to see you smiling and laughing just like previous days.. It's really a harsh time for you~ I do understand how you feel.. Just that.. I believe, you still could not let go.. Anyway, for that aspect, time can cure it for sure.. Sooner or later..

Have been busy after work last 2 weeks.. Been visiting you right after work or work out in gym.. We do not wish to see you so boring.. We want to see you smile and laugh with the rest of us.. We want to see you stay healthy.. Even though you have suffered for 2 weeks.. I believe that you gonna be stronger now.. Physically and mentally.. As well as emotionally!!.. Stronger and definitely BIGGER!.. Haha~

I still remember the day you told me that you can get out from there!.. Your voice filled with excitement and happiness.. It sounds a bit like kid who cant wait to go for a Genting Trip.. Haha!.. But I think, that's the YOU whom I know~

And now.. You are happily staying at home.. Goyang-ing kaki~ Snaking around.. Watching AOD everyday and night.. You still have a long weekend.. Before you come back to start your work again!.. I hope that you can take this chance to really rest yourself and relax your mind.. Try to understand what you need the most and what you don't.. You would know what to do in the next step then!..

You know that we are always here for you.. So, do not be afraid~ You always have our supports backing you up ok?!..

P/s: KFC is waiting for you.. BR is waiting for you.. JOGOYA is waiting for you.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!.. =P

Wish You Well.. Wish You Happy..

Jason Siah
3.35pm 16th May 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

~No Rain, No Rainbow!..~

It's very depressing to see your friends are sad and down.. Plus you yourself are sad and down.. That's even worse for sure!.. I have been through a very tough moments last weekend.. In fact, since last 2 weeks.. Just that I had to go through the deepest depression on last few days which it was the 1st time affected me so much until I gave up on my Body Jam class!.. That's new to me, myself!.. I would not do that again, I have promised myself!..

However, I am still an optimistic guy~ I guess.. I have thought about it again and again.. At last, I stood up and moved on.. It isn't easy for sure.. But, we have to get over it anyhow anyway.. I always take negativity as a learning process or context so that we know more on how to appreciate the good and great moments that we are having and we WILL be having..

Lately, I am so in love with the phrase that 1 of my good friends has advised me.. No Rain, No Rainbow!.. It is just so true.. Without rain which I take it as the down part of our life, we wouldn't have the chance to see Rainbow.. In our context, we would not appreciate the good moments ahead!.. Sometimes, beautiful things are just so close to us but we tend to see the ugly ones.. Not because the Rainbow is ugly.. Obviously, Rainbow is Colorful and pretty enough to make everyone smiles.. BUT.. People just tend to pay attention on How the Rainbow appears rather than the Rainbow itself!..

I have friends whom are still on the same stage and couldn't move on.. I truly understand how hard they feel~ But still, at the very same time, I wish all the best to them and hope that they could have let it go and get over it soonest possible!.. For the moment, this post is specially for 2 of my good friends.. BL & CP..

Really wish that both of you would have tried to Love Yourself more and move on from whatever stage you are in now.. It isn't easy as I said but do think twice.. It would not be that hard as well.. May God Bless You.. =D

With Love,

Jason Siah

5th May 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

~J's New Page..~

Not sure from which day onwards I have been used to your sms and calls every morning.. Perhaps, I am just getting used to it but the appreciation level has been decreasing since Day 1.. It's bad.. Very bad.. Especially, we have to end up like this and not the way I thought it would be.. Frankly speaking, you are really a nice person.. However, things did not go or happen like the way I was expecting.. Yes, nothing is Perfect.. I do understand this theory.. Still, when dissappointment is collating by itself.. You have to stop some where some time.. To make sure that it won't hurt both parties too deep..

It has been bothering me for quite some time.. But I never mentioned.. Neither did you mention anything.. I could not bear with the stress that I have been putting on myself for last 2 weeks due to dozen of things have been happening around me.. When everything seems so calm and nothing-to-be-worried-about.. The struggle and hardship are battling underground.. Nobody can see it.. Nobody can even feel it.. Except myself.. And myself.. Lucky me that I haven't reached the level of insomnia which I never ever faced in my life.. Just that for the past 2 weeks.. I have not been sleeping well~ Decision is not easy to make.. Finding myself a lot of reasons or excuses..

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.. The decision has been made.. It's a new page for me.. I have been telling this to my friend.. It's my own call.. Thus, I have to bear with it myself.. However, I think I can still manage my own emotion well at this point.. Tears have helped me a lot on this..

Wish you well.. Wish you bhappy and wish your life be filled with love..

Jason Siah
2nd May 2008