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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

~Hate it but we need it..~

KTM yang membencikan~~ This is not the first time the passengers of KTM hate the service so so much~ Of course, it is led by the poor service itself and also the inconsistency of the schedule..

Yesterday, it happened once again and what's worse was the attitude and services provided by the officers!.. When I just reached "happily" at Kepong Central station.. There was an announcement on the delay of the schedule (as usual).. But this time, with an extra line.. "KITA SEDANG MENGALAMI MASALAH DI STESEN KUANG.." And yada yada yada.. But the train came.. So we all went into the train and well, of course it wouldn't be that smooth.. The train stopped at Sg Buloh station and they actually asked all the passengers in the train to get down from the train! What for? They decided to change this train for Seremban route (KL) and we have to wait for another train there to Rawang!..

We waited and waited.. No train came.. I called my good fren, Juit and asking him for his help.. He has just done with his gym in Uptown so he needs to take shower and then he can fetch me back.. Happy!..

But, I still went into the room with a lot of those Blue-shirt officers to clarify further..

J: "Encik, pukul berapa train akan datang?"
Officer: "5 minit"

After 15 minutes.......

J: "Encik, tak ade pun train.. Kata 5 minit?"
Officer "Tunggu je.. Macam manapun train akan datang juga.."

WHAT????? Are u kidding me? You just told me right in front of my face that the train would be coming in 5 minutes time and now you changed the answer 360 degree!!!!???

J: "Kalau macam tu, lain kali cakap je tak tau.. Jangan lah bagi tau 5 minit.."
Officer: Kita memang tak tau.. U orang nak tanya.. Kita bagi lah jawapan.. Dah.. Sekarang ada jawapan bising bising pulak?.."

Oh.. Now.. Cari pasal with me lah~~

J: "Excuse me?!.. Siapa yang bising bising? Kita tanya baik baik ini dikatakan bising? U orang duduk kat sini tak buat apa-apa mestilah passengers tanya!! Dapat salary tak payah buat kerja ke??"
Officer: "Sorry ya Mr.. Kita bukannya tak nak buat kerja.. Kita betul-betul tak tau pukul berapa train tu datang.. Minta maaf ya.."

J: "You ada walkie-talkie kan? Kenapa tak tanya driver of the train kat mana sekarang? Boleh lah estimate.."
Officer: "Azmi, di mana kamu sekarang?.. Oh.. Kepong? Okok.."

*$(*#$(*_$(()$##*@)(#&$$% Bodoh ke babi? You have the utilities but you never used.. You have the resources but you never used.. You only bantai to give us an answer which is wrong!.. That's so stupid~~

Another drama is coming.. We saw the train is coming..
I called Juit and told him that train is coming and I can take the train back myself.

Announcement made: "Train yang berada di Platform 1 sekarang ini adalah train untuk ke Rawang.."

All the people squeezing into the train like bee striving for honey!!!... TIBA-TIBA..

Announcement made: "Minta maaf.. Train yang berada di Platform 1 sekarang ini adalah train untuk ke Seremban. Minta maaf ke atas kesulitan.........."


I called Juit again.. He is already on the way to Sg Buloh from Uptown..

In another 5 minutes, another train came again.. And this time.. It's really for Rawang train.. So, I quickly call Juit again to inform him that I will take train myself..

Dammit!.. Please la.. It's a BERHAD organization la wei!.. Really complain lagi pun mulut akan busuk!.. =P

And I reached home at 10.45pm!...... Thanks to KTM!..

Jason Siah
2.00pm 8 April 2008


  • At 12:33 AM, Blogger SlowCatchUpKuan said…

    KTM is really the worst. i was stuck in it a few times before... without air conditioning! it's suffocating... terrible service.

  • At 2:03 PM, Blogger The J said…

    Yes.. It's really really dissapointing!.. After so many years, the service is still like this!.. Never been improving!..

    Suffocated.. Sardin.. Wait and wait and wait.. Anything u can say.. =P



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