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Monday, July 30, 2007

~I Miss You..~

Do you know what is the feeling of missing someone? Do you know how it feels when the face of someone is playing around your mind non-stop? Do you know how hard it is to accept when the one you are missing for is not at your side all the time?

I believe most of us here know exactly how it feels for above-mentioned questions.. At least, felt one of the them if not all.. Nothing special.. Just with the blue Monday mood + raining outside.. It makes me think of someone.. Someone whom I really wish to see.. But really hard to achieve.. In fact, I miss this friend is not only when I feel Monday Blue or it's raining.. Have been missing and thinking about this friend for most of my time since the 1st day we know each other.. Well, it's not easy though.. But I have to bear with it..

What about you guys? Have you all tried this feeling before as well? Do you have someone in your heart and mind which you could not get rid of? Is he/she near you? Or far far away from you? Do you have his/her numbers? Do you feel to call him/her when you miss him/her? If it's near, do you find him/her? If the answers are No No and No.. Then, I think, the problem is on your side.. Maybe you think that it's useless even if you called.. Even if you find him/her.. Well, you are totally wrong.. It meant something.. No matter just a simple sms or short call.. It really meant something.. Don't believe it? Pick up your hp now and call to the person you miss so much.. Feel the difference.. =D

Actually, I miss a lot of ppl.. Sometimes, I even miss friends whom I just met for like.. Few hours? But still, I miss them~ Maybe it's just because I feel lonely easily.. That's why I miss this friend even more easily cos my friend is far far away.. Overseas.. Anyway, there is still sweet when u miss someone.. Especially when u got to listen to the voice.. U got to see them.. The good feeling can melt ur heart.. Very difficult to explain.. U must experience it to feel it~

Okie.. Just an ordinary post as I am damn blue today.. It's Monday anyway.. This morning.. A lot of calls.. As usual.. Busy.. Stupid customers.. But.. Time passes kinda fast.. Should be happy for that though.. =P Anyhow.. Wish everyone has a great start of the week~ Start action if you are missing someone right now.. Time is flying.. Good luck..

Jason Siah

1.56pm 30th July 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

~MEME tagged by Jo..~

Okie.. Since I dun have anything to update due to my own laziness lately and my laptop just being recovered from the Trojan Virus.. I decided to post this tag.. This time tagged by Jo~ Yes, her again.. Last time tags.. I din post at all.. So paiseh.. haha! So, this time, kena 2~~

~10 Things I Hate!!~

Food I hate : Sushi --> Those that not being fully-cooked..

Fruit I hate : Durian --> Not to say hate but don really feel good eating it nowadays..

Veggies I hate : Not sure what it's called..

People that I hate : Rude, dirty, snobbish.. LIAR!!

Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Get to know ppl fall sick/pass away.. & Being ACCUSED..

TV shows/movies that I hate : Boring one..

Music I hate : Not nice one.. haha!

Household chores that I hate : I never fancy household chores.. paiseh..

Things that you hate around the world : Pollution..

Things that you hate about yourself : Lazy.. Chubby.. Stubborn..

Done! 2nd one as below..

~The Face Behind The Blog~

Above all are ME ME ME.. J's~

I just follow the way Jo wrote about herself.. Hehe.. I am an ordinary chinese guy born in a small town in Selangor named Rawang.. NOw not SMALL TOWN already.. Hehe! I have only one younger sister.. She is now studying in UM.. Will be a teacher very soon~

When I was small, I like sports.. But I had asthma.. So, even though I like sports like running, lompat jauh, lompat tinggi.. Wait wait.. Lompat tinggi? Ya~~ I was once the representative of my school for lompat tinggi~ FuiYoh.. That was during my Standard 6.. And who knows~ After that Lompat Tinggi match.. I never been TINGGI anymore.. Wahahahaha!! Oops! Back to the topic.. I could not join too much cos of my asthma~ During secondary school time, my asthma had recovered.. I learnt Taekwondo then.. After getting my Brown Belt.. I stopped the class.. =P Then I fall in love with dancing.. I learnt dancing since Form 2.. Those modern dance.. Then chinese cultural dance.. Rock N Roll.. And a little bit of this and little bit of that.. LoL Until now, I am still in love with dancing.. Still learning a little bit of this and little bit of that.. Haha!

I was studying in IT in Uniten.. That 4 years of uni life was really great and amazing! I got to know a bunch of really good friends which is.. SoLoBies.. They have given me very sweet and wonderful time not only my uni time but also now!! =D Anyhow, after graduated, I hv tried few jobs.. All different field.. 1st job was in SoNy.. Doing Production.. OMG! This is the hardest job I have ever met! Haha.. After all, this is my 1st job~ LoL I hv to handle sales from 10 Asia countries.. Managed and analyse the sales fluctuation.. One word.. SUSAH! 2nd job was doing my own field.. IT~ Ya right~ During interview, I was being told to join them for projects which i could get exposure of all the processes in IT projects EXCEPT programming.. After 1 month there, I was being transfered to OPERATION team which I need to go out and INSTALL WIRES & CCTV @ Clients' place~ Yes, wiring.. Bodoh~ 3rd job was JOBSDB.. Doing tele sales~ I cant stand sales too much.. Only managed to bertahan for 4 months.. Then to my previous job.. Video editing!!! Yoohoo.. At last, I got a job that I hv the most interest on it.. I was the video editor as well as DVD Author! Wow~ Cool!! But.. Always a BUT here.. My company sucks!! Pay low! No benefits! Ish~ After 4 jobs.. And loads of experiences, I decided to find a job which can pay me more!! So now.. I am in Customer Service line.. Working in a bank~ Pay? Of course higher than last few companies.. Job scope? "Good morning OCBC Bank, this is Jason's speaking, how may I assist you?" I have to repeat this sentence for approximately 80-100 times per day.. I have to know every single thing in this bank regarding Business Banking, company account~ I hv to know about the Cheques.. Transfer.. Charges.. Opening of account.. FD.. Internet banking.. GIRO payroll.. Bla bla bla.. Like crazy~ Of course, we cannot forget our very important person.. The CUSTOMERS!!!! Okok.. Customers always RIGHT.. Ya rite~ =P

My hobbies.. As i mentioned earlier.. Dancing.. I like swimming too.. Both WET and DRY~ Haha! Besides, I like to online.. As for blogging.. Now not really too fancy.. Just blog for fun.. For friends.. hehehe! =P I still like to read other ppl's blogs.. Read about other ppl's life and love to share~ I am a VIRGO.. Yes.. 30th August is my birthday.. Coming soon.. Everyone, please remember.. Wahahaha! A wish is good enough~ Thanks in advance.. I am kinda stubborn.. But now better la.. NOt like last time.. My friends called me DIAMOND.. Cos too HARD to break~ LoL Now, i think degrade already ba~ To STONE.. But somehow, towards something particular.. I still stand still geh.. LoL I like ppl with great and sunny smile.. Cos that can melt me.. Can calm me.. Can make me happy.. =D

That's all la.. I think I started to bore everyone already with my long description.. Wahahaha! Btw, I am not tagging anyone.. It's just not my style to tag ppl.. LoL

Jason Siah
10.28pm 28th July 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

~Beloved Mimi's Birthday..~

Another year has gone and it's time for our beloved YarChing aka MiMi's birthday celebration again!! Still fresh in my mind the celebration of her birthday last year.. It was a surprise plan~ In a VIP room of the restaurant that JingYee mummy having her wedding dinner~ We had our very crazy time there and in the room itself, we fat tin like usual until the waiter also feel scared of us~ LoL And this time, we do not have much surprise to think about.. But still, we are having the same crazy and memorable time together in Neway, One U.. After all, singing K is one of our strongest activities! And this time we have most of the SoLoBies joining.. Just left out Joel, ShehWay & JingYee mummy.. But I brought Alex over as well..

Very happy and excited to see AhNui, Joce again!! Such a long time since the last one we met.. It was during my training in Singapore~ OMG! Lama sial~ And really thrilled to spend time with her again~ What a wonderful moment with SoLoBies.. We had nice time eating and singing in Neway.. Well, nothing much we could do right? Haha.. As usual, we sing and dance.. On the sofa~ Crazy.. Sampat.. Yelling.. Jumping.. As I said.. Nothing much we could do.. Ya Right~ Wahahaha!

Of course, we also added some spices into that nite activities.. Haha.. we sang and act together.. Really sampat lor.. But we all enjoyed being sampat.. We as well sang the song with just one sentence.. "wo bu gan xiang xin".. For the entire song, we onli sang this sentence.. Wahahaha~ I think only SoLoBies could have done this well.. Juit & Joce have even more "mo qi" that nite.. Even taking pic they could look like "electrifying" each other~ Haha.. Just refer to below pic.. And the 2nd pic below.. Er... Siapa punya kaki? U guess yourself lor.. It's damn easy to guess la wei~ =P

Of course, not forgetting to celebrate YarChing's Birthday la.. This is the main reason of the gathering ma.. I like that part which she thought there was no cake for her and kept on asking us.. "Why no cake geh?", "Really no cake ar?".. Haha! Sound disappointed right? But of course, we wont do that to her.. We played the birthday song and then tada~~ The cake was right in front of her face.. Yes, Magic.. **You do not need to know the process, you need to know the result~ Wahahaha! And.. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

After all, we really had great time together.. We are planning for our Annual Trip already.. This time we will separate the Annual Trip from the Christmas Trip~ To make sure that we have more chances and time to be spent together and to have fun together~ I cant wait for the moment to come.. It's just the best moment of all when I have the chance to be with SoLoBies.. Love you all.. =D

Below are some video clips taken tat nite.. Damn funny de wei~ Really beh tahan.. Can laugh till vomit blood.. Enjoy..

~无言的结局 #1~

~无言的结局 #2~

~无言的结局 #3~

Hapi Bday Yarching #1

Hapi Bday Yarching #2

Jason Siah
11.59pm 18th July 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

~Wuliao Ppl Wuliao Me..~

A --> Anonymous Gal
J --> Jason Siah (ME la wei!)

J's Hp Rang.. **Ming ming luk deng, zuin ngan bin seng hoong deng.. (Canto song)

J: Hi..
A: Hi dear.. I miss you so much.. Where are u now?
J: Er.. Hi.. I am in KTM going back home.. Er.. May I noe who's on the line there?
A: I am June.. Don't you remember me?
J: I am so sorry that I really couldn't recall.. Which June is this? (**I know April May but not June la wei..)
A: How could you forget me? I am June from KK.. Remember the time we spent together in KK last year?
J: I think you have dialled the wrong number.. I never been to KK before la wei.. Are you looking for the right person?
A: Eh.. Are you James?
J: I am Jason Siah.. Not James.. Sorry.. Wrong number.. (@O$X@_$#@*^#$)
A: Oh~ Really sorry.. You are not James? Hi.. Jason.. Can we be friends then?
J: Er.. Okie..
A: Wanna meet up?
J: Er..
A: I am very Lenglui de wor.. And sexy.. We can meet up for dinner.. Movie.. And even more..
J: Okie.. That's all for now.. I dunno u, u dunno me.. Let's cut this short.. Bye LengLui & sexy June.. I still prefer December or February.. (LoL)

How come got such ppl de ar? Simply call ppl and talk rubbish then praised herself pretty and sexy~ Stupid~ Wasting time..

How come I blog about this de ar? Wasting of time still I blog geh? Haiyer~ Wahahahaha!!

Jason Siah

1.05pm 12th July 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

~Lately.. Movies..~

As what I hv mentioned in my header.. July is a month of movies.. Just too many movies to be watched.. Hehe.. So far, I hv watched 3 movies.. And would like just write smth about them.. This is my own point of view.. You can definitely disagree with me.. =P

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

This is the 1st movie I watched on July.. F4.. Frankly speaking, I have quite high expectations for this movie as I heard a lot of good comments and read a lot of good reviews about it.. But.. Maybe, due to the high expectations itself, I felt even more disappointed.. The movie is lagging.. My fren almost fall asleep.. I was still ok.. Cos I like Jessica Alba very much.. She is just so HOT! The storyline is super boring.. Fortunately, it's a short movie.. Just 1 and half hour.. I think less than that~ But of course, still, we need to give credit to the special effect of all their powers~ Especially the Silver Surfer~ So terror man.. And I felt so nice when I got to know that he is actually not the BAD GUY.. Haha! Rate: 3/5


Here comes the 2nd movie.. Transformer.. Okie.. This one.. I just want to show my THUMB UP!! So incredibly fantastic and sophisticated~ Like many ppl out there, I was one of the super fans of this cartoon when I was just a kid.. But I couldn't really recall the story in the cartoon version.. So, this time, I was bringing an empty-mindset to watch the movie.. And.. It's just soooo COOL~ Especially all the Transformation scene!!! So impressive~ Wonderful.. AMazing! Haha~ I cant find any other better words~ Just so facinating~ Personally, I like Optimus Prime the most~ Ya, many ppl like Bumblebee the most and I like it too.. But if compared with the coolness and yeng-ness of Optimus Prime, really cant take it.. No matter in TRUCK or ROBOT, I still like it the most! Dammit.. Wanted to watch it again yesterday but Fully Booked! Rate: 5/5

Die Hard 4.0

Transformer is fully booked yesterday.. Ended up, I watched Die Hard 4.0 with my friends~ Waliao~~ Another movie that amazed me alot alot!! From the very beginning of the movie.. Till the end (except the most ending part where all the bad guys were dead only those so called FBI policemen appeared), it's full of excitement.. Action-packed.. Fighting.. Guns.. Cars.. Helicopters.. Bombs.. Truck.. Sophisticated technology.. And even jet!! For God Sake.. It's so damn real~ So damn excited.. Interesting.. Gencheong qigik~ Everything!! Haha.. Just to highlight a thing.. Maggie Q is kind of kicking-ass in this movie~ Compared to watch her Hongkong movie with her poor Cantonese, watching her speaking in fluent English is much more captivating.. =D Rate: 5/5

So.. This is all about the 3 movies that I have watched recently.. Coming soon, I wish to watch, of course, Harry Porter~~ Also Surf Up but this one not sure got time to watch or not.. Haha~ I wanted to watch Alone.. I really think this is a good ghost movie from Thailand.. But not sure still got chance to watch or not cos quite some time it is screened in cinema.. Haih~~ Anyway, next target surely is Harry Porter la wei~ =P

P/s: Anyone knows where to get free or cheaper tix??? Pokai lor watch movie like this.. hahaha!

Jason Siah

1.59pm 9th July 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

~Steamboat Session with SoLoBies..~

Steamboat dinner called by our self-declared President of Steamboat session, Bai.. Initially, we planned to have this steamboat session @ Juit's house.. So that besides than eating, we still can chat more comfortably.. We also can sing K @ Juit Box as well as have a 'dou'.. Everything has been confirmed till the dinner day.. I received call from Juit himself..

Juit: Eh, do u guys really MUST come to my house?
J: Er.. I guess so.. Why ar?
Juit: Hehe.. Cos I havent bought the "liew"..

So, ended up, we had our steamboat session @ HouHou Steamboat, Kota Damansara branch~ And.. What is "liew".. Means the FOOD.. The material for our Steamboat~ Yes, he din buy it~ Funny this Juit~ Wanna have steamboat but dint buy the food.. Minum sup saje pun tak boleh la?? hahaha..

Anyway, it's still syiok and nice to have this steamboat session for our KL branch~ wahaha! SoLoBies KL Branch la.. This is actually the 2nd time I been here @ HouHou Steamboat.. The 1st time was with Juit & Ken~ I like the soup and chili sauce here.. As for the food.. Not much varieties actually.. But of course, still.. Some of the specialty here can cover back the lack of the varieties la~ =P For example, 'hoi sin tau fu'.. Fish.. Fuzhuk~ =P

I wished to take a lot of pic for this Steamboat session as well just like how we camwhore in Genting for Show Mi ConCert.. So, very gen-cheongly I charged my camera battery lo.. Dim zhi.. I was stupid enough to just bring along ONLY the Camera but not the batt!!! >.<''' So stupid! I mean me la of course.. So, all the pic taken on that nite was by my charming K550i~ =P

We had great time makan makan @ HouHou Steamboat.. And very happy that our Lovely JingYee Mummy & Weng Daddy joined the dinner.. She has been pregnant for about 5 months now.. Really happy and excited for them! And all the SoLoBies are very looking forward to her baby bcos this is the 1st SoLoBies baby ever!!!! Really really 'bu gan xiang xin' that SoLoBies 1st Baby is going to be borned the end of this year!! Yippie!! =P

Okok.. After the dinner, we went for 2nd round cos not enough ma.. Hehe~ We walked around the area and we found out only got 1 place could sit down and have a nice chat~ Which is.. Forgot the name la.. Paiseh~ Smth Kopitiam also la~ haha! Then we ordered some drink and guess what? We found out the Block Game there so we started to play~ At start, we played as usual.. Normal Block Game but suddenly we felt boring with normal game and started with SoLoBies style~ Claire started the game first.. Saying wat 1 block ON another block~~ Quite "wuliao" but we really enjoyed very much~ Haha..

This is really an exciting and happy nite.. I really like this kind of gathering.. Eventhough short yet enjoyable enough~ Nothing to be celebrated but it's just to gather~ Very much appreciation for everyone who attended~ I really love you guys so much.. Coming post is about our beloved Mimi's birthday celebration.. Another wonderful gathering~ Till then, CIAO~ Me just back from Transformer!!! Cool man~ Okie.. It's late.. Goodnite..

Not forgetting to share with you guys.. The SoLoBies video clip.. 3 clips say it all.. Enjoy.. =P

Jason Siah
6th July 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

~突然奇想的"如果的是。。" J's Version..~


如果你不能接受你自己, 你永远都不会变好..



如果你要别人爱你, 你先要懂得什么是爱



Jason Siah
12.08am 2nd July 2007