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Monday, April 14, 2008

~1 Day Trip to Melaka..~


Continued from previous post.. A day in Melaka!.. With J's Family~ Very da tired.. But really enjoyable.. And happy cos can spend time with my family!.. Hehe.. This time.. Also with my sis' bf.. And little cousin sister!.. =D We spent time walking around Melaka.. Cari makan of course.. And also taking pictures.. We had great time together!.. In fact, it's a great day!.. Wonderful.. Secret.. =P

J with Sis..

My little cousin sis..

Mengada punya Couple..

Mengada punya J..

My mum met her fren there.. Old fren.. Fuiyoh.. From so far also can meet fren!.. So, take a pic for them lor.. Just for fun.. Not to say we gonna print it out.. LoL So bad hor? Hahaha! =P We had brunch in Melaka when we reached there about 1pm.. Yes.. So late.. We makan all the nice food.. Asam laksa.. Baba nyonya laksa and nasi lemak.. Cendol.. Sedap!!!.. Then we proceed to the Jonker Street.. In the middle of the day!!.. So fucking hot and nothing much to see!.. Haha.. But we still walked along the street and bought something INTERESTING!.. The MahJong!!!!!

Mummy & Fren..

The Interesting MahJong..

Some nice and interesting parts of the Melaka trip.. We kena "saman".. Hehe!.. We simply parked lor.. Haha.. Padan muka jugaklah.. =P Melaka is still the same.. Damn HOT!.. Sun is burning our skin just like melting us!!!!!..

I love this pic so so much...

BUT!!.. The HOTness did not affect us at all!!.. Action @ A Famosa!!!.. Our next challenge.. My parents challenged it too.. We climbed up to A Famosa.. It's not that difficult la after all.. Haha.. Anyway, take a look at our Actions then!.. =P

Pretty Auntie Karen..

What kind of pose is this ar?.. Spider WEB!?.. =P

All in all.. This is really a great trip for all of us!.. Also, a very very very amazing news we got that night.. It changes our life.. We are just.. Thrilled and Excited!!!.. It's just Feel So Good.. We are going to Genting coming weekend~~ Hehe.. Tight and busy schedule isn't it?..

J with Mummy..

WonderGirl (!?)..

SuperBoi (!?)..

Uncle Andy & Auntie Karen..

Jason Siah
12.23am 15th April 2008


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