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Friday, April 18, 2008

~Over Eva's Dead Body!!..~

Cool!! I have just watched Over Her Dead Body yesterday!.. It was really an interesting and funny movie!.. I love the dialogues.. I love the actor.. I love the actress.. I love the scenes.. I love the sarcatiscm.. And of course, I love the most.. Eva Longoria..

She is just sooooo adorable, isn't she? She has this vibe that really attractive!!.. Very comfortable looking at her and of course, her character in this movie is very very interesting!.. A Ghost.. Yes, a nasty one but have no idea what she is pending for moving on after her death~ Why? Cos she missed the orientation of the 1st day she died!.. LoL That's really funny.. =P

This is actually a very simple movie.. But I got the message.. No matter what distraction you are having.. What kind of pressure you are facing.. In fact, we only would like to achieve one little thing.. To be happy.. And want the ppl that we love to be happy as well.. =D

So.. Go watch it!!!!! Must..

J's Rate:
out of 5 Stars..

Jason Siah
18th April 2008


  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Danny said… movie? how come i dunno??? OMG..I LOVE EVA...I LOVE EVA....

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