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Monday, December 25, 2006

~MeRRy x-m@s with KK Gang..~

Just back from PD yesterday.. It was a short trip where we went there early in the morning on Saturday before sunrise and then we got back to KL by Sunday before dinner time~ But still, it was damn fun and exciting~ Also, another memorable trip of SoLoBies..

Anyhow, I am not going to blog about this PD Christmas Celebration yet.. I am here to blog about the 1st Christmas Celebration this year with KK and the Gang!! It was an early celebration but we still insisted to make it that early as nobody is free after that.. This time we make it in Bee's house which located and Setapak area.. Lucky me to hv guidance from Alice, if not, I dun think I can manage to find the way to that area.. Haha~ Ya.. Stupid me! =P Anyway, I reached early with Alice & Sam.. Jennifer was there already.. We had Pot-Luck that day and everyone of us prepared one dish for everyone.. Good food indeed.. As for me, I just bought some ice-cream~ LoL

We had great time together.. Eating, chatting, exchanging gift.. And of course taking pic for sure! After such a long period we have been missing our KK... This time, he managed to make it!! Really glad and excited to see him joining us this time as we miss him so much! Don't you know about that KK?? Haha~ Hopefully you can make it as well for our CNY gathering.. All of us taking turn to snap some pictures with KK while the time allows as he has to rush to another outing.. The exchanging gift part is always the best.. As usual, we draw the name and exchange the gifts one by one.. I really really wish to get the gift from KK.. Cos it's Eason Chan's latest album!!! Mmm.. but, not bad as well, I got Bee's.. 2 damn cute Bear keychains.. Yeah.. =D

After that, we continue having our meals and chat.. We had a long chat about someone.. Someone that I don wish to talk about here.. haha! Anyway, really grateful that they could understand how I feel~ Yeah.. Thanks! After all.. This is another great gathering for us.. And we are really looking forward to CNY gathering very soon.. Wish everyone of us bhappy always and Enjoy the Christmas Day!!! ~Amen..~

Jason Siah
8.10pm 25th December 2006
Merry Christma

Friday, December 22, 2006

~Jingle Bell Merry Christmas Jolly Time..~

Haha.. I noe I noe.. It's just a lame Title I have here.. I am just too excited today cos I will be having my holiday from tomorrow onwards till next year!! After New Year la.. But just too bad have to come back work on 2nd Jan 2007 which supposed to be our Public Holiday as well~ Thanks to those Johor, Kedah and Perlis branches that open during that Public Holiday which makes us have to come to work~~~ Really stupid! Haha..

Anyway, don think about that now.. Cos my head now just think about this ONE week time of holiday.. I am going to sleep eat sit and of course.. Go to Fitness First la.. haha~ Paid so much cannot skip class de! LoL

Today will go buy Christmas Gift for our PD trip tomorrow morning with SoLoBies.. Will be back from PD on Sunday.. Then start my Christmas and New Year holiday!!

Wish everyone happy always.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2007!!!

Yoohoo~ Santa Claus is coming to the town~~~~

Jason Siah

1.01pm 22nd December 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

~Dear Christmas..~

Dear Christmas,

Time flies.. It's the end of the year of 2006.. Still fresh in my mind what happened early of the year.. Till now.. Happy and sad.. Ups and downs.. Many many things.. Very much to think about and very much to look back about.. December is always a very special month.. It's the remark of the end of the year.. Which means it's time for us to look back to what we have done and gone through the entire year.. On the contrary.. It's the time to look forward for a brand new year as well.. The most special one.. Of course, it's the month full of happiness cos a lot of HOLIDAYs & celebrations ma! Hahaha~

So.. For this blog.. I want to really talk about the year of 2006.. Look back this year.. Erm.. Changed quite a lot.. Actually really a lot.. Firstly, about my job.. I changed to this current job since March '06.. I have worked here for more than 9 months now.. Gosh!! Time passed really fast!! I am quite satisfied with this current job.. At least, this organization is much more better than all my previous companies lo.. Salary.. Benefits.. And all.. Haha! And now, I am waiting for Feb 2007 for my next promotion!!! Yeah...

Now talk about my family.. Erm.. We have gone through really a lot these few years.. Just bcos of my dad~ But, my family never given up.. Still backing him up.. And hoping that the future will be better.. Yet, I really doubt about it.. Still have obstacles in front to be faced.. I have no idea what will happen and how do we really face with it.. But, just praying hard to God that HE can give us a chance to really continue our happy life.. We just need a simple life.. Not much than that.. Of course, I really hope that my dad regrets on what he has done.. And grab the chance to really change if he really has that.. May God Bless Us..

Friends are always IMPORTANT to me.. I am so grateful that I have SoLoBies in my life.. No matter what happened, no matter when and where.. I believe and I know that they would not give up on me and we will always stick together like this.. Maybe not forever but will for a looooonnng period~~ Specially to Kenzhu, Juit, Joce & Zham.. The support you guys showed me.. I really really appreciate it damn much! I love you all like my own family.. and I really hope that every single of you get happiness as well! =D Really excited that we still keep our promise.. Celebrating Christmas for every year.. Eventhough we are going to the same old place this year BUT still.. I believe we gonna enjoy much much just like how much we enjoyed previously!!!

I dun hv brothers.. I only have one sister.. I mean.. REAL brothers.. But.. I am really glad and proud to know few God Brothers whom really really support me whenever I need them.. Especially to WaiBoon.. This year, I really think the most correct thing tat I have done is.. You know what I mean rite bro? Hehe.. I am so surprised for all your advices.. Not to say that I cant believe you can accept this... Just that, I didn't know that you can accept it WITH advices only.. Wahahaha! I dunno what I am talking about.. Anyway, much appreciation from me.. =D Of course, not forgetting about your loupohzhai lor.. Thanks for the support as well, YY!!

It is really not easy to get to this stage.. I mean, these years.. I hv gone through a lot.. I hv learned alot too.. As I said, Ups and Downs.. Friends come and go... Problems never given up to look for a FIGHT with me.. Sometimes, feel like TIME is not sufficient enough for me.. Work is stressful.. Sick and recovered.. Ya.. this is what we called LIFE.. I don mind that I have to gone thru alllllllll these stuffs~ Cos I am learning something from it.. When friends come, nice and comfortable to be with.. Just Stick together.. Hang out.. Those NOT.. Boleh blah~~ Hehe! Problems nak gaduh~ I tak takut! Mari mari!! Tak cukup TIME.. Learn to arrange it! I can get even sufficient time to watch my Fav show.. Charmed!! LoL Ya, working is tenseful.. Still, I get paid for that stress.. Sick.. See doctor lo!! Clear? Yeah...

2006 is going to end.. A brand new year is coming.. Before the year ends, I managed to get myself a new LapTop which I have dreamt for it since lonnnng time ago.. Some new good friends whom I can hang out with and share my life.. Applied Streamyx when I can online whenever I like now.. Joined Fitness First which I can go for those damn cool dancing classes!!! Life.. Still have to go on.. So.. Go on HAPPILY..

My wish for all my friends and family.. Strangers whom read my blog.. Bhappy Always and Be Healthy! These 2 are the most important things in LIFE.. Got me?? GotCha!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2007!!!!!

Jason Siah
18th December 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

~Charmed 1 is still the Best!~

Frankly speaking, lotsa ppl feel weird that I would like to watch Charmed.. I hardly find 1 who has the same interest towards that 3 pretty witches stories from my friends around me.. Haha! I am not so sure why but I know that I really like them damn much~ 1st-ly, I am really into this kind of story-line.. Magic thingy.. And that is why I love Harry Potter damn much as well~ 2nd-ly, I like the connection between the sisters that they portrayed.. And compared the latest season of Charmed & the last time ones, I still like Charmed Season 1 & 2.. And even 3.. I am not sure cos after the Eldest Sister, Prue died.. Then.. Not that nice already.. Haha..

After getting the Streamyx at my house.. Now I can download Charmed Season 1 everynight.. And yesterday managed to catch up with 2 episodes!! Whoa~ Damn nice man! Hahaha.. I still not sure whether other ppl will still feel weird towards me.. But hey.. I do like other drama like CSI.. ALIAS.. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.. Etc.. haha! Just tat this one.. Erm.. Special feeling towards it! LoL

Anyway, just to share this.. Supposed to work out my new header and my latest post but too busy with the Charmed.. Haha~ Din manage to make it.. My header! SHIT~ For Christmas but it's almost here! Still havent changed.. Haha.. Yaya, I noe I am slow.. Sorry lor.. Anyhow.. This is December!! Christmas and New Year is here! Holiday is here! U do not know who is Holiday? Too bad.. I will intro u to her then~ LoL I noe I noe.. I start gila now! LoL

Jason Siah
12th December 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

~My New Lappie!~

Since dunno when I already dreamt of having my own laptop.. I know lotsa ppl will think that laptop is not too good.. Lotsa problems.. I do notice that as well.. Anyhow, desktop is definitely better and cheaper than laptop.. But still, I have really thought of having a laptop for myself since long time ago.. So.. I still bought it at last.. Haha! My lappie is Compaq with the new Core 2 Duo processor.. Actually I am not sure what is the difference.. Hehe~ I onli know that it costs me another RM2oo.. =P

After having my own laptop, I think it's time to apply for streamyx as well.. So, I applied.. Just got the modem yesterday.. Installed everything and called to activate my user ID then, I just got ONLINE! Haha.. I mean.. Never thouht it could be this fast.. I heard someone told me after installation, I still have to wait for at least 3 days or 1 week but yesterday right away I could online.. So damn happy! Haha~

This is not all.. I also joined Fitness First @ The Curve! This month I am really OUT of my own budget~ God Damn it~ Haha.. Do not know how to survive next month since I swapped my credit card for all this.. Which means I have to pay next month lor! Anyone wanna sponsor me ar? Hahaha~

Anyway, I feel really happy for all this.. Getting the laptop that I have always wanted since long time ago.. Streamyx which I can ONLINE at home for 24 hours whenever I like.. Fitness First where I can joined all the interesting classes and dance as much as I like!! (Of course I wish to get slimmer la.. Haha~) So, as the conclusion, I still think it's worth it for me to spend all these $$.. Next month just eat less.. go out less.. hang out less.. No movie.. No special dinner.. No shopping.. Hahaha~ Gambateh! =P

It's very late now.. Tomorrow is just Thursday.. Not Friday! Haha.. Anyway, wish everyone have a great Thursday! Weekend is just around the corner.. Goodnite n bhappy!

Jason Siah
12.48am 7th December 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


At last I have the time and chance to blog lo!! Hehe~ It's bcos now I can blog at home.. At last.. I have installed streamyx.. So now I can online @ home lor! And fast fast I update my blog which really really long time never been updated ald.. This is about a dinner organized by my company, OCBC Bank under the division of Business Banking.. The theme of the dinner was AROUND THE WORLD.. What does it mean? It just means tat you can wear costumes from all over world.. And I chose Malay style.. Just like what my colleagues have chosen too~

It was really not easy to wear that oo~ Of course, with the help of the eXpert, Intan, I managed to get it On my body.. hehe! We had a very nice time @ Steve's house before going to the dinner.. Surprisingly, his house is damn nice! So damn classy and high standard! haha~ Why surprisingly? I also do not know how to explain but just unexpectedly la... LoL

As for the dinner.. It was just too funny... There were NO table and chairs for us to sit down and eat nicely!! WTF?! Everyone was wearing so nicely but we did not even get a chair to be seated?! It was really hilarious.. Especially for those pretty gals whom wear so elegantly but have to stand while eating! Dammit! So memperxiasuikan~ Hahaha!

Actually nothing much to talk about this nite.. Just feel special cos I wear the Malay Stlye costume.. So nice! So cute~ Hahaha.. I am not perasan saying myself Cute la.. I just mean tat to wear tat is very cute~ Haha.. I think tat's all to update about this.. Enjoy the pic! =D

Jason Siah

10.55pm 5th December 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

~Damn it! Busy!!!~

Really busy.. No time to visit blogs at all.. No time to create blog as well.. Haih.. Everyone.. Sorry ar.. NO UPDATEs yet! =P

Jason Siah
1.56pm 5th December 2006