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Friday, August 31, 2007

~Muhibah Merdeka Day (?!)..~

Happy Merdeka Day! Yup! Today is our beloved country, Malaysia's 50th Birthday.. It's a Public Holiday.. Everyone is happy as we can enjoy the holiday with our family and friends.. Moreover, 'countdown' activities is one of the cannot-miss-show in Malaysia..

Yesterday, I spent very quality time with my Brother WaiBoon.. I will blog about my birthday later on.. But now.. About today's experience first.. hehe.. Okie, back to the topic.. WaiBoon brought me to see the fireworks @ Putrajaya.. I stayed overnite at his place.. This morning, after breakfast.. I went to Serdang Ktm station to take Ktm.. I reached there about 11.30am.. Waited and waited and waited.. 1st train came.. Packed! Full!.. I could not squeeze into the train!! It's okie.. I thought.. I can wait for the next one.. 2nd train came.. Packed! Full! Again, I could not squeeze into the train.. I told myself.. It's okie, bersabar.. Wait for the next one.. 3rd train came.. Packed! Full! OMG~ This is too much.. I told myself.. I MUST try my very best to squeeze in BUT I failed~~ So did I for the 4th & 5th!!!!.. Yes, I could manage to take the stupid Ktm.. Only when the 6th train came.. Oh.. Finally, I was in the train.. I was so so happy.. I managed to get myself a seat when the train reached KL Central station.. Cos most ppl got down there.. But..................................... My butt was not HOT yet.. We were being forced or instructed to get down from the train @ KL station to wait for another train!!!!!! What the fuck?! Yes, that's the fuck~ I was so angry and frustrated!! What the heck this KTM Berhad was thinking?? What kind of arrangement was that?? I really do not know why we had to go through this.. Disappointing..

Of course, I managed to reach home for sure.. But.. Only at 3pm! Yes.. Remember I said I reached Serdang station at 11.30am.. 3 and 1/2 hours journey! My God~ Dammit! I have nothing much to say.. Just one word.. FAILED! It's really disappointing to know that our Ktm service is still this bad when the country reached 50 years old!.. I do not want to relate this to the Merdeka Day.. It's just too frustrating.. Anyway, when I was in the train.. I found out 1 very funny scene.. Which I think, well.. This is really what we mean by Merdeka Day.. In Ktm.. Wahahaha! What's that scene? Muhibah scene lo~ We have all Kind of races in the train man~ Not muhibah enough meh? With lotsa foreigners somemore neh!!

Okai.. Just bubbling here.. Cos too pikchik.. Happy Merdeka to everyone.. & Muhibah always..

Jason Siah

50th Merdeka Day of Malaysia..

Thursday, August 30, 2007

~Hapi Birthday To J!..~

Ooi! It's my Birthday la~~ Yes, my Birthday ok? Haha! It's 3008!! Ya, I noe.. If I could bear for another few hours in my mum's belly back to 25 years ago.. Then I would be a Merdeka Boy~ But now.. Sorry la ya~ =P

Anyway, it's my 25th Years-Old Birthday.. So, I wanna wish myself..

Happy Birthday!! Selamat HariJadi!!

I wish all my WISHES come true! Wahahahaha~ =P

P/s: Thanks to Blur^Sand for her special post for me! So touching.. Hehe!

Pic Courtesy from Blur^Sand..


Jason Siah
9.39am 30th August 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~Eve of J's Birthday..~

Yes.. I am happy and excited to countdown for my own birthday! It's tomorrow.. 30th August!!!.. Today, so-called the Eve of my own birthday.. Should be happy as well.. Too bad, I just could not get rid from some bad things to happen to me since this morning~ Haih.. I have meeting today after work and will have dinner with my beloved SoLoBies.. So, I decided to drive my car to my colleague, Kak Kulin's house @ Kota Damansara and follow her car to work.. Then I can save petrol + toll~ Who knows when this morning I wake up.. It was raining very heavily here in Rawang.. Which delayed the time I sent my parents to work and then back to highway.. I could foresee I would be late so I sms Kak Kulin and asked her to wait for me just a more while..

When I reached Sg Buloh exit.. It was damn damn jam~ I listened to 988.. Announcement made.. Accident happened near Sg Buloh Bridge Restaurant which I need to pass by in order to go to Kota Damansara.. So, I called Kak Kulin and informed her that I will drive directly to office myself.. I taken a risk and exited @ Sg Buloh toll~ Okai.. I know I am stupid to do that cos.. It was damn jam as well.. After a long journey.. Almost 8.30am.. I managed to get back into the highway through Damansara toll and once I got out from the toll.. My car BROKE DOWN!!!.. And I was in the middle lane!~ And it was still jam!!.. I turned on the Double signal.. And started to feel really down~ Called my dad and asked him to call whoever that can help me~ Then, I called my TeamLeader to inform him that I need to take EL today~ There, both Jasons (my TeamLeader's name is Jason as well) laughed and laughed in the phone conversation because of my bad luck on the Eve of my own Birthday~ Yes, we laughed.. Kinda positive huh? I am not sure.. Bcos really a lot of ppl looking at me by the time their car passed my car.. Ooo.. Memalukan~

Just got home.. Of course, my car has been sent to the "doctor" and this time.. Not sure how much I have to pay for it again~ So, this is how my last morning of being 24 years old be.. Excited? Nope.. Happy? Of course not.. But, I couldn't be more sad~ As I am still looking forward to my birthday.. Everyone.. Wish me good luck please.. Bad luck fast fast ciao.. Good luck fast fast come.. Wish that I could have a very good start and good ending for my 25 years old.. =P

Jason Siah
Last Day of J being 24 years-old

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~Explore ur Imagination..~

Browsed throughAhBeng's blog this morning and found out smth interesting recommended by him~ It's kinda fun~ So, I have created few of the pic as below just for fun~ Wahaha.. There is 1 pic contributed by my colleague, Princess TanTan.. Hehe! Nothing special.. Just feel boring @ work so ma do smth interesting lor.. Thanks to AhBeng for this wonderful website.. You guys should explore your imagination together as well.. Do visit this website.. =D

Semua dialog adalah rekaan semata-mata...............

Boring de Jason Siah
3.22pm 21st August 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

~Regional Senior Manager geh Bday wor!~

So fast it's August!!!!.. Yippie.. It's my month of course.. Why? Bcos my birthday falls on this month.. So, I am happier.. Haha.. But, before that.. Definitely we must celebrate our beloved Ken's Birthday!!! And this time.. He got a very nice cake with a very nice-long name on it~ Thanks to Joel for the cake! Regional Senior Manager.. This is his position now in the current company~ And that's not the full name oo! Means his position has a even longer name! Haha~ Well, congratulate to him for his promotion.. Gambateh oo Regional Senior Manager!.. Nei dek geh!!..

Actually, we planned to have a surprise bday celebration for Ken.. But due to his busy-ness, we have to change our plan to just a simple yet warmth and happy bday dinner @ Fatty Crab~ Last time during Juit & Mummy JingYee's bday dinner.. We planned to go to this Fatty Crab but at last, we went wrongly to the King Crab!!.. So this time, we decided to go to Fatty Crab again~ Hehe.. Luckily we managed to go there this time lor.. Well, we have SoLoBies + a VIP, Uncle to celebrate Ken's bday!!.. SoLoBies who can make it this time are.. Juit, Bai, Mummy JingYee, Joel from Spore & Wee..

We had a very nice dinner.. As usual.. We chatted, we laughed, we eat.. We fat tin.. We take pic.. Haha! This time dinner.. We really have a lot of food.. Bai reached 1st followed by 3 of us (Juit & Ken..) and while we were waiting for the other 4 to come.. We really beh tahan with the hunger already.. So we ordered "some" food to eat first~ Haha.. The "some" is not really "some" la.. We ordered quite a lot lor.. At last.. We eaten dozen of chic wings~ 2 kg of Crabs.. 1 kg of prawns.. A BIG fish.. Some "pei dan" & "ma tei gou" as appetizers.. & of course.. The bday cake as the dessert~ Wahaha!

SoLoBies are always the Biest! I think Ken has the same thought~ Hehe! Wish him really enjoyed the dinner.. Eventhough not all SoLoBies can attend.. But at least, we have Joel from Singapore.. Mummy JingYee & our KaiNui.. 2 Musketeers.. Wee da Show Mi.. Bai da Kaiwei.. And of course.. With Uncle as well.. Thanks to him for becoming our cameraman.. haha! Hope all your wishes come true~ Wish you All The Best in the new Position.. Wish you always Happy & Healthy! & Always 'yao sing yao sik'~

P/s: Thanks to Ken for the souvenir from Taiwan.. Nice postcards indeed.. Eventhough it has almost "expired" (u noe what I mean.. haha!) but I really appreciate it very much! Thanks.. Also congratulate to Juit~ See the above pic.. He is so "mangkai" now.. What is "mangkai"?? So thin~ So slim.. Hehehe! Gambate!..

Jason Siah

12.23am 19th August 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007


Awesome Guy Blogger!!

Okok.. Frankly speaking, I am really shocked and surprised to know that someone will award this to me~ Haha! Thank you very much to ~BenjiPapa~ for awarding me with this Awesome Guy Blogger! Chehwah.. Glamor gila lah this name! Wahahaha!

So.. Just check it out as below..

Participation Rules:

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. It would be appropriate to include them with this meme.

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 bloggers that make you think are qualified for this award.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme which was created by Roberta.

3. Optional: Proudly display the “AWESOME GUY BLOGGER AWARD” logo with a link to the post that you wrote.

Now, it is the time to announce the recipients of this award. The award goes to……

1. Calvism - A nice guy with sometimes, a 'negative' personality.. Always talk about love.. life.. Which I sometimes have to agree with what he talks about.. Hehe.. Gambate bro!

2. AhBeng - Who else if not him.. This kiddo is not orang sebarangan.. He has the attitude.. The dream and for sure the goal~ His life now is full of excitement from his new job.. Wish u luck bro!

3. Crayn - Someone who likes to share stories alot.. Not sure all the stories are belong to him or not but really.. Most of his stories touched my heart so so much.. Hey Dude, wish that ur story is a good one..

4. BenjiPapa - Would like to nominate him back cos he is really a nice blogger.. So many camwhore pic u can see from his blog.. Sharing his life and feelings in his blog just like I do.. So, YOU deserve this Benji!

5. Ken - Last but not the least.. My best friend, Ken.. He is my best friend and we have known for more than 11 years.. This blog is actually meant for his fans and listeners of his show.. What show? He is a part time DJ @ 988fm.. Please support him.. Every Sunday @ 7pm onwards.. U will be surprised~ Cos.. He is really GOOD!

That's all for now.. Hehe! Thanks again to Benjipapa... =D

P/S: A boring afternoon.. Taken MC today due to my migraine.. Oops! Doctor said it's not Migraine.. It's just headache which caused by my sinus!!! My nose is blocked 24 hours~ So now.. Should I do the operation OR not?

Jason Siah
5.56pm 16th August 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

~Surprise for Kk Wong.. Slim Kk..~

Surprised!!! And yes, he was really SHOCKED to see the cake~ hehe! We didn't really plan for this birthday celebration.. All we have been planning was like usual.. A dinner which we all can gather and spend time together~ Found out that we have a great number of ppl who can join for this time dinner and of course, Kk can make it this time as well.. So, I have this idea to give him a surprise! Hehe.. We went to Chillis @ Midvalley this time.. We really do not know where to go for dinner in MidValley anymore la.. Always KimGary KimGary~ Too boring.. LoL So, this time.. Suggested by the birthday boi himself.. We make it happened of course!

Sorry to those that reached there early and booked the waiting list for others.. I believe that u guys have waited for quite some time.. Really sorry.. We cant do much on that as you guys know.. They is no Reservation can be made.. We have to wait.. Just have to.. =P Luckily, we still managed to get ourselves a table for 13 of us!! Hehe.. So tat, we do not need to separate ourselves and we can 'party' together! Really glad that almost all of us could make it this time.. This really makes the celebration even more perfect for KK.. I believe he appreciates it very much~ Don't you KK? Hehe..

We enjoyed ourselves very much chatting together and of course, in Chillis.. Eat together~ We ordered among few of us and shared the food as the food there is really really in BIG portion~ When all the food was served on the table.. We all just grab whichever that we like.. It's just like buffet dinner! Haha.. It was so fun and exciting.. We had our wonderful time tasting the nice food there.. With the bottomless drinks and chips of course!~ As well as "bottomless" chitchatting~ Hahaha!! And camwhore session!!!! We have the superstar, KK Wong.. Surely, we must take more pictures with him la wei!!!

Happy Family Pictures that we had that nite were really good.. Our smiles.. Expression.. Mood.. Everything is in very good mode.. Hehe.. I just like it so much~ Maybe bcos it has been such a long time we never seen Kk.. So, we are extra excited that nite.. In fact, Kk is busy entertaining all of us as well.. He has to.. Hahaha!! Must take care of everyone of us de ma rite? =P

Last but not the least, wish Kk Wong.. Happy Birthday and Wishes Come True~ I believe 1 of his wishes has already come true~ Which is to get slimmer~ Look at him!! He is now no more Fat Kk lor.. Slim Kk.. Hehe! Really shocked us ga~ When he reached.. Our 1st statement was "Wow! You are so slim ar!!" & 1st question was "How come you so slim now geh?"... Don believe me? Look at the pic above urself lor.. Hehe! =P

Shang Yat Fai Lok wor Kk Wong..

Jason Siah
5.21pm 12th August 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

~Non-Blue Monday..~

I thought that I gonna watch a lot of movies on July as I claimed it myself as the Movie Month.. Who knows.. After 3 movies, I stopped! Haha.. Until last Monday.. I watched a Thai Ghost Movie with Ocean again @ Cineleisure.. Since I am off.. The movie name is Perng Mang.. Yes, it's a Ghost Movie but it's not scary at all.. A bit boring~ And.. When comes to the end.. You would find out that it's actually more to Love Story instead of Ghost Movie.. >.<'''

After the movie.. We saw this very very cute and nice SCENE in front of the cinema exit.. So, we take pic with the famous Simpsons.. Yes, I am not fans of The Simpsons Cartoon.. But still, it's cute! hehe~

Long time never see Ocean already.. Since Sammi's Concert.. Yesterday he nearly fly me BIG airplane.. But then, he took taxi and met me @ The Curve after work~ Really touching oo.. Hehe.. But he said he is angry with me~ Aiks! I belanja u watch movie already lo.. So, don angry already la.. =P Look at his hair.. He wanna be "fung wan".. So long!! >.<'''

Last but not the least, would like to share this with you all, my dearest friends.. I have been promoted.. My ranking now is Manager.. wahahahaha~ Early promotion.. Anyway, I am still doing my same job.. Customer service officer.. Yes, Manager but answering calls.. Don get confuse.. Manager is just the RANKING in the bank~ Not the position.. Hope this clarifies.. hahaha! =P Anyway, I am still.. Damn happy!!! Yoohoo..

Jason Siah
11.35am 8th August 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

~We are all Ex-Staff of AOE lu..~

It has been such a long time since the last one we met each other.. But this round.. More good news.. Now, we are all Ex-Staffs of AOE!!! Yoohoo~~ Cammie, the only one who still stayed in AOE last few months had got a new job for herself at last! Now working in MidValley.. And this has concluded that ALL of us are ex-staffs of AOE already.. Why do I need to repeat this so many times? Ex-Staffs of AOE.. Cos.. I feel so lucky to get out from there.. I feel so happy for all of them bcos they also could get out from that "ghost place"!! Haha~ This time we met @ The Prince Cafe.. New restaurant opened in MidValley.. Can try it out cos the food there really not bad..

I reached there the earliest as I off @ 5pm that Friday.. Sitting there alone without doing anything, I ordered the above Pizza & drink.. The pizza tastes really good.. And the drink.. I still prefer KimGary's "nai cha" and "yin yong".. Hehe~ Cammie came after I finished the whole Pizza.. *#&$*@ Haha! Then DaiLou's turn.. Followed by Danny & Professor Kuan.. Last but not least.. Sandy Dai Ga Jie.. Hehe!! We all had a nice time chatting together.. Eating and talking rubbish.. + Gossipping as well.. Then care about each other lately life and work condition.. It's kinda relaxing and happy to have chance like this and gather together with bunch of friends.. It's just so enjoyable~ We are definitely looking forward to the next one very soon! =D

Let's update 1 by One.. As I mentioned earlier.. Congratulations to Cammie.. At last, she got herself a new job.. No matter how bad it is now.. I think it's BETTER than in AOE.. Gambateh.. Dai Ga Jie Sandy.. Still Blur Blur.. Haha.. But she is the Boss.. Something like CEO if I am not mistaken.. Of her own business.. Hehe! Wish your business "shang yi heng loong" and u can earn alot lor.. Hehe~

As for Prof Kuan.. He is still the same.. Always tell COLD JOKES de.. Never changed.. Wahahaha! But still, very knowledgable la.. Prof wor! Hehe.. He is now working in IT line and still active in his MLM business~ DaiLou leh.. He is now working in Manjalara.. Seems not too happy la~ Haha.. But hope he will be doing fine as well.. Just beh tahan him one thing.. He said AOE is better after he resigned from there.. Yew~ What's wrong with you?! =P

The last but not the least.. The very "malu" and "diam" de Danny gor gor.. Not even wanna show his face while taking pic.. Ish.. Haha! He is still working in Cineleisure.. Seems not bad.. And thank u very much for the free tix of Invisible Target!!!!! Luckily I asked him first, if not, I wont be getting it.. Haha! Cos he only has 2.. Thanks!!

And now.. We have to wait for another gathering lor.. It's really cool to meet up with ex-colleagues actually.. Eventhough we are no longer working together.. But we have the same experience in the same company at the same time.. It's very worthy to memorize all those sweet and sour moments.. Wish all of u well always.. Bhappy.. =D

Jason Siah
3rd August 2007