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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

~Forbidden Kingdom of Double J's..~

Oh Yeah.. For fanatic of KungFu or Action-packed movie like me.. This is really a long-await movie of all!! (Of course, still have Mummy 3 and Babylon A.D. of Michelle Yeoh la!..) Double J.. The Famous Jackie Chan and Jet Li.. Both are the KungFu kings of Chinese entertainment industry and of all the people who involves in Action-Packed movies of HongKong.. I believe they are the only 2 that managed to really bring their skill and stunt over to Hollywood and WOW the world!..

Back to the topic.. Forbidden Kingdom.. Hmm.. It's a very interesting movie.. I shall not say creative as all the main characters in the movie are from Chinese legendaries or myths.. Or even Chinese movies.. However, the way they 'jumbled' up all the characters is kinda interesting.. Hehe.. The adventure of the 4 main characters is exciting too!..

The character that I love the most for sure is Liu-YiFei as the Golden Sparrow!.. She is just sooooo damn cool!!!! And pretty of course~ And she can kick ass!.. The best scene of all.. For sure is the fight scene between Jet Li and Jackie Chan lor!.. Cannot find other fight scene better than this already!.. 2 KungFu Kings fighting with each other~ Jet Li is very good in the sharpness of the action while Jackie Chan is very good in the action stunts! Both are great and fantastic KungFu performers!..

Eventhough at the end of the movie, you would feel a bit 'HUH?!' (*if you are Chinese and know all the legends).. But.. This movie is still worth it to watch!.. Double J leh~~ Don't miss it please.. =P

J's Rate:
out of 5 Stars..

Jason Siah
22nd April 2008


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