Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Sunday, April 27, 2008

~Dedicated to my Dearest Friend.. Happy Birthday..~

Picture represents how angry we are towards the "B"..

Dear my Dearest Friend..

I was really shocked to have heard the news.. It's really NOT supposed to happen neither yesterday nor today!! To be frank, this is the first time I have friend who broke up on the birthday.. To be more precisely, birthday's eve.. I am sad.. I am down for what has happened.. And I am really pissed off to know he is such a "B"!.. How could he do this to you? What bad things have you done to him that he has the intention to hurt you so much? Why he chose this day to tell you? Doesn't he has the brain to think and to feel how much love you have to him? Doesn't he has the heart to be at least let you have a great birthday? Doesn't he know that he is not only hurting you so badly but also all of us? Obviously he really doesn't know..

You have asked me these questions.. Why can ppl change so fast? Why can't he give you any chance? Why can he so calm in handling this matter? Are you useless? Can you trust love some more? Questions which I feel so badly for you when I heard it from your mouth.. Ppl change for himself.. Or maybe, he hasn't change at all.. This is the real him that you are seeing and hearing.. You should be grateful of that.. He isn't giving you any chance because he is giving himself chance.. "To be friends and start learning about each other again.." I think is so cool but only for himself.. In your shoes, that's just BULLSHIT~ He is calm because he has prepared for this.. He has thought about this.. Planned about this.. DECIDED about this before telling you.. That is why, he is calm.. Or I should say mean and sucks!.. You are not useless at all.. Ppl who treating you badly are rubbish.. That's called useless.. Yes, you can trust love for sure.. But not trusting someone with rabbit skin but crocodile flesh and heart..

It is definitely not easy to go through this ALONE and of course.. You are NOT alone.. We are here for you.. And always will.. We have tolerate someone like that to bully you BUT we would not let anymore sad or bad things happen on you.. At least, we will try our very best to protect you.. We will stay together to make sure you can get over this soonest possible.. We will be the buddies to make you smile and happy.. We are your friends and families..

Remember my sms.. It's specially for you.. “人总是会面对悲与乐。。 在不同的阶段人是需要学着怎样去接受和了解。。这样你才会长大。。我自问当不了你心里的那把锁匙但我希望我会能陪在你身边。。因为我真的真得很关心你这个朋友。。如果有想要说的话,记得大给Jason Siah。。好押韵哦~哈哈!“

Wish you well and happy always..
And still would like to wish you..
Happy Birthday..

With Love..

Jason Siah


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