Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Friday, November 24, 2006

~Please Accept Me For Who I AM!~

I have been always trying to be a happy guy.. To be as optimistic as possible in order for me to get as much happiness as I can.. But it's proved that nothing in this world is EASY.. I do not know how other people think about me or feel about how I portray myself.. But I always wish to give the best impression to them.. Sometimes it's really hard to catch what is in other's mind as we really cannot read that..

I have been chatting with one of my closest buddies yesterday nite.. I was really shocked to get such a BIG REACTION from him when I told him something that I have kept for such a long time in myself.. I told him because I believe that he will accept me for who I am and support me.. But I was totally WRONG! He did not support me.. He did not accept me neither.. It was really bad that I have to go through this.. That I have to lose a good friend due to such a reason.. Which is.. I want to be myself.. Is that wrong just to be ourselves? We do not harm anyone.. We just want to be happy.. Just like everyone else..

I know that it's actually kinda hard to make sure everyone is agreeing on one particular thing.. Surely we have the supporters and we have the oppositions.. Just that I never thought that he would have such a BIG REACTION towards someone that he already known for more than 10 years.. Anyway, anyhow, I still want to say this to him and everyone else..
Please accept me for who I am!!
Jason Siah
11.29am 24th November 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

~Mikel's Birthday Celebration @ TGIF 1U..~

It's the time to celebrate our Famous Mikel aka Splashmilk aka Susu's 25th Birthday lor!! Ooo.. Someone is getting OLDER now.. Hahaha~ It was a fun nite as not only I got to celebrate his birthday but also meeting some new friends.. Okok.. Not some.. A lot.. Haha~ I met with William.. Patrick.. BengHan.. Sylvia.. Stacy.. Joann.. & Christopher.. Of course must not forget to mention that I was happy enough to meet Shaz & Tony as well!! Kena tipu by Shaz which he told us that he was in Singapore at that time and then suddenly he APPEARED in front of everyone~ WTF?!?! "Hak sei yan" meh? Haha~

The birthday celebration was great.. Smooth and happy.. We had our dinner quite rapidly.. Maybe everyone was really hungry at that time.. Just that.. The food is not as good as we expected.. Of course, the main reason we gathered together is to celebrate our Susu's birthday.. We did not do anything much as we have the staffs in TGIF helping us to sing the birthday song.. It was damn.. Erm.. Scary?! Haha.. Happening I should say.. Mikel has to stand up on the chair and they sang the birthday song like scared nobody could listen to their VOICE.. Oh Gosh.. haha! But I think Mikel enjoyed very much as he has become the attention of all & of course the chance to give a kiss to Slyvia.. Wahahaha~ =P

Glad to have the chance to celebrate Susu's birthday with such a big gang of ppl.. Eventhough first time meeting but really hope that it was not the last time.. =P Wish I can join them for upcoming events lor.. Joan.. Giving tips to u.. Do invite me for coming events ok? Wahahaha~ Just kidding.. Actually, we didn't really have much time to chat on that Friday nite.. Everyone was busy taking pic and eating.. Then Ciao~ haha.. Anyway, nice having time with all of u guys..

As for Mikel.. Woo.. 25th lor~ Shang shang seng seng ya.. Hehe.. Wish you everything goes fine.. Be healthy and be happy always.. Already this BIG.. No need to minum susu so much~ Or even SPLASH ppl with Susu ok? Hahaha~ Just kidding.. Happy Birthday my good friend! =D

This is just too cute.. U can see all of us aren't really focusing on the camera.. Maybe too much FLASHES.. Everyone BLUR liao.. Haha! Taken from BengHan's blog..

~Click here for more Pictures!!~

Jason Siah
2.40pm 20th November 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

~J's Words..~

Dear my Brother, WaiBoon..
It's really a great thing to know you as my brother.. Your understanding is much much appreciated.. I feel really secure to share all my secrets with you.. Thank you very much.. =D BUT.. Do not expose my secret wor.. Hahaha~ =P

Dear The Cute XiaoYang..
My pleasure to know you.. It's not easy to get someone like you to be the greatest friend.. Hope we can appreciate it very much.. =D Actually, really not easy to know someone who eats McD with "loh mei gai" de.. Wahaha!

Dear 190cm S Initial Fren..
Not sure you know this is you or not.. A great friend with great personality.. Eventhough not everyone can admit that but don worry.. Dia tu dengki je.. hahaha!

Dear my Lovely Colleague, Kak Kulin..
Perut semakin BESAR.. Must becareful till you BERANAK k? Haha~ Wish you have the healthiest and cutest baby!! =D

Dear ex-lalio leejay, KK..
Thank you for being the ONE who grouped us up.. Gathering has been done every month.. Hope that you could join us soonest.. As you have been damn busy lately.. I saw you on paper attending the "yu sie jiang" as well.. So damn cute la your IMAGE.. Wahahaha!

Dear Last-but-not-least, SoLoBies..
All SoLoBies.. Time in UNITEN was really memorable and unforgettable.. I believe our friendships are not going to change and will get better and better in the future..

Dear Liong Zhi Zham..
Good luck in your new career..

Dear AhNui Joce..
Wish you can get a better job asap..

Dear Juit and Kenzhu..
Don't just work so hard everyday.. Come on.. 3 Musketeers must gather already.. Hehe!

Dear Bai..
Ngor seh bet dek nei..

Dear Abu..
I will support you for whatever decision you make.. Just go for what you want!

Dear Mimi Yc..
Miss you.. Might be going to Spore on Dec.. Hope to see u then! =D

Dear El-san Joel..
Wish u have great development of r/ship.. Welcome to Auntie's world.. Haha!

Dear Mama Nick..
Do not keep everything inside your heart.. You cant bare with it alone.. Hopefully, there's chance for me to be a good friend and share your story.. Good luck!

Dear "Shen Niong" GoldFish..
When are you going to "seh dek" pass me the pictures? Not much time left la.. Which means.. You are going to get married very soon lor.. Woo.. Ada orang akan pakai wedding gown wor.. Cun la.. =P

Dear 'Gal' Geok..
Sorry for not attending your birthday celebrations.. Hope to see you soon.. Btw, you don forget that u still owe me the reply of my "Da Vinci Code" email.. Wahaha!

Dear Wee..
I dun think I can make it to save any money for Sammi's Concert in HongKong next year.. Haha~ So, I will only pray that she wont have any concert by next year.. Blek~~~~

Dear dear dear.. Whoever who reads this..
Nothing special actually.. Just feel moody today.. So decided to post such a thing.. Haha~ Words from me to my beloved friends.. Love you guys.. and Miss You Guys so much.. =P Too tired and boring with the routine life that I am having now.. Everyday just the same.. Work eat sit sleep.. Anyway, wish everyone can be happy with their life and could get the GOALs of their life.. Bhappy Everyone!

Jason Siah
1.31pm 15th November 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

~Just for fun..~

Just for fun.. Hehe~~

Cun.. I like the way it pops out~ Haha!

Jason Siah
9th November 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

~What a Vampire Movie...~

Yesterday was a very tiring day.. Hectic and busy with numerous number of calls.. Then my friend from Penang asked me out for a movie.. In KLCC! Yes, KLCC.. Far for me but since my friend is from Penang and not so many chances to watch movie with him so I decided to go.. I didn't know what movie we will be watching cos he is the one who going to buy the tickets.. When I off from work.. Rained damn heavily.. Heaven knows what will happen if the rain continue like that for several days.. I believe the entire city going to be flooded~ Haha~ I noe.. I think too much~

Arrived in KLCC and waited for the show to start.. The tickets show "FROSTBITE".. I have no idea what movie is that.. Never heard before.. Never seen any preview before as well.. Waited outside the cinema.. The show supposingly to be started @ 7.40pm but it delayed!! Wahliao~ Not only KTM in Malaysia gets delayed but also CINEMA for movie~ What a joke~ We managed to get into the cinema only @ about 8pm~ 20 min delayed.. And when the show just started only I realised.. It is not an English movie nor Chinese.. Not Indian.. Not Thai or Korean or even Japanese.. Haha! Then what movie is tat?! I have no idea~ Sound like German or something like that..

The show started quite well.. With the vampire killing some soldiers.. But suddenly the scene changed to a hospital~ A doctor eaten some sort of pills and suddenly he becomes the vampire!! This vampire not only needs to drink blood but also can LISTEN TO THE DOG~ Wahahaha~ Yes.. TALK TO THE DOG~ Funny funny~

We din watch the entire movie.. Cos just too stupid to go on with it.. Anyway, I am not complaining about the movie.. Just would like to share about it~ Vampire-talks-with-DOGGIE movie~ LoL

** My rate for the movie: 0.01 out of 5~ Haha!

Jason Siah

8th November 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

~Suki's Bday Celebration... Without SUKI!!~

At last I got the time to update at least a dinner gathering back to last month as it has been such a long time I never updated anything.. I never thought that I would be that busy after creating another blog's name ( for myself.. Until now only I could have this time to write something that I always do.. =P

This was a dinner back to last month during the puasa time.. Ppl puasa, we BUKA puasa~ Haha! It was actually meant to celebrate our beloved Suki's birthday but too bad.. She was the one who absent.. That's why this birthday celebration is being named as Suki's Birthday without Suki.. =P

When I reaced FATima's house.. They were all preparing the food.. Yummy~ You can see Pop's face with those delicious food~ Really sedap ma.. haha! Really really like we were the one who Buka Puasa.. We had nice time eating all sorts of food.. Some bought from the Malay Stalls.. Some made by the others.. A good example, OREO Cheese cake by Samantha~ Wooo.. Standard~ Cheese cake buatan sendiri.. Kagum.. haha! Also not forgetting the jelly from Alice.. Not bad as well..

After having a nice dinner and long chat.. We started our Game of Card.. What kind of game is that?? Aiyo.. Gambling lor.. Wahahaha~ I posted it here dunno can or not?? Hopefully nobody sue me for portraying a wrong model.. Haha! Danny FATima be the "zhong ga" at first.. And there.. We lost like we OWED him for thousand years!!! Lost until everyone's faces also changed.. Only Danny's face looks the BRIGHT! Cos winning ma.. LoL Frankly speaking, the process is more important.. Eventhough win or lose still important (haha) but the time we spent together and the memories that we shared is even more important.. Believe it or not.. =P

How to celebrate Suki's birthday? (At last, back to the main reason we gathered..) Still, we sing song.. We blow candle.. We cut cake.. We even eat the cake.... WITHOUT SUKI lo~ Haha.. But we did something special.. We recorded the video and MMS to her.. Hopefully, she still happy with it.. Cos it's proven that we still remember her eventhough her BODY is not with us.. We believe her SOUL would always be with us.. (HANTU meh?!?)

We have decided that next year, no more birthday celebrations will be organized.. And December is for Christmas gathering.. So, this month will be the last month we celebrate birthdays.. Coming soon would be @ Bee's House.. Looking forward to it.. One of the Birthday Stars is my YanYi AhNui.. Haha! Sure play her gao gao.. U berhati-hati lah ya.. hahaha! Ciaoz~

Jason Siah
3.58pm 6th November 2006