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Monday, July 07, 2008

~Miracle Miracle Miracle..~

Still remember the time Colin told me about this Miracle Rush Event of Fitness First.. I was very blur and my 1st question for him was.. "Is it competition like Amazing Race?.." And I dunno why.. He did answer me "YES.." at that time which in fact directly or indirectly has affected me to join the competition.. Enthusiastically.. Then.. I realised that in fact, this is actually an event organised by Fitness First to raise fund for charity.. Of course.. I joined it with my fullest heart.. It's time to participate in some charity work tho!.. =D

So, quickly we formed a team~ And we named ourselves The RATTs.. NO HISTORY STORY here.. =P In fact, I really love the team so much!.. We always have fun and happy-go-lucky.. Then I get to know that we need to go for challenges and challenges in this 1-month time.. Challenges would be classes of Les Mills~ Which means Body Jam, Body Balance, Body Pump, Body Combat.. Yada Yada.. And we have to go different branches for all the challenges!.. I was really happy that time.. Excited as well.. Frankly speaking.. Even though I am holding passport membership but I only go to The Curve, FF ALWAYS.. Been to Uptwon, FF once.. As for Les Mills classes.. Er.. Body Jam, Body Combat are my favourite so far.. Others.. Hehehe!.. So, it's really a very good chance for me to join other classes & to go other branches of FF as well~ Don't waste my Passport membership ma!!! =P

Okie.. Back to the team.. After forming up the team.. We need to register ourselves for the competition and we need to take picture for that purpose.. So, we had a camwhore session!.. Hahaha! We took a lot of pictures to select one of the best for the registration.. But it just went off and off with lotsa fun and laughters!.. Of course, we still managed to take many wonderful and great pictures!.. =D

There started the Challenge!.. And well well well.. The very 1st and foremost Challenge was Body Balance but somehow this J could not manage to balance himself and fall sick!!!! I had a very high fever and had to take 2 days MC!.. So, I missed the 1st Challenge lor!.. We then went for Body Attack!.. Oh Yeah~ Nama yg sungguh menakutkans... Haha! It's Peter's class and I shall say.. It's fun but J doesn't like it~ Sorry.. =P But well, for me.. This is the 1st Challenge that 5 of us joining together!.. So, it's kinda memorable~~

The 3rd Challenge was the most Fun & Enjoyable one la wei~~ It's Body Jam time!!!!.. Our Favourite of all!.. And of course, we grooved together like crazy!.. Dancing is still the most favourite hobbies for me.. Wahahaha! HOBBIES! What a word? LoL I was very happy for this challenge.. Cos.. We really really enjoyed ourselves very much during the class.. And then we went to have our dinner + supper!! We ordered a lot of food.. Until can't put anymore food on the table.. Yes, that's a lot! =P We makan like nobody cares and of course balik tido lor selepas itu~~ =P

Well.. That's it for now.. Dun wanna make it too long for the 1st post la.. Hehe! More and more to come!.. =D

Jason Siah
9.57pm 7th July 2008


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