Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~F*cking HOT Iron!..~

Before I managed to update about all the happy moment and time that we have gone through in the Teambuilding @ Cameron Highlands last weekend.. We received an email from the Committee yesterday of a bad news regarding a payment that we have to bear by ourselves. And what payment is that? Read the below email from the Committee.. Please do take few min to read this so that you understand the whole scenario.. Thanks..

Hi there, Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Room 1318 during our teambuilding last weekend. On the day of departure (Sunday), we were informed by the hotel management that there was some damage done in one of the rooms i.e. 1318. Apparently, the room was messed up and the carpet was burnt.

Our BBEST committee went to the room to investigate and we were disappointed to find that the carpet was indeed burnt with the iron that was still hot and placed on the carpet. We had taken photos of the damage to the carpet of which the hotel has also indicated to us the cost of the damage. Please find attached the photos of the damaged carpet for your reference.

As the four of you were residing in the room, you are therefore responsible for the room during that period of time. As such, anything that is
lost/taken/ damaged in that room will be charged to the four of you. The hotel is charging RM500 for the damaged carpet. Please refer to the scanned bill, the carpet damage cost is highlighted in green.

Kindly arrange to bank-in the RM500 into the Business Banking Employee Survey Taskforce account no.: 101-2xxxx0-2, latest by this Friday, 30th Nov 2007 Regards..

Well.. First time I read this email, I felt really sorry as I was the 1 who used the iron during our tenancy.. So, after discussion with other 3 colleagues.. I replied the email as below:

Hi, After conversation between us, we do think that we need to clarify few things regarding the below-mentioned issue. On Saturday night, 1 hour before the Pyjamas Dinner, I was delighted to see the iron in our closet as I would like to iron my Pyjamas. So, I used the iron and after using, I placed the iron on the iron table exactly on the steel. In fact, I have plugged out the socket at once after using. To emphasize the point is we used it on Saturday night and the socket was unplugged right after using.

Thus, it's very unbelievable for us that the iron was still in HOT condition and placed on the carpet on SUNDAY itself. In fact, we do admit that there would be possibilities that we could be accidentally pushed the iron table and dropped the iron on the carpet when we moved out from the hotel room. BUT the very thing that we are very sure is the iron was definitely not ON (Socket is unplugged since Saturday). If the
carpet is burnt, we could have smell the burnt on Saturday night. My colleagues did visit our hotel room on Saturday night after the dinner, but they did not smell the burnt too. We did not smell the burnt too before we checked out the hotel .

Thus, we really feel weird on how the iron still hot on Sunday when the hotel management informed you guys to check on the room condition. Just curious, was the socket unplugged when you checked the condition? We are not trying to escape or giving excuses, I can assure you. We just want to make things clear as we afraid that this would affect our name as well as OCBC's good name.

Last but not the least, we will transfer the amount of RM500 to BBEST account for this incident latest by Tuesday as the hotel has already charged us on that.
Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to your side. We do understand you are taking care almost everything during the teambuilding and I feel regret that such thing happened indeed. Hopefully, we are clear and don't feel hesistate to contact me if you still have any queries. Your help and effort are highly appreciated.


Jason Siah

So.. The story was.. I placed the stupid iron on the steel of the IRON TABLE and unplugged the socket right after I used it.. God knows how it actually dropped on the floor and still HOT until SUNDAY morning!.. Kua dio gui!.. >.<

Still, I am very grateful because my colleagues are really good and nice to bear the charges together.. So, we all need to pay RM125 per person.. Thanks to them for the support and advices! Haha~ I was so frustrated and down yesterday after reading that email.. And now.. I feel better! =P

This is a long post due to the emails.. Hope u guys dun mind to read.. See see how I portrayed myself.. Ok ar my english? Wahahaha~ Hope the Committee will really highlight this to the hotel management.. Cos we wouldn't want our name to be that HOT just like the stupid IRON!.. Damn it!.. =P

P/s: Can buy 4D already.. 1318

Jason Siah

29th November 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~Coming soon..~

Promised to post about Cameron Teambuilding but have not got all the picture from other colleagues yet.. So, will update later ya.. **Giving excuses now.. Hehe.. Lazy la! =P

For now, want to share this pic with everyone.. I love this pic so so much~ Taken by myself la of course.. Not sure what's the name of this flower.. I give her a name by myself.. Bunga TangLung.. Ooooo~ Sungguh Buruk.. Tak canggih.. I noe.. Read in English la.. Lantern Flower.. Hahahaha~

More to come...............................

Jason Siah
12.01pm 28th November 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

~I won a Sony EricSon!!!..~

Yes!!.. I won a Sony EricSon handphone in the lucky draw Session of our Teambuilding @ Cameron Highlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just too excited and happy la wei!.. Frankly speaking!.. I never won any Top 10 prizes in any of the Lucky Draw until this very one!!!.. It was soooooooo da freaking moment~ My team leader's name is also Jason.. He is Jason Sim.. I am Jason Siah.. That stupid emcee.. Announced in such a stupid way..

The winner is......

**Hold hands tight with
Jason Sim

I am just too happy!.. Thanks for all the support from my colleagues.. Thanks to Jay (Jason Sim) for his name card.. Thanks to Jyahui for his RM2000 Voucher Good Lucks.. Thanks to MunLyn for smiling all nite long to me.. Thanks to Jeffrey Chew (BIG BOSS) for picking my name.. Wahahahaha! Thanks to myself.. For being crazy all night long.. =P

More to come about the Teambuilding in Cameron!.. Stay tune.. =P

Jason Siah

26th November 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

~Teambuilding @ Cameron..~

I am going to Cameron later after work.. Bus will be here @ 6.30pm to fetch us from Cyberjaya to Cameron Highlands!!.. Will only be back on Sunday!.. Happy? Excited? A little bit.. But can predict that I would be damn tired next weekdays!.. =P

You gus enjoy ur weekend ya!...

Jason Siah
5.00pm 23rd November 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

~J's Best Friends.. Juit & Ken..~

Above pic is taken during the pleasant dinner that I had with my 2 best friends, Juit & Ken @ RoadHouse Grill.. Hehe~ Secret outing? No.. It's just that we have this promise among ourselves and now, it's the time to fulfill the promise.. Back to the dinner.. It was really a pleasant one.. The environment still very nice~ The food is not bad.. The portion quite big.. We have our bottomless Ice Lemon Tea.. Bottomless BIG kacang!.. Haha~ & Bottomless topics to be chatted~ Gossip la tu!.. =P We have chatted some serious topics as well.. And get to know more on how both of my best friends think..

Let's talk about the history of us.. We have known for hmm.. Almost 12 years!.. Wow!.. That's long! Hehe.. We known each other since Form 1.. Ken and I were in the same class, Juit was next class.. Same goes to Form 2.. But then, Form 3, we all were separated into different classes!.. Well, we still close to each other ar.. After PMR, we were all being allocated for Science Class.. Ken was a little bit pandai so in Science 1 while Juit and I were in Science 2 class.. Hehe! But then thing happened just tooooooooo cute-ly.. Form 5, both of us also terlebih pandai~~~ We moved to Science 1 and ta da~~~ 3 of us were together in 1 class.. The last year of our secondary school but at least, we got the chance to be in the same classroom after so many years.. Haha!..

That was kinda funny.. Fate always bring us together.. We went to the same university.. UNITEN.. With another also Rawang guy, we planned to stay together in one unit of the apartment.. An unit with 4 rooms.. Mana tau I was late for the registration and I missed the chance to stay together with them!!!!!.. 3 of them have to stay with a stranger.. And poor me had to stay in a DORM!!!!!! Yes!! Typical Dorm! 1 room 2 beds.. Everyone in the same level share the same toilet!.. OMG~ J's nightmare!.. Hehe~ Well, Lord is good to me.. That stranger.. He did not stay there for long.. He had paid yet he moved out to stay with his gf.. So apalagi~~ From Hell.. I swiftly moved myself to Heaven.. With 3 little angels.. Oops~ Sorry.. That time, they ain't LITTLE~ Hahaha!.. So, we be together again..

For 4 years of Uni life.. We had spent most of the time together.. We makan.. Go class.. Do project.. Exam.. Studying.. Ponteng for movie.. Yamcha.. Breakfast lunch dinner supper.. Join activities.. Facing problems.. Laugh.. Suhaila Fm.. Play mahjong.. Chitchat in Ken's room.. And alot more.. Haha!.. I appreciate these 2 best friends very very much and I always wanted to show my appreciation.. I know I was a stubborn guy.. My attitude ain't that perfect as well.. Luckily I realized it andI made a change.. I hope that my change is towards good and not deteriorating.. And I hope they can see it as well.. Of course, 3 of us are lucky enough to meet with other members of SoLoBies and had damn wonderful time together until now!!!... =D

Last time, I always tell ppl how much I appreciate friendships and friends.. But did I really know how to appreciate?? I dun think so.. Maybe in a way yes but I found out that I have neglected something that I really think it's important for me to grab and hold it tightly so that I wont be losing them forever.. Especially these 2 best friends.. Well, the reason is very simple.. After so many years, I can see very clearly who is my True Friends.. I am not blind la wei.. Haha!.. That's why, now, I appreciate them even more and more.. Btw, we were being called as 3 Musketeers during uni life!.. hahaha~ That time.. It should be 3 FAT Musketeers la.......... >.<

Hope that our Friendships will last for more and more 12 years!..

Jason Siah
10.55am 23rd November 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~Karen Yap & Jason Siah.. Again..~

Okie.. This is another embarassing story which I always share with my friends and colleagues.. They will be very happy and delighted after listening to the story.. I am happy as well cos can make ppl laugh out like a CoW!.. =P

This time the main role is not only ME.. But also with my beloved Mummy, Karen Yap.. The story happened on one normal night.. Dad, Andy Siah was driving and Karen wanted to buy newspaper.. So, we stopped at the road side where there is one shop selling newspaper next to the road.. Karen & I went down to grab what-so-ever things that we wanted to buy..

While walking back to the car.. Karen was so concentrating reading the headlines.. (Actually was checking the 4-D lottery la..) and I was also so concentrating reading the Entertainment news.. We both opened the doors of the car and got in.. Before we really sit on the seat, suddenly........

"KENAPA NI?!?!?!........."

It was a very loud and high frequency Indian woman's voice.. It was the driver!!!!!!!! And yes, you are right.. We were in the wrong car!!!.. OMG!!!!!!! >.<'''''

What else?? We both covered our faces with the NEWSPAPER lo!!!!!

Indian girl again???...

The End.. =P

Btw, then only we realized, that was a KANCIL.. And my car is an ISWARA~~~ Sungguh memalukan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jason Siah
1.32pm 21st November 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

~Tagged by JJZai..~

Got this tag from JJZai..
Thanks for his translation of this tag into English Version..
And.. Thanks to him for praising me as Cute, Clever & Smart..
Too much of compliment? Well.. Don't get jeles! Wahahahaha!

1. Do this tag and answer all the question into your own blog.
2. Delete one question from all the question and add one of your own question, make sure it is 20 question.
3. Tag 8 person --> I am not going to do so..

1. What is your dream when you are small kid?
To be a butcher.. >.<'''

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
I have family, friends, health and money.. Hehe!

3. What you wish to have now?
Bonus.. 12 months bonus can?

4. How long you never horselaugh?
Everyday also laugh but not like horse.. Like COW.. =P

5. What did you realize recently?
I realized that I like single life rather than attached..

6. Which bad habit that you cant accept the most?
I myself have lots of bad habits.. So, not sure which one cant be accepted the most! Haha~

7. When something unhappy happens, what will you do?
Cry out loud and then face the unhappy thing with happy heart..

8. What you afraid of losing?

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realism one?
No more Hutang..

10. When you met someone that you like, will you confess or hide your feeling?

11. List out 3 merit of the peoples that you are going to tag.
Ppl that I like, cute and my friend..

12. What is loneliness?
I hate that..

13. Do you satisfy of your life now? Do you think any changes should make?
Satisfied but still I wish to have more money..

14. When is the most recent time you feel touch?
Last Saturday when I watched Show Mi Concert DVD..

15. Where is the place that you visited and you feel the most beautiful?
Uluwatu, Bali..

16. If you have a wish that can come true, what will it be?
Happily Ever After with Family & Friends..

17. Do you have anything to worry about recently?
Money and.. SECRET..

18. If the World is going to end, what will you do?
Run naked-ly!! Wahahaha.. Just kidding~

19. Do you think that you are cheap or expensive?
Definitely NOT expensive..

20. Love or Lust?
At the moment, lust~ Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Tagging: BenjiPapa.. Jo.. Steph..

Enuf lo~.. =P

Jason Siah
1.40pm 20th November 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

~U noe what is CUTE mou?...~

Yes, I really wanted to ask you guys a question.. Do you know what is REAL cute? Haha!.. I always wanted to be as cute as babies.. But too bad.. I am too OLD to be called baby already~ BABI maybe la due to my weight!.. Haha~ I am so amazed with my aunt.. Cos she has given birth to such a cute cute little kiddo!!

He is my cousin brother.. His name is ZhenYang~ Nama so da canggih.. He has mata yg SEPET but his mum said it's the trend now.. Okie.. I do admit with the SEPET eyes, he looks even cuter la~ hahaha! What do you think?

Kiddos nowadays are very clever and smart~ They are brilliant especially when they face the camera~ Probably, they noe what is CAMERA by now and that is why everytime I wanted to take ZhenYang's picture, he would give me all sorts of pose!!!! OMG~ I dun even have the idea where he learnt that from!.. And frankly speaking, we never taught him that during the camwhore session! haha~ And FYI, he is only 1 year old +...

But of course, sometimes, kid still tends to be attracted by other things more easily for instance, junk food!.. I have bought this MAMEE for him and started to take his picture and came out~ WOW!.. He doesnt care you are taking picture or looking at him or laughing at him.. He just opened his mouth BIG BIG and eat the MAMEE yummy-ly!!!.. =P And I found out this is what we called, kid lor.. They are just so innocent and cute!.. Never thought of bad things about other ppl.. Not like ADULTS!.. =P

Of course, adult like me.. His Cousin Brother also very notti one!~.. Taken the below pic when his mummy was changing his clothes! Haha~ He was being "naked"-ed so I grabbed the chance and taken the picture!.. The cutest part was.. He is really damn clever and smart la wei.. Look at his hands.. Yes, he covered his 18SX part!.. OMG~ This YangYang.. So pannai! Salute~~~ =P

I really like his expression so much.. A bit blur.. A bit helpless.. But as well, a bit "Haiya.. Don't Look at Me La.. Malu ar.." Wahahaha!

So now we all understand the definition of CUTE!..

Jason Siah
2.45pm 19th November 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

~Tak Boleh Guna La!~

Have you guys ever been through an embarassing situation where you really wanted to dig a hole and put your whole head into it?! Haha~ Here's a story of J to be shared..

There was one Sunday.. I went to shopping @ Parkson with Karen Yap (By now, you should know she is my beloved MUM!) and after grabbing few things which cost about RM200+, I decided to pay by my credit card as me and mum did not bring along so much cash..

So, we proceed to the cashier, I took the card and given it to an Indian girl standing at the cashier.. She was holding my card and looked at me.. Few second later, she looked puzzled and was a bit nervous.. My mum and I started to get worried as well.. Is there anything wrong with my card?! This was the first question I asked myself..

Karen: What happened? Your card got problem ar?
J: No ar.. I just used it this morning to pump petrol wor.. Moreover, this feller (the Indian gal) didn't even swipe the card, how she knows that the card got problem or not?!
Indian Gal: Tak Boleh Guna La~
J: Har~~~ Kenapa tak boleh guna?
Indian Gal: Tak Boleh Guna La Kad ini~
J: Har~~~ Kenapa tak boleh guna kad ini??

The Indian gal looked even more puzzled after I repetitively asking the questions upon her statement as I really don't understand how she knew that the card could not be used before even swiping the card?!

That Indian Gal is actually not too fluent in BM.. So she looked at her colleague, also another Indian Gal and started to talk in Tamil.. &@#)$^@*$()@#*$%&)(*#)%)@##&*

After the conversation between them, the 2nd Indian Gal laughed very LOUD!.. Yes, very loud!.. And she said..
2nd Indian Gal: Tak Boleh Guna La~
J: Har~~~ Kenapa tak boleh guna?
2nd Indian Gal: Ini kad tak boleh guna untuk bayar~~ (showing me the card which is in ORANGE color..)
J: Kenapa? You tak swipe mana u tau?
2nd Indian Gal: Ini ATM kad bang.. Macam mana mau swipe?!
J & Karen: >.<''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

J: Mummy.. Please dig a hole for me..

FYI, my credit card looks like this!...

BUT I've given my ATM card to the Indian gal which is in ORANGE color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh~ Stupid J!... Babi~~

Laugh la laugh la~ =P

Jason Siah
11.02am 15th November 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

~It's That 70's Show!..~

1st of all, I would like to say a thousand sorry to the Committee of the Retro Nite!.. Why? Hmm.. Bcos we ter-duduk on their Committed Table!.. LoL & we didn't wanna move from there!.. The reason.. No need to explain already since it will somehow being treated as lame excuse so.. Just sorry will do la.. =P

Anyway, our table' s position was really good.. Just in front of the stage.. Next to another table of BBCSC's colleagues.. Near to the food.. Wahahaha!.. Oops!.. Soli..

Okie.. Back to the topic.. Retro Nite!.. Apa ni? 70's Boogie Nite wor.. So, we must wear like 70's la? Yes!.. But do we look like 70's? You might look alike BUT me.. Definitely NOT 70's!!!.. >.<''' Btw, thanks to Kak Kulin for the Open House Lunch & your place for a change.. Hehe!..

By the time we reached @ One World Hotel.. 1st thing to do is.. Taking picture!.. Haha!.. Then only we registered ourselves and we get a Touch N Go Card worth RM20 as door gift!.. Woot!.. Not bad ma.. Hehe!.. And then, what else? While waiting for the dinner to start.. We continue camwhoring lo!!!!

These are the gals with most alike 70's look from BBCSC..

The dinner started on time.. 7.30pm.. Everyone was very hungry.. Eventhough wearing in such a 'gorgeous'.. Err.. Or I should say 'boogie' way.. But when comes to eating.. Still, everyone was so enthusiastic to grab their meal!.. Haha~ It's a buffet style.. So, we must get the food ourselves by queuing up of course!.. Anyhow, the food was not bad.. The service was good as well.. But 1 thing.. Parking still need to pay RM5 flat rate.. Ish.. Kedekut pahit punya One World.. =P

Another main program of the nite was definitely Lucky Draw!!!.. They have alot of gifts to be given away.. Alot of Vouchers.. Small gifts.. BUT only 10 BIGGER gifts!.. Anyway, I don't get anything from the Lucky Draw!.. Dammit~ Intan as well.. Poor us.. Maybe the bad luck from the car break-down incident still staying with us that nite!!.. Hahahaha~ Our table.. Only 2 of us didn't get anything from the lucky draw but others.. They were lucky enough that night to get all the SMALL gifts!.. >.<'' So, anyone from BBCSC get's the Top 10 BIG Gifts?! TA LAK~ Anyway, without luck, I still could work hard.. From a game, I got RM40 Jusco Vouchers.. So 20 for Intan and 20 for myself.. Yeah.. Everyone is happy!!!!... =P

Something to comment about the SMALL gifts that all my colleagues got!.. Hmm.. Really too SMALL already la the gift!.. Hahaha~ As I said, a lot of Vouchers.. Jusco's and Isetan's.. Other small gifts are Rechargeable Batteries.. Electric Tooth Brush.. Soup and Body Shampoo.. Photo Frame.. SMALL bo the gift?? Last year at least SMALL gift that Calvin got was a SWATCH watch la wei!.. Ish.. =P

Anyway anyhow.. We all did enjoy ourselves much!.. Besides than the eating and lucky-drawing tense that we need to go through whole night long.. We met with our Big Boss in Golden Hair~ Hahaha!.. That's him!.. OMG.. Yes, that's our Big Boss oo!.. =P Look at that pic below.. CK's expression was so SHOCKING PINK! Haha~.. Besides, Calvin and Kak Kulin were being "invited" to dance together with the dancers!.. Haha~ Look at Calvin.. Really enjoying the YMCA!.. Also, with our very own camwhore session.. We enjoyed our 70's Nite!..

Just 1 thing.. It's Retro Nite.. It's Boogie Nite.. BUT, we did not get the chance to even DANCE!.. This is really the most FAILED thing of the nite!.. Committed Committee.. Please take note.. =P

Jason Siah
8.50pm 12th November 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007

~Karen Yap's Sarcatiscm..~

So, who is Karen Yap? My mum..
What so special about my mum?
Well, every mum is special in their sons and daughters hearts right? =P

What do I want to write about my mum?
It's about her sarcatiscm..
I have got this idea to write 1 of the conversations between me and my mum from

My mum, Karen Yap.. Very good in sarcasticm.. Got POISON!..
There was one day while I was driving.. Quite fast..

Karen Yap: Son, do you know the name of this road?
Jason Siah: Dunno.. Why?
Karen Yap: I noe.. It's Jalan Andy Siah
Jason Siah: Hahaha! You really know how to kidding mummy.. When is the road becomes Daddy's road?
Karen Yap: Oh.. It isn't?? I thought it was! Cos you SUIZHAI drives so fast like nobody business and just like the road is belong to your FATHER!
Jason Siah: ...................................... Oops!.. Soli!.... (Kena racun..)

And Yes, now you know.. Karen Yap is my MOTHER and ANDY SIAH is my FATHER!.. =P

Jason Siah
3.18pm 9th November 2007

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

~SoLoBies Still 开开心心过日子..~

It is always been that happy to be with SoLoBies.. We have never failed to bring happiness and crazy-ness to each other.. Including this time.. Hehe!.. We have this idea to go to Genting for a short trip from Ken.. His family was going to Genting as well and decided to exchange the points with 2 rooms for us.. OMG!.. That's so cool!.. FOC ma.. Sure cool lo.. Thank you so much Uncle & Auntie Lim.. Well, as I said, it was a short trip.. Yes, very short.. We departed from One U @ about 8something due to some unforeseen circumstances.. So, you can predict the time we reached Genting and how much time we left to be spent together for the very 1 night..

We drove till the Cable Car station and of course took cable car up to Genting Highlands.. It was awesome!.. Haha~ This is not the 1st time I take cable car to Genting but I could feel our happiness together in this very cable car with our laughters filled the entire "box".. It actually did make me feel that we were like secondary students going for year-end trip!.. Haha!..

As I said, we have not much to be done when we reached.. As we reached there quite late.. We proceed to the hotel room and taken shower, rested a while and then we went out for our dinner-supper~ We were tired but we were as well damn hungry.. So, what to eat at this hour (11pm+) in Genting Highlands? We wanted to eat alot!.. So, we decided to go for Supper Buffet inside the casino.. Well, we only spent about RM14 for the buffet but since it's that Cheap~ You know what food you have there.. Not much.. But we did enjoy our supper la..

After the buffet, we decided to go for a walk.. We were tired.. We were sleepy.. Rush here after work.. And it's midnite~ But still, we would like to go for a Bucks~ So, we walked back to the 1st World Hotel.. In front of it, there is a Starbucks.. Mana tau?.. FULL HOUSE.. OMG! We were tired.. We were sleepy.. BUT, we decided to challenge ourselves.. We walked to the CoffeeBean located quite far from 1st World Hotel.. And when I said far.. It means really VERY FAR.. Of course, with the spirit of SoLoBies, we managed to have a Bean lor.. =P

We were so tired yet we still can play till like this.. This is what we called SoLoBies Spirit lor.. Wahahaha~ Sangat GILA~ =P

Okie.. Back to the hotel room.. Before going out for our supper, I was saying that we rested a while in the hotel room right? Hmm.. That only applys to another room.. But for our room.. Zham, Bai and myself had perform camwhore session GAO GAO!.. Haha~ Pictures say it all.. Look below.. I love this bunch of pictures though!.. =D Thanks to Zham for the idea~

Next day, we wake up not early~ Haha!.. 1st thing was to check out and went for our break-lunch of course!.. Eating is still the most important thing for us!.. Hehe!.. We have chosen Kenny Rogers.. Dan sempena HariJadi Zham.. We prepared a very 'siew yi si' cake for her.. Really small.. Hope she doesnt mind.. Sort of celebrate for her lor.. =D

We still wanted to wander around before we get down hill.. Thus, we decided to play some video games! Haha.. See, told you.. We are just like secondary school going for trip like that~ We SHOOT ppl.. We INITIAL D.. We also played the PHOTO HUNT game for more than 5 times! WHY?? Because we wanted to squeeze SoLoBies name into Top 10!.. And we did it!.. Top 5 somemore!.. Yeah~

Before going back home.. Camwhore lor.. We have normal ones.. We have act cool one.. Lan Yao Yeng as well.. Dai Ga Jie.. Dai Lou.. Sai Lou.. Yada Yada.. Haha!.. As the conclusion, we have taken a lot of pictures and I like them all!.. Hehe!..

Specially thanks to Ken for this time short trip!.. And his family.. His dad is really kind enough.. At first, they exchanged the point for only 1 room.. But when got to know that we have 7 of SoLoBies going.. They exchanged for another room!! Wow~ Arigatou gosaimatsu Uncle & Auntie Lim!..

It is always been that happy to be with SoLoBies.. And always will be as well.. This is a short trip~ Yet, enjoyable and crazy enough~ Don't worry, we are old but we still have a young heart.. Just like secondary school students! Wahahaha! =P

Btw, each of us spent RM60 for the trip..

Jason Siah
4.30pm 6th November 2007