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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~Christmas with J'sFamily..~

It was a great nite with my family.. LiFu wanted to treat us a dinner as he has just got his 1st salary from his new job~ So, we went to The Curve and we had a nice and pleasant dinner @ Kim Gary.. Haha!.. Eventhough it's not what expensive or high-standard dinner but yet, it's very much enjoyable to spend time together with family..

Right after the dinner.. We take a walk at The Curve.. The environment is so so nice.. And I just have to grab this opportunity to take more pic with my family.. We seldom take pic together.. So, tonite.. It's considered a lot especially for my parents.. Cos they dun really fancy in camwhoring like their son!.. Wahahaha!..

The environment in The Curve is really nice.. The Christmas tree.. Snowman.. And decorations of Christmas is just too fun and excited!.. Really happy to be there.. Well, I have not visited other shopping malls in KL except One U.. So, I definitely think The Curve is the best!.. Haha~ =P

Merry Christmas from J's Family..

Jason Siah
11.53pm 27th December 2007


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