Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Monday, December 10, 2007

~10th December 2007..~

After 1 year and 10 months of working as Customer Service Officer in Online Team.. Tomorrow is the day of my transfer to Offline Team!!.. So, what is Online and what is Offline? Okie.. For almost 2 years, my daily job is.. Answering calls from 9am to 6pm.. Giving one-stop solutions or information to Business Banking Customers' inquiries.. If I could not solve it at that particular time or I have insufficient information to provide to customer, I have to pass the case to the Offline Team which is.. Investigation Team.. So, tomorrow onwards I will be in this team!.. Doing new job.. Handling cases.. More exciting and interesting.. More challenging for sure!..

Am I scared? Of course! But after 1 year plus of the same job.. It's time for me to take a new challenge and new change!.. I am hoping for better career!!.. Hope I can deal with the job and enjoy it~

My New Team Leader..

My New TeamMate..

Jason Siah
12.20am 10th December 2007


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