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Friday, December 21, 2007

~Singkapoh Trip with SoLoBies..~

of 2007 is around the corner.. Supposingly, SoLoBies have Christmas Trip every year.. And this year, the plan is to Singkapoh.. Too bad.. Most of the KL Branch SoLoBies could not make it this time.. Left me and Bai from KL branch to visit SoLoBies in Singkapoh..

Sorry that I really have no spare time to update my blog just like previously.. But I will come back with more stories, feelings and experiences to share~ =D And now.. Just to share.. I will be going to Singkapoh tonite!!!!.. By what? Not flight.. Not bus.. BUT Train!.. And.. I will take the train directly from Rawang to Singkapoh!.. Time of departure is at 9.30pm tonite and guess what time I shall reach Singkapoh? Tomolo @ 8am!.. Hmm.. Yes, almost 11hours! Haha~ I have no idea what kind of NIGHT that I would go through tonite!.. Hopefully, I can manage it well with my itchy skin.. Why itchy skin? This story will be shared after I come back from Singkapoh~ Very teruk!.. =(

Anyway, I am very happy now as I am already counting down to Singkapoh and I will be on leave until after Christmas!.. Eventhough now my feeling is excited mixed up with not excited (due to my skin) but still.. I am so so looking forward to this trip as I will be seeing SoLoBies @ Singkapoh whom I miss realllllly a lot!..

Till then~ See you guys next week.. Happy Holiday to everyone!.. Love you all.. Muaks!

Jason Siah
6.07pm 21st December 2007


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