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Thursday, December 06, 2007

~TeamBuilding @ Cameron Part 3..~

Yeah~ It's the Lucky Nite of Jason Siah!.. That's me!.. This is the Pyjammas Nite~ All of us are required to wear Pyjammas to the Dinner.. But kinda disappointed cos a lot of ppl did not wear Pyjammas!.. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves very much as almost all of us wearing Py!.. Only Kartek & Calvin (I still don't take tat as Py ya bro!) not wearing one!.. Why I was lucky that nite? As you all noe.. I won a SonyEricson Handphone from the Lucky Draw of the nite lor! It was the 2nd Grand Prize.. Ya, not that cool for 2nd Grand Prize but for me.. More than enough!.. =D Appreciate it very much!

Both Jasons are excited!..

AhYeong & Jay..

What can we do with Pyjammas then? Nothing much than taking pic lor!.. Haha.. We were happy with our IMAGE of the nite as we look decent and cute in Pyjammas.. Besides than taking pic.. Makan is the most important thing lor.. Lucky draw was one of the activities of the nite.. Well, some of us drink beer too!.. Jay & AhYeong were so "natural" high after drinking!.. U can see from their pic.. Haha!..

Top10 Winners!!.. J & J..

All act cute lor.. Can get towels somemore..

Most of us got something to bring home~ Poor Naz & Jay.. =P This round the Lucky Draw prizes are soooooo much Interesting.. We have Fan.. Not big one.. TorchLight.. Small one as well.. RM10 Voucher!.. Yes, only RM10!.. Tupperware & Bottle.. Plastic punya ya.. Towels!.. Hmm.. Interesting huh? Haha.. Well, I am lucky enough to get the Top 10 prize.. Same goes to JyaHui.. She got a Mp3 Player.. Not bad la tat one! 2G somemore!.. Hehe~

Yamseng with water/tea also can!!!!!!

We really enjoyed much that nite.. AhYeong & Najwa were nominated to rebut The Most Colorful & The Sexiest Pyjammas.. So that have to "catwalk" on the stage.. We were all so excited about that.. Eventhough they din win but yet, I believe that they enjoy themselves too!.. The food is not bad.. The most important thing is this time, we do not need to take the food ourselves but being served one by one.. That's cool!.. And not forgetting camwhore!!!!! Especially with Pyjammas on!... Hehe~ Overall, it was a great nite!.. **Blink blink~

13 of us were in Cameron!..

Look at our TeamLeader.. Soooo Highhhh.... =P

Jason Siah
10.45am 7th December 2007


  • At 9:43 AM, Anonymous fattien said…

    hahahaha.... Pyjammas nite was so cool. Felt like want to sleep also and this 2 day was none stop raining at the same time i was working.

    Congratulation for the prizes, very lucky can ^_^V

  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger The J said…

    Yeah.. It was really cool.. And we did feel sleepy that nite though.. Luckily we have the exciting Lucky Draw session to make us awake!.. Hehe!!

    Kinda lucky.. Can?... =D



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