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Saturday, December 01, 2007

~TeamBuilding @ Cameron Part 1..~

Last year, we went to Melaka and came back like an Indian guy.. Cos I became darker!.. LoL This year, they found a better place.. With cooling weather and nice environment~ The Famous Cameron Highlands!.. This year TeamBuilding is really a worth-while trip for us!.. Well, we have half of our department (BBCSC) going up the hill and we all enjoyed ourselves real much in the whole process including the time going up by the Mercedez Van.. TeamBuilding activities which provided us the chance to see the beautiful scene in Cameron, the history and process of BOH Tea, pipeblowing skill, planting Cactus, harvesting as well as growing baby Strawberries.. Not forgetting about the Pyjammas Dinner and the exciting Lucky Draw Session!.. As well as the time and moment that we, ourselves enjoyed together.. Hmm.. Interesting? Stay tune.. Hehe!..

Just now I did mention about Mercedez Van right? Yes, we got the priority.. Because we were the only ppl who working during that Friday while other Business Banking Division staffs were happily going up hill early morning!.. We still have to work till 6pm as usual and then we took the Mercedez Van provided by the Committee to directly depart from Cyberjaya office to Cameron Highlands..

If you ask me anything special with this Mercedez Van? I would tell you.. NO.. NOT AT ALL.. Just that it is a Van that could squeeze more than 10 ppl in it.. That's it!.. Nothing much more special about this.. We still felt the dizziness and starry-starry moment during the way turning up hills with the Initial D driving skill of the Mr Driver!.. Dammit~ Luckily we did have fun in the Van itself.. I was joking around to make everyone laughed and laughed.. Hehe! I like to be the joker somehow~ And we picnic in the Van as well~ Junk food and drinks were not lacking at all!.. =P

Before departing, David and Meilin (Not going) sent us to downstairs~ Haha!.. Real funny!.. Just like sending us off to somewhere very FAR.. In fact, for them, it was just like any ordinary weekend.. Not seeing us for 2 days and will be seeing us again on next Monday~~ =P

Upon reaching, we were being informed to proceed to the 3rd level of the hotel and meet the Committee there for registration.. There, we found a board with all the names on it.. They have already divided us into few groups.. All of us was being separated into different groups of course.. And where was I? Harrods Gang wor!..

The names of the groups this year were being set as Brand of Costumes such as Prada.. Disney.. Gucci.. GAP and others~ We got our tags and shirts.. Then we proceed to check-in to the hotel.. They have prepared supper for us.. So, we proceed to the Cafeteria of the hotel to enjoy or food.. The food was okie and we finished it fast as we were all so tired..

Tomorrow.. Another day awaiting us.. With all the activities ahead.. Sleeping is important.. Stay tune..

Jason Siah
9.20pm 2nd December 2007


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