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Thursday, November 22, 2007

~J's Best Friends.. Juit & Ken..~

Above pic is taken during the pleasant dinner that I had with my 2 best friends, Juit & Ken @ RoadHouse Grill.. Hehe~ Secret outing? No.. It's just that we have this promise among ourselves and now, it's the time to fulfill the promise.. Back to the dinner.. It was really a pleasant one.. The environment still very nice~ The food is not bad.. The portion quite big.. We have our bottomless Ice Lemon Tea.. Bottomless BIG kacang!.. Haha~ & Bottomless topics to be chatted~ Gossip la tu!.. =P We have chatted some serious topics as well.. And get to know more on how both of my best friends think..

Let's talk about the history of us.. We have known for hmm.. Almost 12 years!.. Wow!.. That's long! Hehe.. We known each other since Form 1.. Ken and I were in the same class, Juit was next class.. Same goes to Form 2.. But then, Form 3, we all were separated into different classes!.. Well, we still close to each other ar.. After PMR, we were all being allocated for Science Class.. Ken was a little bit pandai so in Science 1 while Juit and I were in Science 2 class.. Hehe! But then thing happened just tooooooooo cute-ly.. Form 5, both of us also terlebih pandai~~~ We moved to Science 1 and ta da~~~ 3 of us were together in 1 class.. The last year of our secondary school but at least, we got the chance to be in the same classroom after so many years.. Haha!..

That was kinda funny.. Fate always bring us together.. We went to the same university.. UNITEN.. With another also Rawang guy, we planned to stay together in one unit of the apartment.. An unit with 4 rooms.. Mana tau I was late for the registration and I missed the chance to stay together with them!!!!!.. 3 of them have to stay with a stranger.. And poor me had to stay in a DORM!!!!!! Yes!! Typical Dorm! 1 room 2 beds.. Everyone in the same level share the same toilet!.. OMG~ J's nightmare!.. Hehe~ Well, Lord is good to me.. That stranger.. He did not stay there for long.. He had paid yet he moved out to stay with his gf.. So apalagi~~ From Hell.. I swiftly moved myself to Heaven.. With 3 little angels.. Oops~ Sorry.. That time, they ain't LITTLE~ Hahaha!.. So, we be together again..

For 4 years of Uni life.. We had spent most of the time together.. We makan.. Go class.. Do project.. Exam.. Studying.. Ponteng for movie.. Yamcha.. Breakfast lunch dinner supper.. Join activities.. Facing problems.. Laugh.. Suhaila Fm.. Play mahjong.. Chitchat in Ken's room.. And alot more.. Haha!.. I appreciate these 2 best friends very very much and I always wanted to show my appreciation.. I know I was a stubborn guy.. My attitude ain't that perfect as well.. Luckily I realized it andI made a change.. I hope that my change is towards good and not deteriorating.. And I hope they can see it as well.. Of course, 3 of us are lucky enough to meet with other members of SoLoBies and had damn wonderful time together until now!!!... =D

Last time, I always tell ppl how much I appreciate friendships and friends.. But did I really know how to appreciate?? I dun think so.. Maybe in a way yes but I found out that I have neglected something that I really think it's important for me to grab and hold it tightly so that I wont be losing them forever.. Especially these 2 best friends.. Well, the reason is very simple.. After so many years, I can see very clearly who is my True Friends.. I am not blind la wei.. Haha!.. That's why, now, I appreciate them even more and more.. Btw, we were being called as 3 Musketeers during uni life!.. hahaha~ That time.. It should be 3 FAT Musketeers la.......... >.<

Hope that our Friendships will last for more and more 12 years!..

Jason Siah
10.55am 23rd November 2007


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