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Sunday, November 11, 2007

~It's That 70's Show!..~

1st of all, I would like to say a thousand sorry to the Committee of the Retro Nite!.. Why? Hmm.. Bcos we ter-duduk on their Committed Table!.. LoL & we didn't wanna move from there!.. The reason.. No need to explain already since it will somehow being treated as lame excuse so.. Just sorry will do la.. =P

Anyway, our table' s position was really good.. Just in front of the stage.. Next to another table of BBCSC's colleagues.. Near to the food.. Wahahaha!.. Oops!.. Soli..

Okie.. Back to the topic.. Retro Nite!.. Apa ni? 70's Boogie Nite wor.. So, we must wear like 70's la? Yes!.. But do we look like 70's? You might look alike BUT me.. Definitely NOT 70's!!!.. >.<''' Btw, thanks to Kak Kulin for the Open House Lunch & your place for a change.. Hehe!..

By the time we reached @ One World Hotel.. 1st thing to do is.. Taking picture!.. Haha!.. Then only we registered ourselves and we get a Touch N Go Card worth RM20 as door gift!.. Woot!.. Not bad ma.. Hehe!.. And then, what else? While waiting for the dinner to start.. We continue camwhoring lo!!!!

These are the gals with most alike 70's look from BBCSC..

The dinner started on time.. 7.30pm.. Everyone was very hungry.. Eventhough wearing in such a 'gorgeous'.. Err.. Or I should say 'boogie' way.. But when comes to eating.. Still, everyone was so enthusiastic to grab their meal!.. Haha~ It's a buffet style.. So, we must get the food ourselves by queuing up of course!.. Anyhow, the food was not bad.. The service was good as well.. But 1 thing.. Parking still need to pay RM5 flat rate.. Ish.. Kedekut pahit punya One World.. =P

Another main program of the nite was definitely Lucky Draw!!!.. They have alot of gifts to be given away.. Alot of Vouchers.. Small gifts.. BUT only 10 BIGGER gifts!.. Anyway, I don't get anything from the Lucky Draw!.. Dammit~ Intan as well.. Poor us.. Maybe the bad luck from the car break-down incident still staying with us that nite!!.. Hahahaha~ Our table.. Only 2 of us didn't get anything from the lucky draw but others.. They were lucky enough that night to get all the SMALL gifts!.. >.<'' So, anyone from BBCSC get's the Top 10 BIG Gifts?! TA LAK~ Anyway, without luck, I still could work hard.. From a game, I got RM40 Jusco Vouchers.. So 20 for Intan and 20 for myself.. Yeah.. Everyone is happy!!!!... =P

Something to comment about the SMALL gifts that all my colleagues got!.. Hmm.. Really too SMALL already la the gift!.. Hahaha~ As I said, a lot of Vouchers.. Jusco's and Isetan's.. Other small gifts are Rechargeable Batteries.. Electric Tooth Brush.. Soup and Body Shampoo.. Photo Frame.. SMALL bo the gift?? Last year at least SMALL gift that Calvin got was a SWATCH watch la wei!.. Ish.. =P

Anyway anyhow.. We all did enjoy ourselves much!.. Besides than the eating and lucky-drawing tense that we need to go through whole night long.. We met with our Big Boss in Golden Hair~ Hahaha!.. That's him!.. OMG.. Yes, that's our Big Boss oo!.. =P Look at that pic below.. CK's expression was so SHOCKING PINK! Haha~.. Besides, Calvin and Kak Kulin were being "invited" to dance together with the dancers!.. Haha~ Look at Calvin.. Really enjoying the YMCA!.. Also, with our very own camwhore session.. We enjoyed our 70's Nite!..

Just 1 thing.. It's Retro Nite.. It's Boogie Nite.. BUT, we did not get the chance to even DANCE!.. This is really the most FAILED thing of the nite!.. Committed Committee.. Please take note.. =P

Jason Siah
8.50pm 12th November 2007


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