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Thursday, November 29, 2007

~F*cking HOT Iron!..~

Before I managed to update about all the happy moment and time that we have gone through in the Teambuilding @ Cameron Highlands last weekend.. We received an email from the Committee yesterday of a bad news regarding a payment that we have to bear by ourselves. And what payment is that? Read the below email from the Committee.. Please do take few min to read this so that you understand the whole scenario.. Thanks..

Hi there, Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Room 1318 during our teambuilding last weekend. On the day of departure (Sunday), we were informed by the hotel management that there was some damage done in one of the rooms i.e. 1318. Apparently, the room was messed up and the carpet was burnt.

Our BBEST committee went to the room to investigate and we were disappointed to find that the carpet was indeed burnt with the iron that was still hot and placed on the carpet. We had taken photos of the damage to the carpet of which the hotel has also indicated to us the cost of the damage. Please find attached the photos of the damaged carpet for your reference.

As the four of you were residing in the room, you are therefore responsible for the room during that period of time. As such, anything that is
lost/taken/ damaged in that room will be charged to the four of you. The hotel is charging RM500 for the damaged carpet. Please refer to the scanned bill, the carpet damage cost is highlighted in green.

Kindly arrange to bank-in the RM500 into the Business Banking Employee Survey Taskforce account no.: 101-2xxxx0-2, latest by this Friday, 30th Nov 2007 Regards..

Well.. First time I read this email, I felt really sorry as I was the 1 who used the iron during our tenancy.. So, after discussion with other 3 colleagues.. I replied the email as below:

Hi, After conversation between us, we do think that we need to clarify few things regarding the below-mentioned issue. On Saturday night, 1 hour before the Pyjamas Dinner, I was delighted to see the iron in our closet as I would like to iron my Pyjamas. So, I used the iron and after using, I placed the iron on the iron table exactly on the steel. In fact, I have plugged out the socket at once after using. To emphasize the point is we used it on Saturday night and the socket was unplugged right after using.

Thus, it's very unbelievable for us that the iron was still in HOT condition and placed on the carpet on SUNDAY itself. In fact, we do admit that there would be possibilities that we could be accidentally pushed the iron table and dropped the iron on the carpet when we moved out from the hotel room. BUT the very thing that we are very sure is the iron was definitely not ON (Socket is unplugged since Saturday). If the
carpet is burnt, we could have smell the burnt on Saturday night. My colleagues did visit our hotel room on Saturday night after the dinner, but they did not smell the burnt too. We did not smell the burnt too before we checked out the hotel .

Thus, we really feel weird on how the iron still hot on Sunday when the hotel management informed you guys to check on the room condition. Just curious, was the socket unplugged when you checked the condition? We are not trying to escape or giving excuses, I can assure you. We just want to make things clear as we afraid that this would affect our name as well as OCBC's good name.

Last but not the least, we will transfer the amount of RM500 to BBEST account for this incident latest by Tuesday as the hotel has already charged us on that.
Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to your side. We do understand you are taking care almost everything during the teambuilding and I feel regret that such thing happened indeed. Hopefully, we are clear and don't feel hesistate to contact me if you still have any queries. Your help and effort are highly appreciated.


Jason Siah

So.. The story was.. I placed the stupid iron on the steel of the IRON TABLE and unplugged the socket right after I used it.. God knows how it actually dropped on the floor and still HOT until SUNDAY morning!.. Kua dio gui!.. >.<

Still, I am very grateful because my colleagues are really good and nice to bear the charges together.. So, we all need to pay RM125 per person.. Thanks to them for the support and advices! Haha~ I was so frustrated and down yesterday after reading that email.. And now.. I feel better! =P

This is a long post due to the emails.. Hope u guys dun mind to read.. See see how I portrayed myself.. Ok ar my english? Wahahaha~ Hope the Committee will really highlight this to the hotel management.. Cos we wouldn't want our name to be that HOT just like the stupid IRON!.. Damn it!.. =P

P/s: Can buy 4D already.. 1318

Jason Siah

29th November 2007


  • At 3:47 AM, Blogger Dan said…

    dude, ask the company to pay since its team building :)

  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger JJzai said…

    ur room got ghost.

  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger The J said…

    Cannot la.. If can, I no need to be so frust ald lor.. hehehe..

    no.. THEY ARE THE GHOSTS!.. Ish.. hehe~


  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger Mama Doyee said…

    Kesian J. Mesti somebody wants to sabotaj ur group. Who knows the hotel staff? Maybe? Jahatnyer Mama Doyee. Mulut tak da insurans. Sabar J anyway kalau geram pandanglah HP baru tu ye...

  • At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Rug Repair said…

    Don't worry, your carpet can be repaired. As someone said, go the the closet and scrap or cut off some of the pile with scissors or razor and glue it to the burned spot.


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