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Saturday, November 17, 2007

~U noe what is CUTE mou?...~

Yes, I really wanted to ask you guys a question.. Do you know what is REAL cute? Haha!.. I always wanted to be as cute as babies.. But too bad.. I am too OLD to be called baby already~ BABI maybe la due to my weight!.. Haha~ I am so amazed with my aunt.. Cos she has given birth to such a cute cute little kiddo!!

He is my cousin brother.. His name is ZhenYang~ Nama so da canggih.. He has mata yg SEPET but his mum said it's the trend now.. Okie.. I do admit with the SEPET eyes, he looks even cuter la~ hahaha! What do you think?

Kiddos nowadays are very clever and smart~ They are brilliant especially when they face the camera~ Probably, they noe what is CAMERA by now and that is why everytime I wanted to take ZhenYang's picture, he would give me all sorts of pose!!!! OMG~ I dun even have the idea where he learnt that from!.. And frankly speaking, we never taught him that during the camwhore session! haha~ And FYI, he is only 1 year old +...

But of course, sometimes, kid still tends to be attracted by other things more easily for instance, junk food!.. I have bought this MAMEE for him and started to take his picture and came out~ WOW!.. He doesnt care you are taking picture or looking at him or laughing at him.. He just opened his mouth BIG BIG and eat the MAMEE yummy-ly!!!.. =P And I found out this is what we called, kid lor.. They are just so innocent and cute!.. Never thought of bad things about other ppl.. Not like ADULTS!.. =P

Of course, adult like me.. His Cousin Brother also very notti one!~.. Taken the below pic when his mummy was changing his clothes! Haha~ He was being "naked"-ed so I grabbed the chance and taken the picture!.. The cutest part was.. He is really damn clever and smart la wei.. Look at his hands.. Yes, he covered his 18SX part!.. OMG~ This YangYang.. So pannai! Salute~~~ =P

I really like his expression so much.. A bit blur.. A bit helpless.. But as well, a bit "Haiya.. Don't Look at Me La.. Malu ar.." Wahahaha!

So now we all understand the definition of CUTE!..

Jason Siah
2.45pm 19th November 2007


  • At 11:04 PM, Blogger JJzai said…

    This blog is dirty!!!!!!

  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Ha~~~ Now only you know this is a HAMSAP blog ar??? Hahahaha~ =P



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