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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~Karen Yap & Jason Siah.. Again..~

Okie.. This is another embarassing story which I always share with my friends and colleagues.. They will be very happy and delighted after listening to the story.. I am happy as well cos can make ppl laugh out like a CoW!.. =P

This time the main role is not only ME.. But also with my beloved Mummy, Karen Yap.. The story happened on one normal night.. Dad, Andy Siah was driving and Karen wanted to buy newspaper.. So, we stopped at the road side where there is one shop selling newspaper next to the road.. Karen & I went down to grab what-so-ever things that we wanted to buy..

While walking back to the car.. Karen was so concentrating reading the headlines.. (Actually was checking the 4-D lottery la..) and I was also so concentrating reading the Entertainment news.. We both opened the doors of the car and got in.. Before we really sit on the seat, suddenly........

"KENAPA NI?!?!?!........."

It was a very loud and high frequency Indian woman's voice.. It was the driver!!!!!!!! And yes, you are right.. We were in the wrong car!!!.. OMG!!!!!!! >.<'''''

What else?? We both covered our faces with the NEWSPAPER lo!!!!!

Indian girl again???...

The End.. =P

Btw, then only we realized, that was a KANCIL.. And my car is an ISWARA~~~ Sungguh memalukan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jason Siah
1.32pm 21st November 2007


  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger JJzai said…

    OMG LAR!!!!
    Super SWT!!!!
    wrong car also can =.="
    summore kancil and iswara is so big different =.=

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger The J said…

    Haiyo.. I noe la.. Tat's why used newspaper to cover face ald lor.. really really really memperxiasuikan! wahahhahaa!



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