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Sunday, February 11, 2007

~Tiring Weekend..~

I am so damn tired now!!! Haha.. Just finished cleaning my house as 1 of the steps for CNY preparation~ =P Eventhough my house is small.. But still.. Damn tiring to really work out on the cleaning job from this morning till just now!! And it's almost 5pm!! Just taken bath~ Feel so comfortable now.. Can online and update my blog as it has been really long time I never had a "real" update~ Wahahaha! I think I need to share out my emotion and feelings for this weekend~ Ya, undeniably, today is a damn tired day~ And thinking that tomorrow need to work again.. Triggered my Monday Blue feeling! No idea how to get rid of this.. Just born with it~ Haha! Never like Monday! =P Anyway, it's fun to have such a chance working together with my family.. Looking at my parents quarrelling with each other due to the air-cond is not working makes me feel so funny.. Ya, they are my Daddy and Mummy.. Always quarrel due to something so little.. Just that the remote control has run out of battery.. Liddat oso can quarrel.. LoL After cleaning.. Everyone is cleaning themselves.. Including me of course.. And now waiting for dinner time.. Wanna go makan KFC later!! =D Yeah...

Talking about tiring weekend~ Yesterday was a Bad Day for me~ I need to work half day.. Drove to Cyberjaya of course since Saturday not that bad.. I mean the jam.. Nothing to do there.. Just boring for 4 hours.. By right, every Saturday will go to Fitness First for Body Jam but really have no idea why yesterday's class had been cancelled.. So, I din go~ Received Juit's call asking me to meet him and Ken @ The Curve.. Since nothing to do.. So I promised to go.. But~~~ The farking jam is making me so freaking angry and frustrated!!! I was just too emotional to handle the JAM!! Haha.. I just could not bare with it! At last.. I decided not to go and just come back home~ Rawang is having the same problem.. Jam~ Especially the way to go back my house.. Really need to be patience.. The thing that I could not stand anymore is.. My own stupidity!! When I reached home~ I realized that I forgotten to bring my house keys!!!!! So, I have nothing to do but to drive out and look for my mum~~ In her working place.. There I just waited for her for another 2 hours.. And back home together..

Actually, it's nothing to be angry about~ Just some stupid jam and my own careless-ness.. But I just felt so damn angry and down! Of course, there was another "hidden" reason which I don really want to talk about over here~ Just feel that.. It's so so scary when everything comes to you together at the same time and you could not even control 1 of them! Including your own emotion!!! That was the most tiring thing!! I am not sure why I could be so damn down.. Maybe really because of my own-self~ Which could not control my own emotion well.. And make myself feel frustrated for everything that happened yesterday~ Anyway, it's over now and I am very ok now.. Just feel really tired physically and mentally.. BUT.. After this week.. Gonna have a week holiday for CNY!! Yeah...

Gong hei gong hei!! Wan lou kam? Wan angpao? Come visit me! Wahahahhaa! =P

Jason Siah
5.03pm 11th February 2007


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