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Thursday, February 22, 2007

~Piggie New Year..~

This is always the time that I enjoy the most~ For all the festive seasons in Malaysia.. This would be the best for me since I was still a kiddo! Haha.. Chinese New Year.. Gong Xi Fa Cai.. Gong Hey Fat Choi.. Kiong Hi Kiong Hi.. LoL This year is the Piggie year.. As all knows.. Piggie is my favourite erm.. I don wanna call it animal.. Haha~ My favourite "cartoon".. So, in conjunction with the Piggie Year.. My house is being decorated by quite alot of Piggie things~ Haha.. So "PIG"..

I got a total of 10 days of holiday!! Will resume work on next Tuesday~ The 10th day of Chinese New Year! Almost end of the month.. It is great to know that! Haha~ And.. This update is mainly for the 1st day of the CNY.. As usual.. As previous years (we have practiced this for almost 8 years).. I will visit my secondary schoolmates for the whole day.. My house is always the 1st station.. Then we will go "bai nian" 1 by 1 to each other houses.. Wonderful.. Tiring.. Yet enjoyable~ Haha.. Eventhough this year, only Jit & Evelyn came to my house but still we enjoyed our day so much with others joining us after that.. **So good for my mum which she can save up some angpaus.. haha!

2nd station would be Cy's house.. Just right behind my house.. Easily reach there.. KYK and Suki joined us there.. With KenZhu as well.. We proceed to Ken's house after that.. Did not stop by Cherlyn's house again this year because of her non-hospitality.. Whatever.. Not in the mood to explain about this.. But for G-Triple, surely we would understand~ Vyan joined us here.. After a short stay in Ken's house.. We went to Evelyn's house.. Nice location.. Her house is so damn cooling.. Not HOT at all I mean.. Haha~ We had nice time there chatting and eating our "Lunch".. Taking pictures and then we proceed to last station.. Kundang.. Here, we have Vyan's, KYK's, Suki's and Jit's houses to be visited.. 1 by 1 as usual.. Haha~ After that, we decided to go for a movie in The Curve..

After taking dinner in KYK's house.. Thanks to auntie for the great and tasty vege food.. We went to The Curve.. Cy joined us here.. Really cannot miss this part.. The environment in The Curve is so damn nice! Cool man.. With all the great pinkie flowers decoration along the road and inside The Curve.. We took quite a number of pictures there! Enjoyed our time before we go for the movie.. Norbit~ What a funny and interesting movie it was!! And so suitable to be watched during CNY!! Cos.. It's just too funny and it brings a lot of laughters! =P A very nice end up for our 1st day of CNY.. We planned to yamcha after the movie.. But all of us were just too tired so everyone went back home right after that respectively............ Gong hey gong hey...

And what happened on 2nd day of CNY onwards?? Today is the 5th day.. For me.. It's still the same.. normal routine.. Bainian = Visiting friends or relatives' houses.. Getting angpaus.. Eating.. Gambling.. Day by day.. Do I gain weight? OF COURSE I DO!! Dammit! Wahahahahhaa!~~~

GoldFish's Wedding is at the corner.. The next update surely will be her Wedding!! Yeah..

~Gong Hey Fat Choi~

Jason Siah

12.25am 22nd February 2007


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