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Friday, February 16, 2007

~Farewell for SoLoBi Eh, Jocelyn..~

Dearest Jocelyn Ahnui..

Yesterday was a great nite spent together with you and other SoLoBies.. Eventhough we don have all the SoLoBies to make this Farewell more happening but I believe we still enjoyed our time and moments together very much.. It has been such a long time since the last 1 SoLoBies had a Singing K session together~ If I am not mistaken, the last 1 would be Juit's Last Year's Birthday celebration!!! Back to April 2006 man~ Almost a year!!! No wonder yesterday we were so HIGH la.. Haha! The songs that we sang, most of them are your favourites~ It was your DAY~ On YOUR CALL for sure~ Cos you are the G Gok ma~ Hehe.. Hoi sam mou? I think we were very mixed up yesterday.. Excited but sad.. Happy but mm seh dek~ Ngam mou? Especially when we sang the song of "Seh bet dek nei".. Really gam dong~ All suddenly "seong fung" tim~~~~

Met up with that 2 feilous after that.. The yamcha session eventhough is a bit slow and dull but still, I enjoyed the time we just sat there and talked nonsense~ Haha.. It was like last time when we were still in UNITEN.. Always yamcha till "sam gang bun yeah".. Very da shuang~ Haha! Just that now we cant drink till early morning and continue to BakKutTeh in Klang la.. Die oo!! =P

1st time staying overnite @ ur place there in Bukit Jalil~ Initially plan to have pillow talk with you but we all FAILED~ Haha.. Really cannot tahan already.. After a long working day + our Sing K and Yamcha Session.. We must give some rest to our eyes, mouth, heart, mind and brain! So, we slept~~~ Haha.. Till this morning.. We wake up so early to have breakfast together.. I am very happy actually cos 1st time could have such DimSum as breakfast with SoLoBies before going to work~ A lot of 1st time.. But I guess also the last time.. Aih.. Since you are leaving to Singapore lu.. Also FLYAWAY.. Just like YarChing previously.. We all "seh bet dek nei" ar~~~

Pic take outside Joce's apartment..

I really would like to wish you "Yat lou shun fung".. Be heatlhy and happy always in Singapore~ I wish that your new job is a great 1 for you and you will hve a Wonderful time there earning SGD and spending double when you are back in Malaysia! Wahahaha~ Wishing you All The Biest from Deep inside my heart.. Wish everything goes fine for you and do miss us all the time as our wishes will always be with you all the time~ Do remember to email us or call us or even sms us when u are free to keep us update about ur condition there.. Wish all your colleagues will love you as much as we love you.. Wish that your "gam cheng" with "xiao ke ai" will improve day by day and LOVE is always in the air~ =D May God Bless You, My Dearest AhNui..

~Love you Forever de LouDou..~
Jason Siah
2.34am 17th February 2007


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