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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

~Charmed 1 is still the Best!~

Frankly speaking, lotsa ppl feel weird that I would like to watch Charmed.. I hardly find 1 who has the same interest towards that 3 pretty witches stories from my friends around me.. Haha! I am not so sure why but I know that I really like them damn much~ 1st-ly, I am really into this kind of story-line.. Magic thingy.. And that is why I love Harry Potter damn much as well~ 2nd-ly, I like the connection between the sisters that they portrayed.. And compared the latest season of Charmed & the last time ones, I still like Charmed Season 1 & 2.. And even 3.. I am not sure cos after the Eldest Sister, Prue died.. Then.. Not that nice already.. Haha..

After getting the Streamyx at my house.. Now I can download Charmed Season 1 everynight.. And yesterday managed to catch up with 2 episodes!! Whoa~ Damn nice man! Hahaha.. I still not sure whether other ppl will still feel weird towards me.. But hey.. I do like other drama like CSI.. ALIAS.. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.. Etc.. haha! Just tat this one.. Erm.. Special feeling towards it! LoL

Anyway, just to share this.. Supposed to work out my new header and my latest post but too busy with the Charmed.. Haha~ Din manage to make it.. My header! SHIT~ For Christmas but it's almost here! Still havent changed.. Haha.. Yaya, I noe I am slow.. Sorry lor.. Anyhow.. This is December!! Christmas and New Year is here! Holiday is here! U do not know who is Holiday? Too bad.. I will intro u to her then~ LoL I noe I noe.. I start gila now! LoL

Jason Siah
12th December 2006


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