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Monday, December 25, 2006

~MeRRy x-m@s with KK Gang..~

Just back from PD yesterday.. It was a short trip where we went there early in the morning on Saturday before sunrise and then we got back to KL by Sunday before dinner time~ But still, it was damn fun and exciting~ Also, another memorable trip of SoLoBies..

Anyhow, I am not going to blog about this PD Christmas Celebration yet.. I am here to blog about the 1st Christmas Celebration this year with KK and the Gang!! It was an early celebration but we still insisted to make it that early as nobody is free after that.. This time we make it in Bee's house which located and Setapak area.. Lucky me to hv guidance from Alice, if not, I dun think I can manage to find the way to that area.. Haha~ Ya.. Stupid me! =P Anyway, I reached early with Alice & Sam.. Jennifer was there already.. We had Pot-Luck that day and everyone of us prepared one dish for everyone.. Good food indeed.. As for me, I just bought some ice-cream~ LoL

We had great time together.. Eating, chatting, exchanging gift.. And of course taking pic for sure! After such a long period we have been missing our KK... This time, he managed to make it!! Really glad and excited to see him joining us this time as we miss him so much! Don't you know about that KK?? Haha~ Hopefully you can make it as well for our CNY gathering.. All of us taking turn to snap some pictures with KK while the time allows as he has to rush to another outing.. The exchanging gift part is always the best.. As usual, we draw the name and exchange the gifts one by one.. I really really wish to get the gift from KK.. Cos it's Eason Chan's latest album!!! Mmm.. but, not bad as well, I got Bee's.. 2 damn cute Bear keychains.. Yeah.. =D

After that, we continue having our meals and chat.. We had a long chat about someone.. Someone that I don wish to talk about here.. haha! Anyway, really grateful that they could understand how I feel~ Yeah.. Thanks! After all.. This is another great gathering for us.. And we are really looking forward to CNY gathering very soon.. Wish everyone of us bhappy always and Enjoy the Christmas Day!!! ~Amen..~

Jason Siah
8.10pm 25th December 2006
Merry Christma


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