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Monday, December 18, 2006

~Dear Christmas..~

Dear Christmas,

Time flies.. It's the end of the year of 2006.. Still fresh in my mind what happened early of the year.. Till now.. Happy and sad.. Ups and downs.. Many many things.. Very much to think about and very much to look back about.. December is always a very special month.. It's the remark of the end of the year.. Which means it's time for us to look back to what we have done and gone through the entire year.. On the contrary.. It's the time to look forward for a brand new year as well.. The most special one.. Of course, it's the month full of happiness cos a lot of HOLIDAYs & celebrations ma! Hahaha~

So.. For this blog.. I want to really talk about the year of 2006.. Look back this year.. Erm.. Changed quite a lot.. Actually really a lot.. Firstly, about my job.. I changed to this current job since March '06.. I have worked here for more than 9 months now.. Gosh!! Time passed really fast!! I am quite satisfied with this current job.. At least, this organization is much more better than all my previous companies lo.. Salary.. Benefits.. And all.. Haha! And now, I am waiting for Feb 2007 for my next promotion!!! Yeah...

Now talk about my family.. Erm.. We have gone through really a lot these few years.. Just bcos of my dad~ But, my family never given up.. Still backing him up.. And hoping that the future will be better.. Yet, I really doubt about it.. Still have obstacles in front to be faced.. I have no idea what will happen and how do we really face with it.. But, just praying hard to God that HE can give us a chance to really continue our happy life.. We just need a simple life.. Not much than that.. Of course, I really hope that my dad regrets on what he has done.. And grab the chance to really change if he really has that.. May God Bless Us..

Friends are always IMPORTANT to me.. I am so grateful that I have SoLoBies in my life.. No matter what happened, no matter when and where.. I believe and I know that they would not give up on me and we will always stick together like this.. Maybe not forever but will for a looooonnng period~~ Specially to Kenzhu, Juit, Joce & Zham.. The support you guys showed me.. I really really appreciate it damn much! I love you all like my own family.. and I really hope that every single of you get happiness as well! =D Really excited that we still keep our promise.. Celebrating Christmas for every year.. Eventhough we are going to the same old place this year BUT still.. I believe we gonna enjoy much much just like how much we enjoyed previously!!!

I dun hv brothers.. I only have one sister.. I mean.. REAL brothers.. But.. I am really glad and proud to know few God Brothers whom really really support me whenever I need them.. Especially to WaiBoon.. This year, I really think the most correct thing tat I have done is.. You know what I mean rite bro? Hehe.. I am so surprised for all your advices.. Not to say that I cant believe you can accept this... Just that, I didn't know that you can accept it WITH advices only.. Wahahaha! I dunno what I am talking about.. Anyway, much appreciation from me.. =D Of course, not forgetting about your loupohzhai lor.. Thanks for the support as well, YY!!

It is really not easy to get to this stage.. I mean, these years.. I hv gone through a lot.. I hv learned alot too.. As I said, Ups and Downs.. Friends come and go... Problems never given up to look for a FIGHT with me.. Sometimes, feel like TIME is not sufficient enough for me.. Work is stressful.. Sick and recovered.. Ya.. this is what we called LIFE.. I don mind that I have to gone thru alllllllll these stuffs~ Cos I am learning something from it.. When friends come, nice and comfortable to be with.. Just Stick together.. Hang out.. Those NOT.. Boleh blah~~ Hehe! Problems nak gaduh~ I tak takut! Mari mari!! Tak cukup TIME.. Learn to arrange it! I can get even sufficient time to watch my Fav show.. Charmed!! LoL Ya, working is tenseful.. Still, I get paid for that stress.. Sick.. See doctor lo!! Clear? Yeah...

2006 is going to end.. A brand new year is coming.. Before the year ends, I managed to get myself a new LapTop which I have dreamt for it since lonnnng time ago.. Some new good friends whom I can hang out with and share my life.. Applied Streamyx when I can online whenever I like now.. Joined Fitness First which I can go for those damn cool dancing classes!!! Life.. Still have to go on.. So.. Go on HAPPILY..

My wish for all my friends and family.. Strangers whom read my blog.. Bhappy Always and Be Healthy! These 2 are the most important things in LIFE.. Got me?? GotCha!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2007!!!!!

Jason Siah
18th December 2006


  • At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    U forgotten one thing....

    "You got to know Sylvia Chang on November 2006!"

    Hohohohohohoo... ^^

  • At 12:33 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    ::sylvia chang::
    Yeah.. Really nice to meet you before the end of year 2006~ Hehe.. Merry Christmas gal! Enjoy the Korea Trip ok? Don forget about my souvenir!!!!! LoL


  • At 2:17 PM, Anonymous fattien said…

    (Stranger here) I have been here reading ur blog...........many times....But no comments at all(pai seh lah)

    *******MERRY CHRISTMAS*********

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    THank you very much! U should have commented earlier.. Haha! Anyway, thanks for ur msg and do visit more ya! lol



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