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Thursday, December 07, 2006

~My New Lappie!~

Since dunno when I already dreamt of having my own laptop.. I know lotsa ppl will think that laptop is not too good.. Lotsa problems.. I do notice that as well.. Anyhow, desktop is definitely better and cheaper than laptop.. But still, I have really thought of having a laptop for myself since long time ago.. So.. I still bought it at last.. Haha! My lappie is Compaq with the new Core 2 Duo processor.. Actually I am not sure what is the difference.. Hehe~ I onli know that it costs me another RM2oo.. =P

After having my own laptop, I think it's time to apply for streamyx as well.. So, I applied.. Just got the modem yesterday.. Installed everything and called to activate my user ID then, I just got ONLINE! Haha.. I mean.. Never thouht it could be this fast.. I heard someone told me after installation, I still have to wait for at least 3 days or 1 week but yesterday right away I could online.. So damn happy! Haha~

This is not all.. I also joined Fitness First @ The Curve! This month I am really OUT of my own budget~ God Damn it~ Haha.. Do not know how to survive next month since I swapped my credit card for all this.. Which means I have to pay next month lor! Anyone wanna sponsor me ar? Hahaha~

Anyway, I feel really happy for all this.. Getting the laptop that I have always wanted since long time ago.. Streamyx which I can ONLINE at home for 24 hours whenever I like.. Fitness First where I can joined all the interesting classes and dance as much as I like!! (Of course I wish to get slimmer la.. Haha~) So, as the conclusion, I still think it's worth it for me to spend all these $$.. Next month just eat less.. go out less.. hang out less.. No movie.. No special dinner.. No shopping.. Hahaha~ Gambateh! =P

It's very late now.. Tomorrow is just Thursday.. Not Friday! Haha.. Anyway, wish everyone have a great Thursday! Weekend is just around the corner.. Goodnite n bhappy!

Jason Siah
12.48am 7th December 2006


  • At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yooo finally can show everyone your new toy!
    Happy on spending, Enjoying as well hor? as long as happy...
    oh yaa, the FF's class can actually help to release from stress or burdens.. So do make use of it.
    Contol of swapping ur cc!! take care..

  • At 1:00 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    Yaya~ At last lor~ Hehe.. I am so happy about this and Fitness First.. Hehe! I noe la.. I will now SIMPAN my CC and not using it already... hahaha~ But sometimes.. Just cant avoid ma.. LoL Anyway, thanks! =D



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