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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


At last I have the time and chance to blog lo!! Hehe~ It's bcos now I can blog at home.. At last.. I have installed streamyx.. So now I can online @ home lor! And fast fast I update my blog which really really long time never been updated ald.. This is about a dinner organized by my company, OCBC Bank under the division of Business Banking.. The theme of the dinner was AROUND THE WORLD.. What does it mean? It just means tat you can wear costumes from all over world.. And I chose Malay style.. Just like what my colleagues have chosen too~

It was really not easy to wear that oo~ Of course, with the help of the eXpert, Intan, I managed to get it On my body.. hehe! We had a very nice time @ Steve's house before going to the dinner.. Surprisingly, his house is damn nice! So damn classy and high standard! haha~ Why surprisingly? I also do not know how to explain but just unexpectedly la... LoL

As for the dinner.. It was just too funny... There were NO table and chairs for us to sit down and eat nicely!! WTF?! Everyone was wearing so nicely but we did not even get a chair to be seated?! It was really hilarious.. Especially for those pretty gals whom wear so elegantly but have to stand while eating! Dammit! So memperxiasuikan~ Hahaha!

Actually nothing much to talk about this nite.. Just feel special cos I wear the Malay Stlye costume.. So nice! So cute~ Hahaha.. I am not perasan saying myself Cute la.. I just mean tat to wear tat is very cute~ Haha.. I think tat's all to update about this.. Enjoy the pic! =D

Jason Siah

10.55pm 5th December 2006


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