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Monday, November 20, 2006

~Mikel's Birthday Celebration @ TGIF 1U..~

It's the time to celebrate our Famous Mikel aka Splashmilk aka Susu's 25th Birthday lor!! Ooo.. Someone is getting OLDER now.. Hahaha~ It was a fun nite as not only I got to celebrate his birthday but also meeting some new friends.. Okok.. Not some.. A lot.. Haha~ I met with William.. Patrick.. BengHan.. Sylvia.. Stacy.. Joann.. & Christopher.. Of course must not forget to mention that I was happy enough to meet Shaz & Tony as well!! Kena tipu by Shaz which he told us that he was in Singapore at that time and then suddenly he APPEARED in front of everyone~ WTF?!?! "Hak sei yan" meh? Haha~

The birthday celebration was great.. Smooth and happy.. We had our dinner quite rapidly.. Maybe everyone was really hungry at that time.. Just that.. The food is not as good as we expected.. Of course, the main reason we gathered together is to celebrate our Susu's birthday.. We did not do anything much as we have the staffs in TGIF helping us to sing the birthday song.. It was damn.. Erm.. Scary?! Haha.. Happening I should say.. Mikel has to stand up on the chair and they sang the birthday song like scared nobody could listen to their VOICE.. Oh Gosh.. haha! But I think Mikel enjoyed very much as he has become the attention of all & of course the chance to give a kiss to Slyvia.. Wahahaha~ =P

Glad to have the chance to celebrate Susu's birthday with such a big gang of ppl.. Eventhough first time meeting but really hope that it was not the last time.. =P Wish I can join them for upcoming events lor.. Joan.. Giving tips to u.. Do invite me for coming events ok? Wahahaha~ Just kidding.. Actually, we didn't really have much time to chat on that Friday nite.. Everyone was busy taking pic and eating.. Then Ciao~ haha.. Anyway, nice having time with all of u guys..

As for Mikel.. Woo.. 25th lor~ Shang shang seng seng ya.. Hehe.. Wish you everything goes fine.. Be healthy and be happy always.. Already this BIG.. No need to minum susu so much~ Or even SPLASH ppl with Susu ok? Hahaha~ Just kidding.. Happy Birthday my good friend! =D

This is just too cute.. U can see all of us aren't really focusing on the camera.. Maybe too much FLASHES.. Everyone BLUR liao.. Haha! Taken from BengHan's blog..

~Click here for more Pictures!!~

Jason Siah
2.40pm 20th November 2006


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