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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

~What a Vampire Movie...~

Yesterday was a very tiring day.. Hectic and busy with numerous number of calls.. Then my friend from Penang asked me out for a movie.. In KLCC! Yes, KLCC.. Far for me but since my friend is from Penang and not so many chances to watch movie with him so I decided to go.. I didn't know what movie we will be watching cos he is the one who going to buy the tickets.. When I off from work.. Rained damn heavily.. Heaven knows what will happen if the rain continue like that for several days.. I believe the entire city going to be flooded~ Haha~ I noe.. I think too much~

Arrived in KLCC and waited for the show to start.. The tickets show "FROSTBITE".. I have no idea what movie is that.. Never heard before.. Never seen any preview before as well.. Waited outside the cinema.. The show supposingly to be started @ 7.40pm but it delayed!! Wahliao~ Not only KTM in Malaysia gets delayed but also CINEMA for movie~ What a joke~ We managed to get into the cinema only @ about 8pm~ 20 min delayed.. And when the show just started only I realised.. It is not an English movie nor Chinese.. Not Indian.. Not Thai or Korean or even Japanese.. Haha! Then what movie is tat?! I have no idea~ Sound like German or something like that..

The show started quite well.. With the vampire killing some soldiers.. But suddenly the scene changed to a hospital~ A doctor eaten some sort of pills and suddenly he becomes the vampire!! This vampire not only needs to drink blood but also can LISTEN TO THE DOG~ Wahahaha~ Yes.. TALK TO THE DOG~ Funny funny~

We din watch the entire movie.. Cos just too stupid to go on with it.. Anyway, I am not complaining about the movie.. Just would like to share about it~ Vampire-talks-with-DOGGIE movie~ LoL

** My rate for the movie: 0.01 out of 5~ Haha!

Jason Siah

8th November 2006


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Ellone said…

    I never like TGV in KLCC...
    Their service is bad.
    Somehow i find dis post is funny. ahahaa. First time here btw.

  • At 10:04 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    I seldom go there as well.. Hehe~ But my fren has chosen there so have to follow lo~ I dunno the service is bad or good but have to wait for the delay show is really stupid~ First time encounter~ haha! Funny ar? Thanks wor.. Do visit more then! =D Nice to meet you, btw..


  • At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    baka kor kor...
    ask me 1st mah... hehe, i watched this long time d ago....
    funny mah... nt scary but funny...haha:)



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