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Monday, November 06, 2006

~Suki's Bday Celebration... Without SUKI!!~

At last I got the time to update at least a dinner gathering back to last month as it has been such a long time I never updated anything.. I never thought that I would be that busy after creating another blog's name ( for myself.. Until now only I could have this time to write something that I always do.. =P

This was a dinner back to last month during the puasa time.. Ppl puasa, we BUKA puasa~ Haha! It was actually meant to celebrate our beloved Suki's birthday but too bad.. She was the one who absent.. That's why this birthday celebration is being named as Suki's Birthday without Suki.. =P

When I reaced FATima's house.. They were all preparing the food.. Yummy~ You can see Pop's face with those delicious food~ Really sedap ma.. haha! Really really like we were the one who Buka Puasa.. We had nice time eating all sorts of food.. Some bought from the Malay Stalls.. Some made by the others.. A good example, OREO Cheese cake by Samantha~ Wooo.. Standard~ Cheese cake buatan sendiri.. Kagum.. haha! Also not forgetting the jelly from Alice.. Not bad as well..

After having a nice dinner and long chat.. We started our Game of Card.. What kind of game is that?? Aiyo.. Gambling lor.. Wahahaha~ I posted it here dunno can or not?? Hopefully nobody sue me for portraying a wrong model.. Haha! Danny FATima be the "zhong ga" at first.. And there.. We lost like we OWED him for thousand years!!! Lost until everyone's faces also changed.. Only Danny's face looks the BRIGHT! Cos winning ma.. LoL Frankly speaking, the process is more important.. Eventhough win or lose still important (haha) but the time we spent together and the memories that we shared is even more important.. Believe it or not.. =P

How to celebrate Suki's birthday? (At last, back to the main reason we gathered..) Still, we sing song.. We blow candle.. We cut cake.. We even eat the cake.... WITHOUT SUKI lo~ Haha.. But we did something special.. We recorded the video and MMS to her.. Hopefully, she still happy with it.. Cos it's proven that we still remember her eventhough her BODY is not with us.. We believe her SOUL would always be with us.. (HANTU meh?!?)

We have decided that next year, no more birthday celebrations will be organized.. And December is for Christmas gathering.. So, this month will be the last month we celebrate birthdays.. Coming soon would be @ Bee's House.. Looking forward to it.. One of the Birthday Stars is my YanYi AhNui.. Haha! Sure play her gao gao.. U berhati-hati lah ya.. hahaha! Ciaoz~

Jason Siah
3.58pm 6th November 2006


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