Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

~J's Words..~

Dear my Brother, WaiBoon..
It's really a great thing to know you as my brother.. Your understanding is much much appreciated.. I feel really secure to share all my secrets with you.. Thank you very much.. =D BUT.. Do not expose my secret wor.. Hahaha~ =P

Dear The Cute XiaoYang..
My pleasure to know you.. It's not easy to get someone like you to be the greatest friend.. Hope we can appreciate it very much.. =D Actually, really not easy to know someone who eats McD with "loh mei gai" de.. Wahaha!

Dear 190cm S Initial Fren..
Not sure you know this is you or not.. A great friend with great personality.. Eventhough not everyone can admit that but don worry.. Dia tu dengki je.. hahaha!

Dear my Lovely Colleague, Kak Kulin..
Perut semakin BESAR.. Must becareful till you BERANAK k? Haha~ Wish you have the healthiest and cutest baby!! =D

Dear ex-lalio leejay, KK..
Thank you for being the ONE who grouped us up.. Gathering has been done every month.. Hope that you could join us soonest.. As you have been damn busy lately.. I saw you on paper attending the "yu sie jiang" as well.. So damn cute la your IMAGE.. Wahahaha!

Dear Last-but-not-least, SoLoBies..
All SoLoBies.. Time in UNITEN was really memorable and unforgettable.. I believe our friendships are not going to change and will get better and better in the future..

Dear Liong Zhi Zham..
Good luck in your new career..

Dear AhNui Joce..
Wish you can get a better job asap..

Dear Juit and Kenzhu..
Don't just work so hard everyday.. Come on.. 3 Musketeers must gather already.. Hehe!

Dear Bai..
Ngor seh bet dek nei..

Dear Abu..
I will support you for whatever decision you make.. Just go for what you want!

Dear Mimi Yc..
Miss you.. Might be going to Spore on Dec.. Hope to see u then! =D

Dear El-san Joel..
Wish u have great development of r/ship.. Welcome to Auntie's world.. Haha!

Dear Mama Nick..
Do not keep everything inside your heart.. You cant bare with it alone.. Hopefully, there's chance for me to be a good friend and share your story.. Good luck!

Dear "Shen Niong" GoldFish..
When are you going to "seh dek" pass me the pictures? Not much time left la.. Which means.. You are going to get married very soon lor.. Woo.. Ada orang akan pakai wedding gown wor.. Cun la.. =P

Dear 'Gal' Geok..
Sorry for not attending your birthday celebrations.. Hope to see you soon.. Btw, you don forget that u still owe me the reply of my "Da Vinci Code" email.. Wahaha!

Dear Wee..
I dun think I can make it to save any money for Sammi's Concert in HongKong next year.. Haha~ So, I will only pray that she wont have any concert by next year.. Blek~~~~

Dear dear dear.. Whoever who reads this..
Nothing special actually.. Just feel moody today.. So decided to post such a thing.. Haha~ Words from me to my beloved friends.. Love you guys.. and Miss You Guys so much.. =P Too tired and boring with the routine life that I am having now.. Everyday just the same.. Work eat sit sleep.. Anyway, wish everyone can be happy with their life and could get the GOALs of their life.. Bhappy Everyone!

Jason Siah
1.31pm 15th November 2006


  • At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    y got no my name de?
    sad sad
    copy my style den din include my name as well...
    angry u....:(

    my b'day passed d also u din say happy birthday to me...
    bad bad bad...

    only 1 brother in ur blog is important lor.... :p



  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    Haha.. Di.. don like tat la~ I am so regret ler.. Don angry and don jealous la.. Hehe~ I will belanja u makan soon k? Hehe~


  • At 9:33 AM, Anonymous jessjess said…

    yaya,everyday just work eat sit sleep,very very boring life...but you are better la,you still have so many friend to accompany ma,hehe....


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