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Monday, September 10, 2007

~Happy Birthday to J.. Part 3..~

Okai.. This is the last part.. Yes, LAST part!!.. I am boring blogging about birthday celebrations already as well.. Erm.. Am I? Wahahahaha! Hmm.. This celebration is quite special and I like it very much as I can celebrate my birthday with another 2 lovely friends together.. Sammie & Adrian.. Sammie's birthday was on 27th August & Adrian was 30th!!!.. Yeah.. Same as mine lor.. But not sure whether he was born on the same year as mine.. Anyway, this is a 3-some birthday celebrations!.. Thank you to all who has presented themselves for the dinner.. Jo.. Thanks for ur lovely gift.. Kakak Stacy.. Adik Syl.. AhBeng aka Clement.. Tony.. Andrew.. New friend, Steph.. & I brought Ocean along as well..

We had our dinner this time at Manhattan Fish Market @ CentrePoint, Bandar Utama.. Initially, our plan was to SS2 but after some ding-dong, we decided to go for Manhattan.. This is my 1st time here.. The food is not bad.. The portion is BIG.. The price is reasonable.. But according to others who have tasted the food here before, it is not as good as previously.. I am not sure as this is my very 1st time.. And I guess, I will be going again.. =P

After the dinner, of course, we need to go through the very normal yet exciting process of all.. Blow cake & cut candles.. Oops!.. I mean blow candles and cut the cakes!! We have more than 1 cake this time.. Haha! See those small lovely cutie cakes? It's made by Steph!!!!.. Thank you so so so much dear.. So sweet of you.. We all love the cakes very much.. Delicious and pretty.. Hehe!

Some of us.. Really long time no see.. So, we grabbed the chance and moment to camwhore together lor!!!.. What else?! Haha~ After the dinner, after the chatting.. After the cakes & candles sessions.. We take pictures like nobody business.. I think even those waiters and waitress beh tahan with us already.. But they cant say anything.. Heart sure think.. "Ish.. This bunch of budak kecik.. Nothing to do to take pic here like mad ppl.." Wahahaha! I like the "budak kecik" part~ =P Below are some to share with all of u..

Sammie & I was always thinking to have our birthday parties together since our birthdays are so near.. This time, we got it! Hehe.. Thanks to our lovely friends~ We had really great time together.. Bubbling around.. Joking around.. Taking picture is just a MUST~ Of course, we also grabbed the time to update each other our latest life.. Work.. Craps too.. =P I wish that we could have this kind of celebration bash again.. Because somehow, I feel happier to celebrate together with other friends as well.. =D

I love our group pictures.. All are nice~ The best part was.. The waitress who actually volunteered herself to be our cameragal.. I guess she never expected that we wanted her to take our group picture with all the cameras that we have!!!.. Yes.. All the cameras.. Erm.. Frankly speaking, I really do not know how many we have there.. But surely ALOT!!.. She didn't mind about it and still keep on asking us to change position and pose in order to take nicer pictures with different cameras.. Haha! Funny.. Thanks to the waitress for those nice pictures!..

And below is the gift from Jo.. Wahaha.. It's damn cute right? Yeah.. And it's RED.. Devil.. =P Thanks again Jo..

Jason Siah
1.52pm 11th September 2007


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    No la.. If really that good.. I think I will even have Part 45678 and 9.. wahahaha! Greedy me!..


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    walao..i only got part one le...u this a..


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