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Sunday, September 23, 2007

~SoLoBies KL Branch Outings..~

Kanna Curry Rice..
Must Use Hand oo!..

One Sunday afternoon.. Being called by AhNui, Joce to meet up for a yamcha @ PJ area.. Were quite shocked as I din noe that she has come back to KL from Singkapoh.. She mentioned that she was not too happy and wanted us to accompany her~ So, I got my car and met them up at this Kanna Curry House located @ SS2.. They were eating happily already.. And the 1st thing that caught my attention was.. They were using their Hands.. Er........................

Actually she was not really SAD la.. Just main-main jek.. Hahaha! But somehow, I was really excited and happy to see her for sure~ At first, I really did not want to use my hand to take the meal but since they already started with the hands.. I have to continue as well~ So, I joined their way.. SoLoBies way.. This time.. The SoLoBies that turned up were only Joce, Bai, Juit & I myself.. Joce's bf, Julian joined us after we finished all our food and drinks!.. Haha~ We had a great time chatting together!.. As well as updating Joce with the stories that we brought back from Bali.. Ya, sudah berbulan but she still wanted to know~ And we still wanted to tell.. That's great rite?! LoL We sat there for almost 3 hours, we had more than 10 drinks!.. Really crazy~ Hahaha.. But well, it was really a pleasant meet up..

Crab ar Crab..
I don't really Fancy..

2nd outing was initially to celebrate Bai's birthday but due to some circumstances, we just treated it as a normal and simple dinner together.. We wanted to have the Kepong Crab very long time ago since the last time we had it together.. For me, I am not a fans of Crab but the way that they cooked it here are really a lot~ More than 30 ways to cook those crabs~ U can choose all you want.. But of course, the price is a bit.. Expensive..

Zham fetched me from One U and we went there first.. Zham has the fullest confident to go there by our own without any extra guidance.. Hehe~ Really impressed me a lot.. As she is quite the same like me.. A bit stupid and blur when comes to recognizing the roads~ But well, she managed to bring me there safely and punctually.. With just a few extra turns to right and U-turns.. LoL We reached really early where by others were still in the office la.. Jam la.. This and that.. So, we decided to cool ourselves with the CoCoNut!.. Wahahaha~ This, they dont get it ok? Just for 2 of us.. LoL

Then Juit, Ken, Wee and Bai joined us.. Bai also brought along SohAi, her colleagues to join the SoLoBies dinner~ We had a very rapid and fruitful dinner together.. I was really FULL with all the crabs, mee, prawns, sotongs, fish.. Wait wait.. No fish.. Sorry~ Hahaha!.. Then we started again with our chatting session.. We talked about our Annual Trip which now, I have no idea when is the real date already~ Too much postpone I guess but I agree that the most ppl can go is the best~ No cake was prepared since Bai doesnt want to celebrate her birthday.. After a few photo-takings.. We decided to ciao.. & That's the 2 outings for SoLoBies KL Branch lately.. Looking for more.. and more of course...

Anyhow, still must wish Bai.. Happy 25th Birthday~ Mid of 20's already.. Wish everything goes fine for u.. Wish you have the strength and power to go through this period of difficulty time.. Wish happinese will always be with you.. =D

With Love,
Jason Siah
3.23pm 25th September 2007


  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    ..........ur solobies gang got one long hair guy?????walao...ur hair also long liao..

  • At 10:27 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Where got long hair guy ar? Which one?



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