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Thursday, September 06, 2007

~Happy Birthday to J.. Part 2..~

Let's blog about Part 2 now!! Being called up for a dinner with my ex-colleagues by Dai Ga Jie, Sandy.. Din know that actually they were planning for a surprise for me.. Who knows, one of them, C called me up and said sorry that she could not attend the dinner~ I was so blur.. Why said sorry to me while I was not the one who organized the dinner?? She continued.. "Happy birthday in advance to you ya.. Sorry that I can't join you guys to celebrate your birthday tonite.." Wahahahaha! So da pecah tembelang~ LoL But still, I am very happy la.. They have bought me an Oreo Cake.. Kinda special.. But we were just too full to take the cake~ We went to The Chillis at One U.. Now you know why we were too full! Haha.. Thanks to Dai Ga Jie, Sandy.. DaiLou, CheeSeng.. Professor Kuan.. Danny Zhai.. & of course C = Cammie Jie Jie for the call la.. Hehe! =D

This pic courtesy from Sandy's Blog..

Coming is the celebration with my beloved SoLoBies of course.. Cant less them de la for sure.. I just love them too much already.. I really hope that every year, we can also celebrate each other birthdays.. It's really nice and happy.. At least, it's for us to gather and solobi together~ Initially, we planned to go to The Apartment @ The Curve.. A new restaurant in town but after looking at the menu.. We found out that the food and the price aren't really suitable for SoLoBies' style, so we changed place to Dragon.. Wahahaha! We ordered some food and we eaten happily.. Very rapid as well.. Then we proceed to 2nd station.. Coffee Bean~ Tonite, SoLoBies were a bit quiet at the first.. But after warming up, we SoLoBi again~ I also feel weird that we need to warm up! Wahahaha!

SoLoBies KL Branch is getting lesser as some of us have been transfered to Singkapoh Branch~ Haha! Well, our activities are getting lesser too.. But, I am really glad and excited that this time, managed to gather all the KL Branch SoLoBies.. Thanks to Juit.. Ken.. Bai.. Nick.. Zham & Wee.. I am really happy and glad to celebrate my birthday with all of you.. Appreciate it very much! This time, Wee bought the cake.. And it's a very special cake.. 1/2-1/2 cake.. Haha! Half Tiramitsu and another half coffee.. Both sides also very delicious! Good cake~ We finished the cake right after the birthday song sang by SoLoBies.. And this time, they sang it with a very soft and low voice @ CoffeeBean.. Cos there were other customers.. It was kinda funny and I love it very much.. After that, we chatted and updated each other with our status now especially in our working environment.. Camwhore a while.. And then, we proceed to balik rumah tido as the next day.. All of us still need to work lor.. hehe!

That night I got few gifts.. Haha.. Actually onli 1 meant for my birthday but well, still happy to receive gifts ma rite? I am really surprised and SHOCKING PINK to receive the Sammi's CD from Wee~ So touching~ Really happy.. Thank you so much Wee!!!!... Thanks to AhNui for the lovely Croxx necklace~ I love it too.. And not forgetting to thank Bai for the postcards from Cambodia.. Nice!! hehe.. Thanks to SoLoBies for the dinner and FeeBean~ Thanks.. Thousand thanks.. Muaks! =D

Jason Siah
10.34am 7th September 2007


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